RATS, by Joe Klingler. (Still 0.99?)

"I really enjoyed this book. The plot had me from the beginning. I like techno/ spy/intrigue stories and this had everything. It was fast paced, and not to technical but enough to know what was going on. I also liked it for what it didn't do. There were no gratuitous love scenes that did not move the plot along, or long history's of Vietnam or Alaska that drag the story. It was all about the characters and the plot. It presented an interesting moral dilemma. It made me question right and wrong when it comes to war and how to deal with it afterwards. It is a thought provoking plot." -- Amazon Reviewer

"A nuanced techno-thriller with both brains and brawn."-Kirkus Reviews
One man on a decades old mission. A woman who hunts him. And the bullet they share.
Joe Klingler's acclaimed debut novel explodes from the remnants of a war long past to headlines of Washington secrets masquerading as corporate incompetence when two modern-day warriors face off. Both skilled at violence. And deception. Both accustomed to winning.
Summer greets the land of the midnight sun as a lone rider races across the last American wilderness, delivering on a promise he made long ago. He has many names, but the world only knows a shadow called the Demon.
Claire Ferreti, an Army sniper soon to be drawn into a black-ops mission, sips sake in Washington D.C. with her lover, a young, ambitious General whose geosecurity specialty remains classified. When a boy finds a small machine, Claire and the Demon embark on a collision course that leads to a test of skill, a clash of ideologies, and Claire's unconscious body lying in a typhoon-ravaged jungle. In that instant she becomes the hunted, the Demon's tool for survival, and an unforeseen threat. As the General pursues them into a labyrinth of cyber-secrets, political necessity and financial reality collide like a fireball piercing steel pipe.
"Klingler's debut offers a deep logistical jungle sure to entertain buffs and newcomers to the techno-thriller genre. Throughout, he displays fierce writing chops. Short chapters balance action and subterfuge with political thought targeted keenly at modern drone warfare."-Kirkus Reviews

455 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 243 reviews.

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America Rising, by Tom Paine. (Still free?)

"This novel has elements of the dark caper and the vengeance fantasy. Exploding action and wince-inducing violence. An array of good and bad characters believably motivated and colorfully drawn down to details that expose impulses tender or vicious. Friendship and love, loyalty and honor -- and their opposites. Vivid language, story lines weaving in and out, variable pacing, suspense and surprises -- all handled confidently. " -- Amazon Reviewer

When an old friend of Josh Henson's is found beaten to death in the parking garage of the San Francisco radio station where he works, the former newspaper reporter turned Internet investigator is drawn from his home in the bucolic Florida Keys into a world of political maneuvering, intimidation and assassination, all parts of a battle not only for control of the country but for its very soul.

In a novel that anticipated the Occupy and Move Your Money movements, Henson begins covering a campaign to take back America from the corporate and political elites that have hijacked it for their own purposes and profit. As he does, he is drawn into another battle, this one fought quietly and without quarter by a shadowy group of men and women who bring their own "particular set of skills" to bear against forces that will stop at nothing in defense of wealth and power.

America Rising is a novel for our times, a novel of audacity and hope, where "change you can believe in" is more than just a slogan. It is not a screed. It's a story of people banding together to ensure, in the words of Abraham Lincoln, that "government of the people, by the people and for the people will not perish from the earth."

323 pages, with a 4.4-star rating from 76 reviews.

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Origin - Season One, by Nathaniel Dean James. (Still free?)

"Easily read and lots of mystery, action, excitement and on the edge dangers to overcome. First few pages hook you in, line and sinker all. I love it when a story does this well, and this one delivers. Why the most significant find in human history is worth relentless pursuit, treachery, and murderous actions to keep it from being known. How those who just happen to be in the wrong place at just the right time get pulled into a game of surviving. How stealing something you thought you could leverage change with, turns out to be something else." -- Amazon Reviewer

What could an assassination program begun by the Nixon administration and a malfunctioning camera on board NASA's Voyager II space probe possibly have in common?

To Francis Moore, finding the answer is about to become a matter of life and death.

Uprooted by a chance encounter from a promising career in the Marine Corps and thrust onto the front line of the country's clandestine "war on terror", Francis has few illusions left about the world and how it works. In an attempt to atone for his complicity in one of the more egregious of the CIA's covert operations, he resolves to expose the program, only to find his efforts thwarted at the last minute by the intervention of a highly determined "third party", whose motives he neither suspects nor understands.

Caught suddenly in a rising tempest of murder, deceit and betrayal, Francis has no choice but to turn his talents to identifying his new assailants before it is too late.

From the streets of Manhattan and the country lanes of rural New England to the wilderness of Canada and far beyond, he reluctantly finds himself dragged into the depths of a mystery that is as frightening as it is incredible, a journey that will open his eyes to the existence of something few could imagine, and fewer still would believe possible. A secret with the power to both resurrect the fortunes of a world edging ever closer to the brink of disaster, or tip it over once and for all.

352 pages, with a 4.1-star rating from 121 reviews.

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Council of Patriots (The Complete Novel): Includes all 5 Episodes (Corps Justice Book 2), by C. G. Cooper. (Still free?)

"For those of us who wish the world was like it was 100 years ago, this is a great read. The good guys are good and the bad guys are bad. The story line is well developed and the characters have detail. Anyone who has been in the military will be able to identify with the way the team members rely on each other to 'get the job done.' " -- Amazon Reviewer

Get the first three books of the series for FREE: bit.ly/1pmSnBo

A beautiful woman butchered…
A Congressman blackmailed…
A secret cabal of Japanese imperialists…

A small group of retired politicians form to protect America. The Council of Patriots is born. Former Marine Cal Stokes, and his team at SSI, head to Las Vegas, to uncover an invisible enemy that threatens to infiltrate the Democratic National Convention. What is their endgame, and more importantly: Who is the American politician pulling the strings?

With assassins around every corner, and a supposed ally manipulating both sides, Stokes must carefully utilize his team and the Council to stop the rise of a new empire.


Corps Justice Series Order:
1. Back to War
2. Council of Patriots
3. Prime Asset
4. Presidential Shift
5. National Burden
6. Lethal Misconduct
7. Moral Imperative
8. Disavowed

Corps Justice Daniel Briggs Sniper Novels:
1. Adrift

Corps Justice Short Stories:
1. God-Speed
2. Running

315 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 271 reviews.

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