Selah's Sweet Dream, by Susan Count. (Still 0.99?)

"A delightful read for anyone who enjoys a wholesome page turner! Selah embodies perseverance, hope, determination, compassion and spunk in a 12 year old girl spending the summer on her beloved grandfather's ranch. Her surprising adventures with a feisty horse, Sweet Dream, evoke all kinds of emotion in the reader. Girls will surely find a role model in Selah and parents/grandparents will be happy to provide them with such a great story! " -- Amazon Reviewer

Twelve year old Selah's quest to become an equestrian superstar is haunted by her grandmother's past and hindered by a horse with an attitude. She dreamed of a perfect sweet horse, but life is not a dream.

SELAH (Say-la) aspires to be an equestrian superstar. That would require a horse.

HER DILEMMA: Grandpa wants nothing to do with horses.

THEN: Selah sees buzzards circling the grasslands behind Grandpa's farm. They are stalking a horse trapped in wire and Selah is its only hope.

DANGEROUS: The horse is wild and defiant - jeopardizing Selah's dreams.

FOILED: The legal owner searched for the horse for two years and wants it back.

BUT: Selah is confident that God will provide her heart's desire.

MEMORIES: Grandpa shows Selah a video, from long ago, of a phenomenal equestrian. Selah declares that she wants to be like her and Grandpa explains the rider was her grandmother.

HOPE: A world renowned horse trainer offers to train SweetDream and Selah.

FOILED AGAIN: Her parents could ruin everything unless Sweet Dream's unruly behavior ruins it first.

LOST: Selah's opportunity to mirror the equestrian talent of her renowned grandmother evaporates when the horse causes mayhem at the trainer's facility.

NEVER GIVE UP: Will Selah gather her courage and face up to the trainer to save her aspirations?

196 pages, with a 4.9-star rating from 41 reviews.

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The Senator: A Blake Jordan Thriller, by Ken Fite. (Still free?)

"Didn't quite know what to expect when I started this book, but it was a thrill ride throughout. Lots of twists and turns and you don't know who to trust or believe or if the puzzle will be solved. Suffice it to say, you won't be disappointed by reading this story. Highly recommended." -- Amazon Reviewer

On the evening that Senator James Keller is set to receive his party's nomination for President of the United States, a kidnapper initiates a brilliant plan to stream the senator's execution for the world to see. Ex-Navy SEAL and federal agent Blake Jordan sets out to rescue his friend and mentor along with his partner, Agent Jami Davis. Against all odds, Jordan must untangle the web of confusion to find the senator before it's too late.

In this action-packed debut novel, Ken Fite has written a roller-coaster of a thriller sure to keep you turning the pages late into the night.

264 pages, with a 4.7-star rating from 33 reviews.

With This Curse: A Novel of Victorian Romantic Suspense, by Amanda DeWees. (Still 0.99?)

"It's difficult to describe without giving something away, so I'll just say that the characters are great (I fell in love with this hero.) and there are plenty of surprising twists to keep you turning pages. I'm always impressed with DeWee's characterizations and the breakneck pace of her stories. And with the sheer beauty of her writing, of course. I recommend this book whole-heartedly, and if you enjoy young adult paranormals, do yourself a favor and check out her Ash Grove Chronicles books." -- Amazon Reviewer

Now you can own this award-winning historical gothic for just 99 cents--for a limited time!

Can a curse strike twice? Eighteen years ago, Clara Crofton was dismissed from her chambermaid position at Gravesend Hall for falling in love with the younger son of the house. When he died soon after in the Crimean War, she blamed the Gravesend Curse.

Now, however, she has the chance to return to the sinister manor in triumph through a marriage of convenience to Atticus Blackwood, the twin brother of her dead sweetheart. But as gentle as her new husband appears, Clara knows that he has hidden motives for marrying her. And when another death occurs, she fears that the curse has struck again...and that this time she will not escape.

With This Curse captures all the intrigue, romantic tension, and sumptuous period atmosphere of gothic romance in the classic tradition, enhanced by the sly humor and wit for which Amanda DeWees is renowned. The winner of the 2015 Daphne du Maurier Award for historical romantic suspense, With This Curse has been lauded as "right up there with the Brontë sisters...utterly captivating" (Christoph Fischer, Goodreads) and "a feast for the eye and a joy to devour!" (InD'Tale magazine).

If you love mystery, poignant romance, and richly immersive historical fiction, prepare to be captivated by With This Curse. And when you're ready for more romance and gothic adventure, be sure to read the thrilling sequel, Cursed Once More!

Includes book club discussion questions.

296 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 70 reviews.

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Golden Blood (Time Spirit Trilogy Book 1), by Melissa Pearl. (Still free?)

"Gemma is now a favorite of mine. I absolutely loved her, awkwardness and all. The relationship with her and Harrison was perfect. Seriously, this is the type of love story I want tucked into my reads. It was free of all the drama that I've begrudgingly gotten used to lately. Melissa is always really great at writing characters and Golden Blood is no exception. All of the characters have their own voice and story to tell. The entire cast fits together so well. " -- Amazon Reviewer

Gemma Hart never knows when her father is going to whisk her back in time. Her toes start tingling and she has a few minutes to find a secret haven where she can disintegrate and appear in another time and place. While "across the line," her training and skills are put to the test as she completes a mission that will change history for the lucky few her father has selected.

Gemma's parents are adamant that secrecy is paramount to her family's safety. If people knew what they were capable of, they could be "used and abused", as her mother always says. Afraid she might accidentally utter the truth and break the ancient oath of her people, Gemma spends her school days as a loner. Only one thing can throw her sheltered life askew... Harrison Granger.

Harrison never expected to talk to the strange Hart girl, but after a brief encounter he can't stop thinking about her. He begins a campaign to chisel away her icy veneer and is met with unexpected consequences. As he slowly wins this girl over, he enters a surreal world that has him fighting to keep his newfound love and his life.

250 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 104 reviews.

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