Sea of Lies: The MH370 Conspiracy Thriller, by Bradley West. (Still 1.99?)

"Sea of Lies is not just for the tin foil hat brigade. It is a compelling action cocktail involving security services, dirty politics and individuals (some of whom are more or less rogue), The facet of the book I most enjoyed was the way that the author interweaves factual events with imaginative (but none the less plausible) fiction. Nobody - or perhaps I should say, 'almost nobody' - knows what happened to MH370; and Bradley West has cooked up a mighty fine stew around this modern-day mystery." -- John Dolan, author of the

The MH370 Conspiracy Thriller

An extraordinary CIA thriller focused on the vanishing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. The violent intersection of spies and politics thrusts an aging CIA codebreaker into a desperate race across Burma, Singapore, Sri Lanka and the Australian Outback. Crisp dialog drives non-stop realistic action across the sweaty, sultry yet brutal Asia landscape. Interwoven plots deliver four climaxes in the first installment of the exciting new Lies espionage and spy thrillers series.

The next eight days will see a war fought, a regime toppled, and lives upended as Nolan pursues MH370's hijackers, tries to protect his family, and unspools a dark web of murder and treason.

Fans of Sea of Lies: a gripping read

This book keeps coming at you with well-constructed surprises . . . .

"This book keeps coming at you with well-constructed surprises throughout. When I was halfway through, I thought I was done, but it just kept coming. The last few chapters had me literally unable to put it down."

Barkley's Owner, January 2017, Amazon 5-star

Gripping MH370 conspiracy

"I'm not usually one for conspiracy theories but this one works. Sea of Lies is an excellent thriller. Bradley West has chosen his incident well with the missing Malaysia Airlines jet. By page 3, I was hooked: it's a real page-turner. The author's familiarity with, and affinity for, Asia is clear. The fact that it's long and dense with details at times doesn't slow down the action. I highly recommend Sea of Lies if you're looking for a thriller or a good yarn."

MKS, August 2016, Amazon 5-star

Truly a great read

"I have always loved spy thrillers. So much of what you hear, condensed on the news, seems unlikely and leaves you wondering "what is the real backstory here?" Often, unofficial intelligent theories make far more sense and far better reading. Bradley West has spun an intricate conspiracy with rich detail and flawed, believable characters. The story also delves into the agency politics and competitions that we all know exist. It is fast paced and has a genuine feel that can come best from an author who has been in foreign service and lived in the region. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good thriller."

Steve J. Saylor, July 2016, Amazon 5-star

Could not put it down once I started reading it . . . .

"Could not put it down once I started reading it! It's long read and my main complaint is that it distracted me from everything else I had to do as I just could not get away from it. Lucky I started on a Friday!"

AS, July 2016, Amazon 5-star

Fans of John le Carré will also enjoy the Lies series

798 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 88 reviews.

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The Gemini Hustle Episode 1: Two Guys Walk Into a Bar (The Zodiac Files), by Kathleen McClure. (Still free?)

"I absolutely love this author and her books. Her characters are so interesting as well as unusual and her stories grab you and keep you interested. This and the 2nd in the series are free on kindle and I just bought the final episode because they are all so fun to read. If you like sci-fi , interesting and unusual characters and a fantastic, intricate plot these are for you." -- Amazon Reviewer

Two guys walk into a bar…

Everyone knows the joke, but no one is laughing when Zodiac operative Ray Slater's manhunt collides with fellow agent Harry Finn's covert op.

Outnumbered and outgunned, the pair form an uneasy partnership, one that takes them from the depths of Ócala's understreets to the pinnacle of its pleasure palaces, and straight into the heart of an interstellar crime syndicate.

Here, Ray and Harry become entangled with two of the syndicate's key players, women gifted with psionic abilities-and burdened by secrets-who will change both men's lives, forever.

Assuming, that is, they can survive the night.

Two Guys Walk Into a Bar is the first episode of the serialized edition of The Gemini Hustle, a fast-paced, quip-cracking ride into a distant, dangerous future where a multitude of species work both sides of the law, and alliances can change in the wink of an eye.

150 pages, with a 5-star rating from 3 reviews.

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Stories Untold: A Gripping Psychological Thriller, by Leslie Wolfe. (Still free?)

