The Library: Where Life Checks Out, by Carmen DeSousa. (Still 0.99?)

"Carmen DeSousa sure knows how to write a fantastic mystery that kept me second guessing my choices of the killer until the very end. When I arrived, all out of breath and confused by the wild ride, I was shocked. And that is the exact way a well written mystery should make you feel--out of breath and mouth agape. " -- Amazon Reviewer

In 1934, the body of a beautiful, but poor young woman was found alongside a riverbank near The Depot. Beaten to a pulp, only recognizable by a tattoo on her ankle, and yet, days after the discovery, the story all but disappears.

Eighty years later, locals claim The Depot is haunted. But in all the years homicide detective Mark Waters has visited the historic 1800s train station turned restaurant, he's never seen proof. Until now.

As he sifts through evidence of a supposed suicide by train, he learns a murder that took place eighty years ago may directly affect his case.

Six months after the strange occurrences at The Depot, there's another murder. This time, The Library holds secrets of several murders, and the dead won't rest until the murderer checks out too.

Note: The Library (Where Life Checks Out) is a 50k-word follow-up novel to The Depot (When Life and Death Cross Tracks), which is included in this special edition so readers who haven't read The Depot won't miss anything.

262 pages, with a 4.1-star rating from 202 reviews.

One Night in Tehran: A Titus Ray Thriller, by Luana Ehrlich. (Still 0.99?)

"What gives One Night in Tehran its authentic feel is the author's knowledge of the situation in the Middle East, her familiarity with its customs, and her intense research into the processes of the FBI and the CIA. All is extremely convincing. But it takes more than depth of research to grab a reader's attention from the beginning of a story and hold it to the very end. That requires imagination... and the skill to turn that imagination into words. Ms. Erlich has that enviable quality in her writing that really good actors have. The writing never obtrudes or causes the reader to look at it in any questioning way. It is that perfect mix of quality prose and dialogue that is so natural that reader is aware only of story, drawn unwittingly into the very heart of what is happening." -- Amazon Reviewer

He escaped from Iran; now, an assassin is stalking him in Oklahoma.

Read Book 1 in a new series of thrillers featuring CIA intelligence officer, Titus Ray!
In Tehran, while hiding out from the Iranian secret police, CIA officer, Titus Ray, finds shelter with a group of Iranian Christians. Compelled by their unwavering faith, the battle-hardened agent becomes a believer shortly before they smuggle him out of Iran to freedom in Turkey.
Returning to the States, he discovers his Iranian mission failed because of political infighting within the Agency. After delivering a scathing indictment against the Deputy Director of Operations, he's forced to take a year's medical leave in Oklahoma.
Before leaving Langley, however, he discovers a Hezbollah hit man has targeted him for assassination. Now, while trying to figure out what it means to be a follower of Christ, he must decide if the Iranian couple he meets in Oklahoma has ties to the man who's trying to kill him, and if Nikki Saxon, a beautiful local detective, can be trusted with his secrets.
  • Trained in lies, he learns the truth!
  • Will it help him escape his past?
  • Can it change his future?
˃˃˃ Two Days in Caracas, Book 2 in the Titus Ray Thriller Series, is also available on Amazon.

Purchase this heart-stopping Christian mystery today!

289 pages, with a 4.7-star rating from 458 reviews.

Free today!
Grand & Humble, by Brent Hartinger. (Still free?)

"Grand and Humble is a story that is riveting to the end, taking twists and turns as the reader struggles to figure out who these two boys are and how they are linked. The conclusion is epic and satisfying! The clues were there the whole time, and when the reader finishes, they will page back through and try to find the clues and link them together. " -- Amazon Reviewer

Two Teenage Boys, Both at a Crossroads...

Harlan and Manny are both seventeen years old, but they couldn't be more different. Harlan is an athlete with a beautiful girlfriend, the son of a powerful U.S. Senator, and possibly the most popular kid in his high school. Meanwhile, Manny is a quirky theater geek, the son of a struggling single father, and one of the school's least popular kids. And yet, Harlan and Manny both share the same sense of foreboding, a feeling that something is not right in each of their lives.

They have something else in common as well, even if they don't know it. Fourteen years ago, when they were both three years old, a tragedy occurred - an accident that would link the two boys together forever, even as it ultimately drove them apart. It's an event that both of them barely remember, but it still haunts them in the form of Harlan's premonitions and Manny's nightmares. Somehow both boys know that nothing will ever be right until they can each unravel the secret of the terrifying instant that lies at the center of both their lives.

An All-New Edition, Rewritten and Revised by the Author!

"An astonishing surprise ending, unlikely to be anticipated but fairly clued for the reader detective. The immensely talented author is a master of structure, but even without the stunt conclusion, the well-realized characters would grip readers of all ages."
- Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine

"Talk about a fork in the road!…[A] taut and clever thriller."
- Kliatt

"A taut, skillfully woven psychological thriller with an ending they'll never see coming; fans of coming age stories and clever plots will be absorbed by this haunting parable."

"This suspenseful novel also includes genuinely thought-provoking questions about why we are who we are, and how the smallest choices may have the largest consequences."

Winner of the Washington State Book Award!

224 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 42 reviews.

Free today!
Descent (The Immortal Chronicles Book 1), by Sloane Murphy. (Still free?)

"This book awed me, considering this is by a debut author, the creativity flowed of the page and and the characters seamlessly jumped out and worked so well with strong development and a well thought out story line and plot. The twist and turns throughout this book had me guessing what was going on and caught me out with emotion on a couple of occasions that I didn't see coming. watching the story unfold with all the half truths, deceit and lies leaking out to play havoc with the world that Addie thought she new was so cleverly intertwined and all interlinked in its dual POV with Xander that you will want to know more." -- Amazon Reviewer

Six hundred years after The Outbreak, the human population stand side by side with the Fae & the Vampyrs to stop the Demon King from starting a second Dark War.
Seventeen year old Adelaide Tate is in her last year of the Academy, with her eyes set on becoming part of the Red Guard.
Who cares that no female has ever joined?
When a dark force develops an unhealthy liking for her, Adelaide needs to fight for her life and figure out what makes her so different from the others.
Betrayal. Fear. Anger.
She must overcome it all in order to turn her world the right way around again.
Adelaide has one choice. Accept the help offered to her by Xander Bane, or face the Demon Hoard alone.
One thing is for sure. The descent will be bloody.

260 pages, with a 4.1-star rating from 10 reviews.

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