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One In A Million: A Supernatural Thriller (The Millionth Trilogy Book 1), by Tony Faggioli. (Still free?)

"As a reader who does not usually choose thrillers, I took a chance on this book. I'm so glad I did! This story had me hooked from the very first chapter, and I simply couldn't put it down. It's a true page-turner with believable and impressively complex characters. Every character I met along the way was one that brought into focus the good, bad, beautiful and ugly of the human condition. " -- Amazon Reviewer

Kyle Fasano has it all: a loving wife, two children and a house on the hill. Still, for one night, it's not enough. Risking everything, he has a fling with a woman from the office. He knows better, but she offers a simple temptation..

Napoleon Villa has very little: No real family or home. A veteran detective for the LAPD, he is a gray wolf in an ever darkening world. When the call comes in that a young woman has plummeted to her death at the Los Angeles Hilton, it seems like just another case.

Both are running from something: Fleeing his affair at the Hilton, Kyle runs into a stranger dressed in gray, with heavenly powers, who tells him something he never expected to hear. In order to save his soul, he must now prevent his first love, who he hasn't seen in over twenty years, from making the same mistake he has. For Napoleon, it all comes down to a case long closed, but forever open in his mind, of a child murderer that he failed to stop in time.

And both are on a collision course: As he runs from the law with everything to lose while being pursued by a detective from East L.A. with nothing to lose, Kyle Fasano is about to learn that with every choice there are consequences. Sometimes there can be hell to pay. Literally.

"Paranormal fans should enjoy this strange brew of revelations and romance, saints and sinners, remembering the past and attempting to save the future."
- Kirkus Reviews

"The characters in this supernatural odyssey are well drawn, the plotting is brilliant and just when you think you know where the story is going, Mr. Faggioli throws you another curve ball. I started this book three days ago and I stayed up last night until midnight to finish." - Amazon 5 Star Review

A Million to One, Book 2, awaits you next...

"A second helping of a trilogy cooks up countless horrors and paranormal events." - Kirkus Reviews

"A great follow-up to the first book in the trilogy. The otherworldly creativity is amazing and I loved the continuity of both the characters and the plot from the first book. It gets darker, and like with the first book I could not put the book down." - Amazon 5 Star Review

With One Plus One, Book 3, waiting after that to take your breath away:

"If a movie should ever be made of this final installment in Faggioli's (One In A Million, 2016, etc.) trilogy, the Eagles'"Hotel California" might be a contender for the theme song. Like the tune's lyrics, book passages reference voices that call in the middle of the night, characters who are prisoners of their own device, and spirits that could be in heaven or could be in hell." - Kirkus Reviews

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Tony Faggioli was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and raised in Los Angeles. He graduated from the University of Southern California and is a happily married father of two kids, two dogs and a pretty awesome goldfish.

Coming 2017, The Snow Globe, a thriller.

374 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 96 reviews.

In the Graveyard Antemortem, by Stephen Stromp. (Still 0.99?)

"This book blew me away! It's so wonderful to have a fresh take on a classic genre. I adore ghost stories, love a good mystery and have a never ending affection for big creepy houses and anything paranormal. This book included all of these things (sort of), but did it in such a vibrant new way, I was hooked!!!" -- Amazon Reviewer

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"An engaging, creepy mystery." -Scream Magazine "A super-fun mix of murder-mystery, ghost story, creepy family drama and gory hack-fest." -The Bookshelf Gargoyle "A masterfully conceived mystery. I barely looked up until I'd devoured every word." "Channeled my inner Buffy." -The Horror Hothouse

Seventeen-year-old Lisa Jacobs is determined to solve her father's gruesome murder. But before she can investigate in her own small town, she is forced to spend the summer with her Uncle Clayton, the owner of Grand Hallow--a massive funeral and mortuary operation the size of a small city. Her move to Grand Hallow only deepens the mystery as she begins to suspect the strange and chilling occurrences there are linked to her father's death. With the help of her acid-tongued best friend and deadbeat brother, Lisa must unravel the secrets of Grand Hallow--before it's too late. Mystery/Suspense/Horror

280 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 51 reviews.

Naked and Far from Home, by J.P. Grider. (Still 2.99?)

"A great novel. This could be a beautiful movie. I was sad and happy towards the end of the book. It was the perfect combination of romance, drama, humor and suspense! I would recommend this book to anyone!" -- Amazon Reviewer

Tia Mercury was a freshman in high school and had her first serious crush - on a senior who wouldn't touch her. At least not until she turned eighteen.

Clinton Daniels was not your everyday teenage boy, and because his tougher-than-nails father wouldn't let him forget it, Clinton became a loner. And learned to distrust everyone.

Until he met Tia.

She was sweet, she was funny, and she knew nothing about good music. It was the nineteen-eighties for goodness sake - time to turn off that AM radio crap. So, while Tia drooled over Clinton, he was busy making her mix-tapes.

She was falling in love. He was ignoring his heart.

See, Clinton had a secret. But sharing it could cost him their friendship, and he was not willing to risk losing the only person he ever loved.

Naked and Far from Home is a serious coming of age story that spans a decade. A tale about unconditional love and what two people are willing to look past to prove that love.

If you like John Green and Rainbow Rowell, you'll love Naked and Far from Home

348 pages, with a 4.4-star rating from 15 reviews.

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Someone Else's Daughter: Book I (A Miranda's Rights Mystery 1), by Linsey Lanier. (Still free?)

"I would recommend this book to anyone that like a good mystery with some romance thrown in." -- Amazon Reviewer

Book #1 in the exciting mystery-thriller series from bestselling author Linsey Lanier.

A woman can never make herself too tough, too strong, or too street smart.

Miranda Steele. Smart-talking, hot pepper-eating loner whose abusive ex-husband stole her baby and gave it up for adoption. She comes to Atlanta to hunt for her daughter.

Wade Parker. Wealthy owner of the Parker Investigative Agency, ace detective, and the most eligible forty-four-year-old bachelor in Atlanta. He still mourns the death of his socialite wife but must now solve a disturbing murder case.

A serial killer strangling young girls in a bizarre ritual. Why?

She doesn't need a man.
He needs to find a killer.
Together, can they save a thirteen year old girl?


"Highly charged and emotional... Read it with tissue from the very beginning." Pamela Mason.

"It was a great read, honestly couldn't put it down and can't wait to read the next one." Cathie - Sydney, Australia

"Miranda Steele is one ballsy lady...what I'd call 'one HOT pepper!'" Diane Kratz - crime fiction writer


Someone Else's Daughter is the first book in the popular Miranda's Rights Mystery series, the emotional story of a stubborn loner looking for her stolen daughter. Buy this intriguing thriller for a story readers say they can't put down.

Someone Else's Daughter
Delicious Torment
Forever Mine
Fire Dancer
Thin Ice

All Eyes on Me
Heart Wounds
Clowns and Cowboys
The Watcher
Zero Dark Chocolate
Trial by Fire
Smoke Screen
The Boy
(more to come)

Chicago Cop (A cop family thriller)
Steal My Heart (A Romantic Suspense)

You Want Me to Kill Who? (A Dandy Frost--Ninja Assassin Story) #1
You Want Me to Go Where? (A Dandy Frost--Ninja Assassin Story) #2
The Clever Detective Boxed Set 2 (A Fairy Tale Romance): Stories 1-5

287 pages, with a 4.4-star rating from 872 reviews.

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