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Fluorescence: Fire Starter, by P. Anastasia. (Still free?)

"The author did really well telling the story from the main character's perspective, Alice Green. I enjoyed the romance and mystery, I couldn't put the book down because there were so many moments where I REALLY wanted to know on what's going to happen next. Overall, I absolutely LOVED IT! I highly recommend Fluorescence, I believe any reader will enjoy this face paced series. " -- Amazon Reviewer

Book 1 of the tetralogy. Sci-fi that isn't just for boys! A riveting paranormal romance, Fluorescence is engaging and unabashed-a coming-of-age urban fantasy unlike any other.
It lives in her bloodstream. It's unpredictable and could flare up anytime, exposing her secret. Alice was a normal teenager until a dying race of aliens chose her and a handful of others to preserve bioluminescent DNA known as Fluorescence. Now she and the others must hide their condition from the rest of the world, while trying to learn the truth behind the living light.

In a unique genre all its own, Fluorescence is a striking blend of audacious young love, fantasy and sci-fi.

Each full-length novel in the series is narrated by a different character, driving the story forward in a new and exciting way. It evolves from a quiet beginning into a gripping saga exploring the real-life limitations encountered while harboring a volatile secret.

Novels in the complete Fluorescence series:

  • Book 1: Fire Starter
  • Book 2: Contagious
  • Book 3: Fallout
  • Book 4: Lost Souls - May 2, 2016 (PRE-ORDER NOW!)

264 pages, with a 4.4-star rating from 32 reviews.

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Just Like You?, by Matthew Alan. (Still free?)

"I can see JUST LIKE YOU being a help to many people to see that our differences do make us different, but our similarities can keep us from being separated. I think it would be a great resource for anyone struggling with issues of homosexuality, depression and feelings of despair based on the perception of being `different'. " -- Amazon Reviewer

This book isn't perfect - very few things in this world are. It's about being honest, about being flawed, and about surviving the challenging times in our lives.
And it isn't just a coming out memoir, it's a story about acceptance. A series of recollections about struggling to gain internal perspective, while remembering that everyone is going through some battle within their own lives. And that by sharing those times, we can actually close the distance between us.
It is a true story, my story, as best as I can express to you. Thanks for looking through my eyes, even for a short period of time.

150 pages, with a 4.8-star rating from 12 reviews.

The Rival, by Sandra Gustafsson. (Still 0.99?)

"This book is written to mess with your mind. It is also written quite wonderfully. I look forward to more of this author's writings. " -- Amazon Reviewer

Someone killed Joakim

His girlfriend Sara and his brother Tobias give radically different accounts of what happened.
Is Sara really in love with the brother or is she in fact a sociopath who won't stop at anything, as Tobias claims?
The Rival gives us the portraits of two characters at the ends of their ropes: Tobias with his intense love-hate relationship with his family and Sara who has negated her own personality in her struggle to be accepted. When each makes a desperate effort to gain control, nothing turns out the way they planned.
The Rival is a claustrophobic thriller about jealousy, revenge and the consequences of manipulating others.
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0 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 2 reviews.

The Hardest Ride, by Gordon L. Rottman. (Still 0.99?)

"The author clearly knows ranching, horses and cattle, the terrain, guns and gun fighting, and the history of the period. He also has a level of talent rarely experienced. His supporting characters are quickly drawn and memorable. His protagonists, Bud and Marta, are a real as any fictional characters I've encountered and their story has everything: danger, suspense, love and confusion, and a deeply rooted commitment to one another than goes to the edge of death, and if necessary, beyond.
Read this book. You won't regret it, or forget it." -- Amazon Reviewer

Western Fictioneers Peacemaker Award for Best Western Novel 2014 Western Fictioneers Peacemaker Award Finalist for Best First Western Novel 2014 Western Writers of America Spur Award Finalist for Best Traditional Western Novel for 2013

The Texas-Mexico border, the winter of 1886-The Great Die Up. A raw rift separates Mexicans and Anglos. A loner cowpoke and a mute Mexican girl fight man and nature to reunite.

Out of work cowpoke Bud Eugen comes across Marta, a mute sixteen-year old Mexican girl whose family has been killed by Indians. Bud reluctantly takes her along, even though he's never had to accommodate another person in his simple life. He's unable to find anyone willing to take her. In spite of his prejudices, Bud grows to like the spunky girl (and her excellent cooking).

Eventually, they both find work on a border ranch. Here, the relationship between the girl and the young cowboy hesitantly grows. But banditos raid the ranch, kidnapping the rancher's daughters and Marta. Bud, with twelve other men, pursue the banditos into the most desolate reaches of Mexico. Ambushes and battles with banditos, Rurales, and traitors are constant, and the brutal weather is as much a threat as the man-made perils. Life and death choices are made at every turn as one side gains the advantage, then the other.

The rancher's daughters are rescued, and the exhausted party turns back. But Bud presses on alone, against insurmountable odds - determined to fulfill an unspoken promise to Marta.

314 pages, with a 4.8-star rating from 59 reviews.

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