"Author Leslie Wolfe weaves an intense tale of suspense, with intriguing twists and turns that easily captivates the reader's attention from the beginning. The story had every element a good story should have. An exciting plot, attention to detail, but best of all fleshed out, well-written and well-rounded character development. There's an abundance of well illustrated scenes that make you feel like you are right there in the story, and that's something I really look for in a good book." -- Amazon Reviewer


Something terrible happened sixteen years ago; many lives were lost. Who was responsible? As long as the truth remains buried, his life is in danger. She will help him find it; she's the only one who can.

They're both strong and fearless, determined, relentless.
He's a decorated war veteran and he wants to die.
She's a prominent psychologist and she won't give up on him.

When a suicidal client seeks her help, Dr. Angela Blackwell cannot turn him away, despite the fact that he isn't seeking the kind of help she normally provides her clients. The man, who won't fully identify himself, wants the distinguished psychologist to stand witness after his planned death in six months' time, ensuring his wife will not be charged as an accessory or be hindered from collecting the death benefit he carefully provisioned for her. He calls himself DJ and won't willingly share anything about his past.

As Dr. Blackwell is struggling to reconstruct her own life after the loss of her husband, she recognizes his unusual request as a subconscious cry for help and embarks on a relentless effort to guide the reluctant stranger in uncovering the trauma that has permanently altered the course of his existence. Playing a deck of cards stacked high against her and rushing against time, she has no other option but to intervene, searching for the truth herself, refusing to give up.

A suspenseful thriller and an astonishing, vibrant story of human strength and frailty, of love lost and love found, Stories Untold will captivate as few stories ever do, with unexpected twists and turns, leaving a lasting memory ingrained into the essence of the reader's being.

What Readers Say About Leslie Wolfe
-- "Leslie Wolfe has the talent that is comparable to the likes of a Tom Clancy or a Michael Crichton, or even James Patterson." - Dennis Waller
-- "Wolfe keeps readers turning the pages..." - Kirkus Reviews
-- "Leslie Wolfe knows how to blend advanced technological data with powerfully written human behavior responses and the result is a novel that few will want to put down once the story begins." -- Grady Harp
-- "Verdict: A phenomenal novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat. I highly recommend it!" -- KWNY Publicity

Readers and Critics Talking About Leslie Wolfe Novels
-- "Leslie Wolfe is now very much on my list of MUST READ AUTHORS and I can't wait for the next book to be released"
-- "Characters you really can bond with and want to read more about. Too real and plausible not to keep you reading far too long after bed time!"
-- "Now this was a real smoker, really kept it moving, very well written. Guess I better find out if my wife is talking to me."
-- "Leslie Wolfe just gets better and better."
-- "This story has one of the best plots I've read in a long time."
-- "From the beginning to the last page her novel manages to keep reader's attention, delivering intrigue, thrill and suspense."
-- "An impressive amount of suspense throughout."
-- "As soon as I picked it up, I couldn't put it down! Full of suspense and keeps you at the edge of your seat. I loved it!"
-- "As a long-time fan of Tom Clancy's early works and Dan Brown's techno-thrillers, it makes me proud to see a woman stepping so confidently into this male-dominated arena. Well done, Leslie."

212 pages, with a 5-star rating from 16 reviews.

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Familiar Trouble (Familiar Legacy Book 1), by Carolyn Haines. (Still free?)

"I was drawn to this book because I love both cats and mysteries. Trouble is a super cat detective, with learned skills from his dad and Sherlock Holmes (his role model.) It was fascinating how involved he became with helping to solve the case, while loyally protecting his beloved owner. " -- Amazon Reviewer

BLOOD IS THICKER... Sometimes a unique talent is inherited-and such is the case for Trouble, son of Familiar the black cat detective. Trouble's rather indolent life in the sleepy town of Wetumpka, Alabama is upended when a serial killer arrives on the scene. Trouble begins to apply the skills he learned from his dad and his hero, Sherlock Holmes.

When local bookseller Tammy Lynn is attacked at the site of an impact crater, Trouble realizes he must protect his human and solve the mystery of the Silk Stocking Killer.

Aiden Waters, a local deputy, has tracked the SSK to Wetumpka. Since his wife's murder, Aiden won't risk romance, but when Tammy is endangered, everything changes. Especially their hearts.

256 pages, with a 4.8-star rating from 64 reviews.

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