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Prosecco & Paparazzi (The Passport Book 1), by Celia Kennedy. (Still free?)

"Loved this book! I wish these women were my friends. They are funny and smart. Celia Kennedy has created a group of strong smart women that are also vulnerable and at times fragile. They are real women that we can cheer for, cry for and at times feel embarrassed for. I look forward to see if there are more books in the series." -- Amazon Reviewer

When fifteen minutes of fame goes horribly wrong…

Charlotte Young and her five closest friends ring in the New Year on a ski vacation in the swanky, celebrity-packed French Alps, where her world collides with long-time celeb crush, Des Bannerman-aka "The King of Rom-Com." Unexpectedly, Charlotte finds herself happily reconciled to an innocent evening of drinking champagne, gambling, and chatting to the celebrity of her dreams.

Charlotte's friends join forces to help her realize her lifelong fantasy, yet his girlfriend, the latest Bond Girl, proves an insurmountable obstacle. Lighthearted banter turns into tabloid fodder and leaves Charlotte saddled with a restraining order.

With the help of her friends, Charlotte finds the answers to life's biggest questions while trying to deal with the fallout of her fifteen minutes of fame.

Prosecco &Paparazzi is a contemporary romantic comedy about what happens when the paths of a celebrity god and a mere mortal collide.

Previously self-published under the title Charlotte's Restrained, The Accidental Stalker. It has been re-edited.

296 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 61 reviews.

Willakaville: Amazing Adventures of Astronomical Awesomeness, by Bald Guy. (Still 0.99?)

"Some of the stories are long and some are short, but all are rather odd! Some of the stories are just ridiculous, and those were the ones that I liked the best. With it's simple language, self-contained and easy to read stories, this book is suitable for lower to middle primary school children." -- Amazon Reviewer

"brilliant creative stories and beautiful imaginative creations" - Amazon Customer

Why is all the toilet paper disappearing? Will Kyle escape the banana warriors? Can Marty save everyone from the mushroom zombies?

Find the answers inside Willakaville: Amazing Adventures of Astronomical Awesomeness. Follow intelligent children as they solve supernatural issues and find out about themselves along the way.

The book is full to the brim with time machines, magic, mayhem, aliens, cats, mystery, secrets, strange lands, rockets, evil villains, and a pencil.

If you are into action, adventure and awesomeness, this is the book for you!

170 pages, with a 4.7-star rating from 22 reviews.

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After Day One (Tale of Tomorrow Book 1), by Benjamin Levi Seims. (Still free?)

"I will absolutely read the next book in this series as soon as it's released. I found myself thinking about the characters and the "world" that the author created between readings. I need to know what happens next!" -- Amazon Reviewer

The world is fragmented and could sure use a hero. Not every hero comes in shining armor.
Free Territories, 2083: John Howe, an enhanced cyber operations soldier with an embedded AI named Cam, fought his way home after Day One to find everything changed. Not only was the country he'd fought for broken, his wife and son were murdered. By 2096 he was finally starting to move on from his losses, living a comfortable life of seclusion in a part of the Pacific Northwest known as the Free.

Then he finds himself stuck with Sierra and Quinn, the twin thirteen-year-old orphans he'd saved from the jipper couple hired to kidnap them. Now he's a man who is just trying to off-load the highly coveted twins before they get him killed, or worse, he ends up liking them.
As fate would have it, a super-soldier and two kids whose combined abilities could save the country-and maybe Earth-are going to be hard to separate.

375 pages, with a 4.9-star rating from 9 reviews.

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PHANTASIA (Book One: Into the Rain), by M. U. Riyadad. (Still free?)

"This book is really great and is written in a way to always keep you guessing. There isn't really a dull moment. The concept for the world seems new and fresh. Hope you will enjoy the book as much as me!" -- Amazon Reviewer

After finding the body of a dragon in a metallic desert, Red finds out that he is the reincarnation of a messiah worshipped by an insectoid alien race bent on invading his star system. Swept into a dangerous adventure across glacial swamps, cloud cities, and dead stars -- Red must evade his true purpose in the world, to summon a forsaken deity trapped in another realm.

Travel into a world unlike any other, a world teeming with creatures the size of planets, parasites that can lay waste to entire civilizations, and mysterious energy sources that can decay the lifeforce of stars. What starts as only a whisper in the darkness, grows into a tale of epic proportions.

Phantasia is a future fantasy epic that stands at 180,000 words.

490 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 40 reviews.

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