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Mercenary Instinct (The Mandrake Company series Book 1), by Ruby Lionsdrake. (Still free?)

"I quite enjoyed this story. Space opera is one of my favorites and this one kept me very entertained. It had constant action, a bit of romance, lots of really bad guys, space ships, really inventive and strong female characters, some laughs, some gasps, some UGHs, it just had a little bit of everything. And no cliffhanger!! There are three women, one now matched up, two more to go. I am really hoping to see two more equally good books in the near future." -- Amazon reviewer

Skulking around in the ruins on a planet swarming with treasure hunters, slavers, and bounty hunters isn't good for one's health. But Ankari Markovich needs a few archaeological samples for her latest business venture, a venture that might prove lucrative enough to move her family off the impoverished planet where she grew up. Unfortunately, she has no sooner collected her samples than she's captured by a band of brawny mercenaries. The captain might be handsome, but he's intent on turning her over to some finance lord who has, for reasons unknown, put a bounty on her head, a ridiculously large one at that. If she can't figure out a way to escape before she's delivered to the lord's home world, she could be forced into a life of indentured servitude-or worse.

Captain Viktor Mandrake doesn't usually take on piddling bounty hunting gigs, but when his intelligence officer informs him of a criminal on a nearby planet, he decides it wouldn't hurt to take a shuttle down to collect the woman. But Ankari Markovich is trouble from the start, nearly eluding his elite forces, then fighting and tricking his people left and right. He finds himself admiring her spirit, but according to her warrant, she's a criminal. The safest thing is to keep her in the brig and ignore her until she can be handed off to the man who wants her.

But the situation grows more complicated when other bounty hunters show up, wanting to claim Ankari for themselves. Thanks to this woman, Viktor's ship is in danger, his crew members are going missing, and he's fighting enemies he never asked for in a jungle in the middle of a hurricane. He's either going to strangle Ankari… or fall in love. Either scenario could get him killed.

Mercenary Instinct is a full-length, stand-alone novel of 90,000 words. It is part of the "Mandrake Company" series of science fiction romance stories and is recommended for readers who enjoy space-based adventure (such as Firefly) and steamy love stories (in the style of Linnea Sinclair).

248 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 193 reviews.

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Relative Malice, by Marla Madison. (Still free?)

"This murder mystery grabbed me. After Detective Kendall Halsrud's partner has a heart attack, she becomes the lead detective working on a home invasion crime where the husband, wife, son, and teen-aged daughter are killed. However, the 10-month old daughter cannot be found. There are numerous characters in this novel, each one having secrets that are eventually revealed by the author. Secrets of the law enforcers as well as the suspects. The author weaves these well-defined characters remarkably well through the story and I had no trouble following each scenario. This mystery novel is intense and moves rapidly along. It's an exemplary thriller, dynamically written. I highly recommend this compelling novel." -- Amazon reviewer

A deadly home invasion leaves four family members dead. A nine- month-old baby is missing and believed dead after an exhaustive search.

Detective Kendall Halsrud, homeless after being evicted by her roommate, refuses to stop searching for the missing baby. When she moves into an apartment above a local bar, she meets a spurious fortuneteller who is also a paroled hacker. With her help, Kendall and Adam Nashlund, a former cop, begin a desperate journey to find the child.

Their search derails when a man arrested for murdering the family claims to have killed the child. Unable to give up on the baby, Kendall puts her career and own life at risk while unearthing deadly family secrets in her pursuit of the truth.
374 pages, with a 4.4-star rating from 89 reviews.

Last To Know (Willow Creek Book 1), by Micalea Smeltzer. (Still 0.99?)

"Thoroughly entertaining, wonderfully sweet. The writing is pretty much flawless, flowing so smoothly and drawing me in so completely that before I knew it I was at the end (and reading that awesome bonus scene). I loved the banter between Emma and Maddox, it was funny and the two of them played off each other so well. The characters - both lead and secondary - really are what make this story... well developed, relatable, and you'll come to care about all of them." -- Amazon reviewer

★★★.99 cents for a limited time★★★

He was just a boy.
And I was just a girl.
But if that's all there was to the story it wouldn't be very interesting, would it?

Up and coming band Willow Creek is back in their hometown for the summer. For the drummer, Maddox Wade, this summer was meant for writing music and playing gigs.

Falling in love was not part of the plan.

One look at Emma Burke and those plans cease to matter.

Emma is quiet and guarded. She's still hurt from her father walking out two years ago. She doesn't want to trust Maddox, but with his dark hair, smoldering good looks, and infectious smile he's impossible to resist.

Together Maddox and Emma embark on an unforgettable summer of adventures and first love.
Everything is perfect…or so Emma thinks.

There are things she doesn't know, and when she finds out the truth it might shatter everything she's built with Maddox.

No one said love was easy, and for Maddox and Emma it just might be impossible.

This is a Young Adult book. The following books in the series will be New Adult.

*This book is a standalone within a series

318 pages, with a 4.7-star rating from 58 reviews.

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Resist: a Truth Seekers end of the world religious thriller series (Among Us Trilogy Book 2), by Anne-Rae Vasquez. (Still free?)

"I found it fascinating how the spiritual world and ours would intersect and how the characters managed to navigate the troubled waters that blended between the worlds. Resist is an action packed follow up and needs to be read by anyone who loves adventure, supernatural, or speculative fiction." -- Readers' Favorite

In a fight to save human kind from obliteration, Harry and Cristal continue to battle against supernatural dark forces. However, the supposed angel forces have given up on mankind leaving Harry and Cristal in a terrifying dilemma. If the end is now, can online gamers save the world? Harry Doubt thinks so.

For readers who have a twisted delight in books with an "End of Times / Armageddon" theme and are fans of shows like Fringe and Supernatural paranormal mystery thrillers

In book 2 of the award winning Among Us Trilogy, Truth Seekers Harry and Cristal have to maneuver both earth and the spiritual world. In a fight to save human kind from obliteration, they must seek to uncover more details behind Global Nation's involvement and research involving their parents and other missing loved ones. Not only must they battle against the dark forces, the supposed angel forces have given up on saving mankind from itself leaving Harry and Cristal in a terrifying dilemma. Can online gamers save the world? Harry Doubt thinks so.

Gold winner Readers' Favorite Book Awards 2014 - Among Us Trilogy
The Among Us Trilogy questions if Heaven is for real and ties in different supernatural religious beliefs of God, Heaven, Purgatory and Hell, angels and demons apocalypse, spirituality and fantasy by mixing themes from shows like Fringe and Supernatural to create an end of the world religious paranormal mystery thriller.

347 pages, with a 4.8-star rating from 20 reviews.

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