Cold Deception (His Agenda 4): Prequel to the His Agenda Series, by Dori Lavelle. (Still 0.99?)

"I love getting inside the heads of characters. Terence Pirone never had it easy growing up. Finding Lacey seemed to fill a hole in his heart, a love that he had never experienced. When things don't go according to his plans we get to see another side of him. One that's filled with hate and rage. " -- Amazon Reviewer

*Although Cold Deception, a tragic love story, can be read as a standalone, it's highly recommended that the book be read after books 1-3 in the His Agenda Series. Buy the boxed set of the first three books in the series for less than the price of buying them individually: *

They say he's a monster, a very dangerous man. But they don't know him. They don't know the depth of the darkness lurking inside his soul. They don't see the burn of the wounds on his heart. If they did, maybe they would understand why he became Jude Macknight.

Cold Deception offers a peek into the past life of Jude Macknight...when he used to be someone else, when he was married to the woman who introduced him to his dark side.

**WARNING: Due to sexual situations and adult content, Cold Deception is not intended for readers under the age of 18, and anyone who is unable to read books containing the following issues: kidnapping, murder, rape, and extreme abuse.**

279 pages, with a 4.9-star rating from 16 reviews.

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The Five Warriors (The Four Worlds Series Book 1), by Angela J. Ford. (Still free?)

"As a fantasy-lover, The Five Warriors, gives me and incredible feeling of nostalgia, taking me back to my childhood. It's the number one thing I look for in a book or a game. The lore of the Four Worlds is what drives it home for me and the chemistry of the characters are more than enough to keep the pages turning." -- Amazon Reviewer

What if...
your best friend started a rebellion in the middle of a war?
your lover awakened a deep evil and helped it grow?
your people were too cowardly to face a battle?
you stole an ancient power source?
you gambled with the fate of the world?

Join five powerful warriors each with a unique ability and magical weapons. Their quest is to discover where the transformed creatures are coming from and put a stop to it.

Along the way they run into treacherous immortals, sea monsters, powerful beasts of the air and talking animals.

Each has their own reasoning for joining the quest, but one carries a deadly secret which just might be the destruction of them all.

Start reading to find out what happens next!

423 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 16 reviews.

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Beyond Secret Worlds: Ten Stories of Paranormal Fantasy and Romance, by Aimee Easterling. (Still free?)

"I decided to buy this box set as a default read thinking that it would be ok. Guess what, I just couldn't stop reading the stories till I'd finished all ten . There are some terrific paranormal novels in this set. Superb value for money I am now a box set fan, it's like getting something for nothing." -- Amazon Reviewer

Ten stories of paranormal fantasy and romance from USA Today and Amazon Bestselling authors!

This collection has something for everyone: from second chances to last chances, passion-filled nights with steamy shapeshifters to dark days with not-so-wicked witches, alternate worlds to supernatural events. These prequels, sequels and other tantalizing tie-ins to the bestselling Secret Worlds boxed set will leave you breathless.

Tough As Nails - Aimee Easterling - A runaway werewolf stumbles across a stalker as she struggles to grow into her own skin.

Dark Intent - Lisa Swallow - A reaper is forced to choose between two dying humans, one slated for Heaven, the other for Hell.

Lust at First Sight - Katie Salidas - Who wouldn't spring at the chance for a one-night-stand with a werewolf?

Not a Witch - Debbie Herbert - A Ouija experiment goes terribly wrong for two young witches.

Black Friday - Kate Corcino - Christmas shopping becomes even more treacherous after the world as we know it disintegrates into dust.

Blue House Magic - Catherine Stine - Can a seer find a cure for the baffling plague drifting down from the enemy north before it's too late?

Dream's End - L.G. Castillo - An archangel weighs dreams against responsibilities as she decides whether to give a fallen angel one last chance.

The Hex - Lucy Leroux - Betrayed becomes betrayer when this witch puts too much juice behind the hex on her ex.

Her Sweetest Downfall - Rebecca Hamilton - Ophelia's initiation won't be complete until she kills the man she loves.

Take Me - Susan Stec - A doppelganger, a myth with no name, no sex, no flesh, and no identity...unless it wears one of you.

256 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 8 reviews.

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Out of the Shadows (Akira and Deane Thriller Series Book 1), by Tim Jopling. (Still free?)

"Tim Jopling's Out of the Shadows gave me a glimpse of the life of spies. The thrill, the adventure and the dangers associated with them, were all brought out well. This book has all the X-factor that is required, an awesome theme, well etched characters, visual imageries." -- Amazon Reviewer

OUT OF THE SHADOWS - Akira and Deane Thriller Series Book 1:

Nothing is ever what it seems...
Don't turn your back on anyone or anything...

Akira is a dangerous man, a man who has lost everything and has nothing to lose. Fuelled by the death of his beloved wife Madeline and desperate to seek revenge on those who took her from him, Akira is on a mission, a mission to rid the world of the corrupt West and everything it stands for and he has one man set in his sights.

Thomas Deane, a fiercely loyal MI6 agent and one half of an elite partnership he is everything Akira despises - a patriotic man devoted to the service of his country, no matter what the cost.

Assisted by the brave S.U.C.O. agents (Special Undercover Covert Operations) the elite MI6 team, are completely unaware of what lies ahead. Will they succeed in bringing Akira out of the shadows?


"I'm a spy fiction fan, so this was always going to be one for me. If you like Bond or Bourne, you'll enjoy this - though it most reminded me of one of my favourite books series, Barry Eisler's "Rain Fall" books. Recommended if you like any of the above."

"Excellent read! For anyone who enjoys action, suspense, mystery and espionage books then give this a go."

"An excellent read. Had me gripped from the very beginning. Just who is Akira!"


I've been writing thriller related short stories for a few years now but I finally decided to bite the bullet and write a novel. It was always a dream to see my novel online and when my wife recorded a TV programme in the summer of 2014 about Amazon I found out it was possible. By chance I happened to see it and discovered KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) where I could publish my book on Amazon. I had no idea that had come about! It's been fantastic to see it on Amazon and to receive feedback from readers of my book, it really is invaluable and plays a big part in shaping my writing. You can follow me on Facebook at and on Twitter or search for @tim_jopling. Thanks for reading!

231 pages, with a 4.0-star rating from 4 reviews.

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