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Deadly Magic (A Grace Holliday Cozy Mystery Book 1), by Elisabeth Crabtree. (Still free?)

"A charming mix of wit, humor, light hearted romance, and murder. When I first saw the title I thought this would be a mystery with supernatural or fantasy elements, and was delightfully surprised at what the title actually refers to. In some ways, the mystery is predictable, and does contain some "stock" elements, but the book is more than saved by the author's tongue in cheek witty approach, and her ability to set scenes and slowly build suspense until the "gotcha!" comes, and it always works, too. The writing is very good, and the plot has some unexpected twists that place the reader in a labyrinth of family relationships, romantic relationship histories, grievances, vendettas injustices, and greed." -- Amazon reviewer

A night of magic turns into a night of murder.

It's Halloween night and the normally unhappy co-workers of the Straker Toy Company are eagerly looking forward to the celebration of their tyrannical boss' fiftieth birthday. None more so than Grace Holliday. After all, it's not every day she gets invited to the annual costumed bash at the Dragon's Lair, the premier magic theater in Manhattan.

What promises as a night of magic and mystery, quickly turns into a night of mayhem and murder when the boss' equally tyrannical wife dies on stage.

According to the police, it was an obvious suicide. Now it's up to Grace to discover which one of her co-workers pulled off the trick of the year before she becomes the killer's next victim.

330 pages, with a 3.7-star rating from 94 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil Mexico

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Beacon (Part I) (Beacon Saga Serial Book 1), by Jonathan C. Gillespie. (Still free?)

"This was an awesomely written, powerful, moving story. I as the reader was thoroughly sucked into this universe. The ending brought me to tears and I'm not a crier. Sequels were written but to me, this was the perfect stand-alone short story. I look forward to that book." -- Amazon reviewer

Part I of the BEACON SAGA SERIAL. This first installment* of the space opera tale is free, where available.

At the end of time, a miracle endangers a vast refugee fleet.

They call it the Shroud, and Beacon is the only star that survived its wrath. At this endpoint of existence, humanity lingers on alongside every living species. Layers of orbiting ships can provide you everything-except children. So when Mally and Tersias conceive, they are instant celebrities, lavished with accolades and gifts. But their act will carry a high cost, starting with the return of a specter from the past. And the end will become the beginning.

An installment of six thousand words. Continue the serial in Part II (twelve thousand words).

*Note to readers: A serial is a story in parts, each usually of long short-story length. Each installment is not a complete book, but can be thought of like an episode in a television series. Look for a full book containing all installments later this year.

30 pages, with a 4.0-star rating from 14 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil Mexico

Red Desert - Point of No Return, by Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli. (Still 0.99?)

"Well-written sci-fi novella. This is a fascinating Scifi set on Mars as it is just being settled. There is a problem within the team, but you don't really know what it is that has driven Anna, one of the scientist, to leave the settlement in a rover. When she gets beyond the point of no return, due to her oxygen supply,you really are on the edge of your seat. This is a well written novel with an engaging main character who takes you through the events that have brought her to this breaking point. The surprise ending leaves you begging for more. Can't wait to read the next one." -- Amazon reviewer

Thirty years after the Mars exploration mission 'Hera', whose crew died in mysterious circumstances, the ensuing political issues that slowed NASA's race to conquer space have finally ended. This time the five members of the new 'Isis' mission will not travel the 400 million kilometres for a short visit. This time they are destined to become the first colonisers of the Red Planet.

The science fiction series "Red Desert", set in the near future, includes four books.
The first one, "Point of No Return", is a novella.

In what looks like a suicide attempt, Swedish exobiologist Anna Persson, crew member of the Isis, secretly leaves Station Alpha at the crack of dawn to travel deep into the Martian desert in a pressurised rover.
As she journeys to the limit of her two day oxygen supply, she shows us memories of events from her past leading up to the mission. Little by little, as time and oxygen run out, she reveals the real Anna.
Whatever her goal, wherever it is, will Anna reach her destination?

The second book, "Red Desert - People of Mars" (a novel), will be published on 1 September 2014.

--- This is the first book in a series of four and it ends with a cliffhanger. ---

67 pages, with a 5.0-star rating from 12 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil Mexico

Kindle Cash Publishing Marketing Selling Nonfiction, by Don A. Singletary. (Still 3.00?)

"This book has sevral ideas to help authors market their books. It also tells you have to select tops that will sell and how to place your book in the best categories to sell. This book is for marketing nonfiction book, but some of the marketing ideas will probably work for fiction books also." -- Amazon reviewer

2014 Edition: Generate an Income Stream by Using Proven Methods

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-- Simple ways to research for topics that sell before you invest time writing your books.
The 'no social media' way to sell eBooks, and how to write them quickly.
[*]A Plan for writing profitable eBooks that you can repeat over and over again.[*]How to Plan your book Launch - Using Kindle Promotions (free).[*]Get a Fast Start by making a blueprint to write & market eBooks without wasting time.
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Learn to "Go To School" by researching existing best-sellers on Kindle; save time by focusing on what works.
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Learn the business of writing short, nonfiction eBooks on specialized topics that are already selling eBooks. Stop trying to guess what works and learn to research how a topic is selling before you write the book. The key to building a steady income stream from book sales - is to find what works, then just repeat it - over and over for higher royalties. Tips on writing great books and building your own business selling ebooks. Let's get started, now

231 pages, with a 4.3-star rating from 6 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil Mexico

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