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Summer of Change: Contemporary Small Town Romance (The Springs Book 1), by Elena Aitken. (Still free?)

"Summer of Change is a great little romantic novel. The Springs Resort is about to open and Trent has no time for anything except focusing on the hotel....except when he meets the lovely Sam, a pub owner from down in the village. Trying hard to focus on the task at hand, Trent can't keep his mind off of that beauty, independent woman down the mountain." -- Amazon reviewer

With the Springs resort set to open in mere weeks, Trent Harrison needs to stay focused and see to every detail. The last thing he needs is a complication, even one that comes in the form of sexy bar owner, Samantha Burke.

Samantha loves her quiet close-knit community of Cedar Springs, just the way it is. The addition of a fancy new resort as well as its arrogant owner, and the change they're both sure to bring, is certainly not welcome.

With Trent pushing his way into her town, and her life, Samantha's resistance to him wavers in the face of the passion and heat they share. Change is inevitable, but can either of them drop their guard long enough to accept it when there's so much on the line? (love story, contemporary romance, alpha heroes, beach reads, sexy romance, holiday romance, falling in love)

149 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 23 reviews.

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The Abduction of Mary Rose, by Joan Hall Hovey. (Still 0.99?)

Save $2 today on this thriller from author Joan Hall Hovey, "the female Stephen King."

"I found this book to be an action packed, fast paced read. The main character showed a lot of layers and you could find yourself rooting for her. It shows that you always have a bit of your biological parents in you. Those genes do transcend and the help of the people around her helped shape her into a fierce woman. Very enjoyable." -- Book Goddess

The Abduction of Mary Rose, published by Books We Love, is a thriller in the tradition of Stephen King and Mary Higgins Clark, written by the Canadian Master of Suspense Joan Hall Hovey.

Following the death of the woman she believed to be her mother, 28-year-old Naomi Waters learns from a malicious aunt that she is not only adopted, but the product of a brutal rape that left her birth mother, Mary Rose Francis, a teenager of Micmac ancestry, in a coma for 8 months.

Dealing with a sense of betrayal and loss, but with new purpose in her life, Naomi vows to track down Mary Rose's attackers and bring them to justice. She places her story in the local paper, asking for information from residents who might remember something of the case that has been cold for nearly three decades.

She is about to lose hope that her efforts will bear fruit, when she gets an anonymous phone call. Naomi has attracted the attention of one who remembers the case well.

But someone else has also read the article in the paper. The man whose DNA she carries.

And he has Naomi in his sights.


"…Ms. Hovey's talent in creating characters is so real, you feel their emotions and their fears. You want to yell at them to warn of the danger . . . and you do! Your shouts fall on deaf ears . . . and you cry!

Alfred Hitchcock and Stephen King come to mind, but JOAN HALL HOVEY is in a Class by herself!…"J.D. Michael Phelps, Author of My Fugitive, David Janssen

"…CANADIAN MISTRESS OF SUSPENSE…The author has a remarkable ability to turn up the heat on the suspense… great characterizations and dialogue…" James Anderson, author of Deadline

"…Can compete with any mystery,suspense novel on the shelves..." Linda Hersey,
Fredericton Gleaner, NB

238 pages, with a 4.3-star rating from 142 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil Mexico

The One: The Tale of a Lost Romantic in Seoul, by Steve Justice. (Still 3.99?)

"The ending will floor you. I hate to even give you that much information as I'd like you to enjoy the intensity of this read the way that I did. Our main character gives us his "confession" in first person- being in a soured marriage, a demanding wife who wants to start a family, a student who he is insanely attracted to, and his attempt to maintain a "normal" front at home and at work. He justifies his actions throughout. There were times I was dumbfounded, other moments made me feel bad for him, even sad a few times but nothing, absolutely nothing, prepared me for the ending. Mind boggling and I don't think any other ending would have had the riveting impact that this one did." -- Amazon reviewer

THE ONE is a psychological thriller following the descent of one man into obsession and self-delusion.

A middle-aged professor, disillusioned and jaded by a loveless marriage and a stale career, makes the move to South Korea in an attempt to bring excitement into his life. What he finds is more of the same: a never-ending repetition of existence without meaning.

It is only when a woman much younger than himself, one of his own students, engages him intellectually and emotionally that he finally feels alive. Despite the fear of the taboo of a potential relationship, he feels himself drawing closer to this girl who has brought colour into an otherwise stale and grey life.

When this girl is taken away from him, he decides to do as all romantic heroes must: whatever it takes to make her his own, even if that means breaking the rules, and the laws, of normal society.

375 pages, with a 4.7-star rating from 20 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil Mexico

How to Think Clearly: A Guide to Critical Thinking, by Doug Erlandson. (Still 0.99?)

"Dr. Erlandson has given a wonderful introduction to good critical thinking; how to recognize good and bad arguments, helpful and non-helpful explanations, the ways that numbers can be manipulated. I recognize the difficulty in taking a complex subject and presenting it in easy to digest bites for an audience new to the subject. He does this well, and with a wonderful sense of humor. Perhaps my favorite part of the book was the last chapter, where he says that the ultimate goal of this knowledge is not to "win at all costs", but to be fair - especially to those with whom we disagree.Highly recommended." -- Amazon reviewer

How to Think Clearly: A Guide to Critical Thinking is an easy-to-understand and lively introduction to the serious issues of learning how to think clearly and being able to spot the difference between good and bad reasoning. Dr. Doug Erlandson draws on concrete examples of good and bad reasoning from the political and social realm and everyday life to make his points in a sometimes lighthearted but always meaningful way.

Here's a Preview of What's in the Book
  • Identifying the differences between good and bad arguments
  • Avoiding fallacies
  • Creating good explanations
  • Assessing probabilities
  • Recognizing that statistics and numbers can lie
˃˃˃ Here's How You Benefit

How to Think Clearly gives you the tools you need to critically assess the claims and counterclaims with which you are bombarded by politicians, pundits, commentators and editors, as well as coworkers, friends and family, and will aid you in developing skills to present your view in ways that are clear, coherent, sensible and persuasive.

˃˃˃ Suitable as a classroom text and for independent study

How to Think Clearly is easy to understand and suitable for independent study. At the same time it offers the content and intellectual rigor that you would expect in a text for an introductory college-level course in critical thinking.

˃˃˃ What Others Are Saying About How to Think Clearly: A Guide to Critical Thinking

Dr. Erlandson has given a wonderful introduction to good critical thinking: how to recognize good and bad arguments, helpful and non-helpful explanations, the ways that numbers can be manipulated. You can tell that he must be a good teacher. (G. Feltner)
The author offers a refuge of reason within our culture of disregard for open-mindedness and rational discourse where the popular debate of serious issues or ideas is often a shouting match from the margins. (Cubs Fan)
A great read for anyone who is new to logic and critical thinking, or someone who just wants to review and refresh their knowledge. (Paul D.)
167 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 10 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil Mexico

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