Family Matters (The Harry Starke Novels Book 6), by Blair Howard. (Still 0.99?)

"A cool, new twist on Howard's Harry Starke character and series. It is a puzzle, good ole fashioned detective work without the gritty scenes and details, fantasy versus realty, inheritance, a $20M Gulfstream, and personality contrasts. Harry's true personality "off the clock" shines through. And his dad is a first rate character addition to the lineup." -- Amazon Reviewer

Book Description

Harry Starke loves a cold case, but this one is really cold""more than a hundred years cold.
Family Matters is a whimsical tale, a flight of fancy. It takes place on the lonely coast of Maine, where Amanda, a true believer in the paranormal, has inherited""you guessed it""a haunted house. Or at least that's what the rumors say.
It all begins when Amanda inherits the house, substantial assets, and a large sum of money from her grandmother. The windfall comes with a request to look into the disappearance of Elizabeth, Amanda's great-great-grandmother, more than a hundred years ago.
Harry, a skeptic, a down-to-earth investigator who believes only in the facts, has a tough time dealing with Amanda's"� fantasies? We all know that the imagination can play tricks on a susceptible mind, especially when that mind is under stress. But is it just their imaginations? Could it be something more?
You'll have to be the judge.
˃˃˃ From the Author
Family Matters began some twenty years ago as a short story. It was the first mystery I - yes, I did say I - ever solved. You'll understand what I mean when you've finished reading it. Now I'll turn it over to the inimitable Harry Starke who, I'm sure, will do a far better job of things than I did.
˃˃˃ Who is Harry Starke?
Harry Starke is an ex-policeman turned private investigator, by choice. He's been called "a modern day Mike Hammer with a Southern style." He has no skeletons, no dark past, no hang-ups. He's funny, tough, fearless, and smart He's a wealthy, well-educated businessman with friends in high places, and he's a nice guy with a conscience and a "very believable attitude about his life and his work."
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204 pages, with a 4.4-star rating from 7 reviews.

Invisible, by Billy McLaughlin. (Still 0.99?)

"Excellent - I'm not a big reader and had this recommended because it was quick - the characters were engaging and there were lots of twists and turns." -- Amazon Reviewer

Louise Bradshaw harbours a secret. One that she refuses to share. Her distant and unfriendly behaviour has made her a social outcast. Suddenly she is pulled out of her slump when she is befriended by Joe, a maverick colleague who attempts to help her engage. However, things take a dangerous turn in this debut novelette when Joe gets too close....

40 pages, with a 4.9-star rating from 11 reviews.

To Catch a Star, by Dorothy Callahan. (Still 3.99?)

"To Catch a Star is a fun read. Who wouldn't want to rescue Hollywood's hottest action hero and nurse him back to health in a secluded part of an exotic location like Hawaii? Things get complicated for both of them when her sanctuary is threatened by a development that's he's sponsoring. This cute, fast paced romance will keep you wondering if something more than surface beauty will be enough to keep the star after he's caught." -- Amazon Reviewer

Being the apple of Hollywood's eye is great for an action/adventure hero, but Rex Ronin knows he needs to break out of his typecast roles if he hopes to have any longevity on the silver screen. A fresh new role by a new director, filmed on the deserted Hawaiian Island of Koho'olawe, will grant Rex decades of acting opportunities and maybe even make him feel like a true hero, like his father. But a tropical storm strands him at sea, and when he makes land, Rex is saved by a woman running a wildlife preserve-on the very land Rex's agent is turning into a mega-resort, one that will ensure Rex's fame and fortune for the next hundred years.

Taking care of living things is what Tori Jackson does best; after all, she knows what it's like to be broken and discarded. A car accident has scarred her, both physically and emotionally, so living among nature and protecting everything on her reserve is all that matters to her. So when a scruffy, shipwrecked vagabond shows up on her doorstep, Tori has no compunction against helping him. The only problem is that her reserve didn't get the land renewal in time, and now her beloved property is at risk of turning into a concrete tourist destination. With no money, no power, and a coalition intending to steal the land out from underneath her, Tori needs something extraordinary to save everything she holds dear.

Rex craves fame and fortune, while Tori nurtures her flora and fauna. Was their shipwrecked encounter a disaster, or simply their destiny?

188 pages, with a 5-star rating from 4 reviews.

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Of Battles Past (Amgalant Book 1), by Bryn Hammond. (Still free?)

"A series like no other, with writing like no other. I'd have read it with pleasure just for the subject matter or the gorgeous writing; but Hammond goes far beyond the life of Genghis Khan. This book does what the very best historical fiction hopes for: re-create a world, in all its glorious detail. " -- Amazon Reviewer

China has executed Ambaghai, the Mongols' khan, on a hurdle with donkey ears and tail from the theatre, in mockery of the horse peoples of the steppe. It cries for hachi.

'Hachi means that which is owed, or felt due. It can mean an act of humanity. It can mean vengeance. It meant justice.'

The Mongols go to war for Ambaghai's hachi, in a century when no steppe people is fit to tackle China. They believe battles are won by the just, and the size differential doesn't bother them. They are wrong, but the Mongol God comforts them with an omen. Temujin, the baby of that battle day, has in his hand his people's future victory.

The Chinese have crossbows, but the Mongols have belief.

(Where Amgalant starts. Of Battles Past and the next, When I am King, can be found together in Amgalant One: The Old Ideal)

290 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 6 reviews.

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