The Last Order, by Angela M Caldwell. (Still 0.99?)

"Caldwell's writing is phenomenal. Each scene puts the reader in the thick of the action, right along with the main characters. Her writing is intense and fast-paced, more like watching a good movie than reading a book. She knows exactly how to keep her readers entertained and the writing never gets boring or slow. That being said, the book isn't all battles and action either, and she has the perfect blend of world and character building and action." -- Amazon Reviewer

Turning gypsies into knights, she will inspire a kingdom to rise.

Lana Crewe is a strong, fiercely driven seventeen year old living in a village ruled by fear. With their king and queen both dead, strife and division have taken hold. Ruthlessly attacked by an Order called Talons, Lana's father is fatally stabbed. Before he dies, he imparts upon Lana a directive to save the statue of Saint Peter, and tells her that the queen yet lives. Now it is up to Lana to unravel the mystery of Saint Peter and bring an end to all of the war by finding the queen.

A medieval tale of hope and mystery, The Last Order takes upper teenage angst and spins it on its head. You'll be gripping this book as hard as it will be gripping you.
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The Last Order is an exciting tale of mystery and chivalry, bolstered by a superb feminine cast.- Author Ryan Guy

I would recommend this book for all levels of YA readers as well as adults. I gave it 5 stars and I'm sure you will too.-Martin Brown

She(Lana) is an amazing main character, a kick-butt heroine with heart.-Sarah Floyd

The quest to find the queen kept me turning the pages with hope in finding out the truth.-Wendy Woo

The plot, characters and dialogue were spot on and in reality, it read like a movie. -N.N. Night

Her writing is intense and fast-paced, more like watching a good movie than reading a book.-Loren Neal

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238 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 41 reviews.

A Christmas in Cornwall: A Regency Christmas Novella, by Tamara Gill. (Still 0.99?)

"Tamara Gill was my introduction to the historical romance genre and now there is no going back for me. She made me fall in love with this sweet, sexy, and at times scandalous novella. William and May share a love in this story that will make you melt. I also love that the female character May is no meek debutant like most of the ladies of her time. Tamara Gill writes a beautifully strong female lead. If your a fan of historical romances than look no further than A Christmas in Cornwall." -- Amazon Reviewer

After two failed seasons in town, May Stanford sees her future no longer with her family, but in a nearby convent where she'll not be anyone's financial burden. But before she can embark on her new life, May must complete her dealings with the local smugglers, men who have kept a roof over her family's head during frugal times. One last Christmas at home and her life would change forever. So when William Scott, the Earl of Grandison arrives and crumbles her perfectly planned future to rubble, May is less than pleased.

William, Lord Grandison works for the Crown, and is determined to catch the nuisance Englishmen who dare smuggle along the Cornwall coast. William has never veered from his pursuit of these men working against the law, that was until he meets May Stanford, the maddening daughter of his host for Christmas. May drives him to distraction and forces him to admit to feelings he has never felt before.

But when May and William discover the crippling truth of each other, their secrets will threaten to tear them apart.

81 pages, with a 4.8-star rating from 6 reviews.

Online Reputation: Your Most Valuable Asset in a Digital Age, by Sarah Pearce. (Still 0.99?)

"In search of an excellent book to broaden my social media skills, I turned to Online Reputation: Your Most Valuable Asset in a Digital World. This book offers amazing tools for creating and maintaining various social media accounts such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Most importantly, the book suggests several ways to avoid ruining your reputation online. The reputation wrecking ball stories were wonderful. They presented real-life stories of companies and individuals who made serious blunders on social media, which ended up costing them their valued reputations." -- Amazon Reviewer

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What people say about you and your business online has become the most important reflection of your integrity, reliability and skill. Professional coach, social strategist and speaker, Sarah Pearce, will show you how to understand and manage your digital identity as your top business priority. Sarah provides her readers insights on how to build trust and protect reputations in a digital age.

In this book you will:

  • [*] Learn how to proactively develop a powerful online brand presence, while avoiding reputation wrecking balls
    [*] Discover the key to creating and maintaining a positive persona on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn
    [*] Uncover the seven deadly sins of online behaviour and gather the tools needed to outshine the competition
    [*] Learn from compelling case studies how online behaviour can both positively and dangerously affect offline life

What some readers have to say:

"You could risk spending a small fortune on reputation damage control or you could simply read this book. A comprehensive look at the do's and don'ts when it comes to the age of digital reputation with scary case studies to ensure you are kept on your toes." - Jimmy Murray, CEO, Property Noise Group (NZ)

"Smart people will educate themselves with tips, tactics and strategies on how to combat and protect your greatest asset online - your reputation. Your education starts with this book and I recommend you read it today to protect yourself and your brand from becoming "Digital Dust". You've been warned!" ~ - Scott Wilson, Head of Sales & Marketing, Digital Influence

"Sarah provides a handy framework for taking control over how you and your brand are known online and shows you how to build a trusted online presence with a foundation too strong for a reputation wrecking ball to penetrate. It is a great and "must do" read for anyone involved in the digital world - and these days that is just about everyone." - Phillip Quay, CEO, MediaPA

Grab your copy today and learn how to protect your most valuable asset - Your Online Reputation!

144 pages, with a 5-star rating from 15 reviews.

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City of Dreams (The Paris Chronicles Book 1), by Harriet Steel. (Still free?)

"'City of Dreams' by Harriet Steel is a fine work of historical fiction. The book is impeccably written and edited and brings us right into the world of Paris in the 1860s at the time of the Franco Prussian war. Our heroine, Anna, begins her life in a well-off family, marries a very rich man and then, when he goes bankrupt, enters a very different life where she struggles to survive. Life is difficult, and then war comes. Though there is romance in this, it is not a historical romance as we would normally think of it because there is no one man, rather a series of men. Nevertheless, we do get the feeling that one of these passing beaus is the man for Anna, and since this is the beginning of a series of books, we are left with potential for the future. Anna comes across as a very real character and I soon found myself caring deeply for her. Secondary characters were also well rounded and well rendered" -- Amazon Reviewer

After a whirlwind courtship and marriage to dashing Frenchman Emile Daubigny, Anna, the teenage daughter of a Russian furrier, moves to Paris with her new husband, looking forward to a life of gaiety, love and comfortable affluence. The year is 1864: married life and the social scene in the most fashionable city on earth is everything Anna hoped it would be, but when Emile vanishes without trace and she is evicted, her world crumbles. As war with Prussia looms, Anna and the city she loves must struggle to survive.
This coming of age story explores the themes of friendship, love and the fragility of dreams. Nineteenth century Paris is richly evoked, from the opulent ballrooms of high society to the squalid tenements and harsh streets where the shadow of revolution grows ever darker.

(City of Dreams is the first in a series of novels that will follow the stories of Anna and her descendants in Paris and further afield.)

348 pages, with a 4.3-star rating from 15 reviews.

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