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Best Of Jennifer Blake: Historical Romance, by Jennifer Blake. (Still free?)

"I love the historical novels by Jennifer Blake, and to have all of my favorites in one set is a miracle!!! Ms. Blake is able to take the reader to the 19th century with her vivid descriptions and settings. This is definitely the prize of my library!!!" -- Amazon Reviewer

Get ready to be swept away with 6 full-length, standalone, fan-favorite historical romances, hand-picked by Jennifer herself.

Jennifer's meticulously researched writing has been described as sizzling and sensual, bold and thrilling, lush and seductive. For more than 50 years, Jennifer has been delighting romance readers with resplendent and passion-filled stories-many set in the grand society of the antebellum South-that have provided her voracious fans with all the tempestuous adventure they've come to love.

Experience for yourself the enduring voice of one of the true queens of romance.

The notorious swordsmen of New Orleans-charming by day, dangerous at night... When Celina barters herself to Rio de Silva to keep him from dueling her brother, he accepts. But Rio harbors a secret far more perilous than the way he sets her soul aflame.

Reynaud, half Natchez Indian, requires Elise share his bedroll after saving her friends during an uprising. Widowed after a brutish marriage, Elise fears intimacy more than the Natchez. Does Reynaud's tender intro to love make him friend or enemy?

Renold spins an enchanting tale of love and marriage, but Angelica only remembers their kiss before the steamboat exploded. How can she trust her supposed husband's word-when he is her father's sworn enemy?

Eleanora is a respectable lady, widow of a Spanish grandee, former angel of mercy to the wounded in war-ravaged Central America-and keeper of a precious secret. She was also once the mistress of Colonel Grant Farrell. And the hardened soldier is coming for her...

Strait-laced Lettie arrives in Louisiana from the northeast after the Civil War-and her true nature flowers in the southern heat. But she must be depraved that she can revel in the kisses of both the mysterious nightrider known as The Thorne and sweetly handsome Ranny who was brain-injured during the war...

Frontier Louisiana is set aflame by Rolfe and Angeline-a dynamic prince on the trail of his brother's killer and the innocent beauty he mistakes for her wanton cousin. But death rides with the prince and his captive, and their only protection is love...

2095 pages, with a 3.5-star rating from 3 reviews.

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Fatal Justice: Vigilante Justice Series 1 with Jack Lamburt, by John Etzil. (Still free?)

"I love the Jack Lamburt series. Can't read them fast enough. This guy is serious, funny, & ass kicking. His girl, Debbie is just as tough. Jack always has trouble heading his way." -- Amazon Reviewer

A small-town sheriff's dark past may be the only thing that keeps his town alive…

Jack Lamburt has a bright future as the sheriff of a quiet town. He knows the locals by name, he's dating the bar mistress, and nobody suspects his dark secrets. When big city mafia stirs up trouble in his small town, Lamburt retaliates with swift, violent action. Now the crime syndicate is in search for answers… and blood.

With the lives of the people he swore to protect in grave danger, Lamburt will need every weapon in his arsenal to outmaneuver the mob. Even if it means he'll risk exposing his past.

Fatal Justice is the first book in a series of vigilante thrillers starring Sheriff Jack Lamburt, the Ultimate Sheepdog. If you like gritty realism, high-tech surveillance, and no-holds-barred justice, then you'll love John Etzil's gripping series starter.

Buy Fatal Justice now to begin this vigilante thriller series today!

188 pages, with a 4-star rating from 101 reviews.

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Frozen Statues, Perdition Games, by L.E. Fraser. (Still free?)

"This is the first novel i have read by L.E. Fraser. I loved every second of the book. It was very well written. I loved how each of the characters have their own individual story but everything ties together in a beautiful bow. " -- Amazon Reviewer

A gripping psychological thriller with shocking twists

In the bitter cold of a Canadian winter, seven university freshmen vanish without a trace. Soon afterwards, police discover a ghastly crime scene-the victim is frozen solid and his eyes are missing, replaced with black stones. A week later, they find a second frozen statue at an identical crime scene.

Toronto PI Samantha McNamara suspects a copycat is mimicking Incubus, the serial killer who brutally murdered her sister three years earlier. And when Incubus writes to her from a maximum-security prison, Sam is certain that the psychopath holds the key to saving the remaining students.

But as the hunt for the young men intensifies, Sam is unwittingly lured into a lethal trap, intricately planned to destroy her. Haunted by the signature white lily that Incubus tattooed on all of his victims, Sam grows obsessed with uncovering the meaning behind the flower. Her partner and fiancé, former police Inspector Reece Hash, watches helplessly as Sam rushes headlong into destruction. With time running out for his fiancée and the abducted students, Reece must unravel a psychopath's twisted game. And do it before the serial killer poses his next work of art.

Five young men wait in terror. Which will be the next frozen statue?

What reviewers say about Frozen Statues, Perdition Games...

"Psychological thrillers are supposed to be compelling but the really good ones, like Frozen Statues, Perdition Games by L.E. Fraser, will really throw the reader for a loop."-Marta Cheng, Self-Publishing Review

"Frozen Statues, Perdition Games is a masterpiece, an absorbing story that defines its place in the area of crime and psychological thrillers."-Romuald Dzemo, Readers' Favorite

"Frozen Statues, Perdition Games is a complex and mesmerizing puzzle with a cunning serial killer and a likable protagonist that twists and turns with every chapter."-Awesome Indies Books

"Fraser fuels the plot with increasingly sadistic secrets. Careful details about the murders, like the staging of victims during foul weather to ruin forensic evidence, are impressively geeky."-Kirkus Reviews (featured in Kirkus Reviews Magazine)

405 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 28 reviews.

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Squall, by Sean Costello. (Still free?)

"I can't believe I got this eBook for free !
I absolutely enjoyed this read : Mr Costello is definitely a gifted author. He knows how to capture the reader and keep him turning pages, while building real depth in the characters, even the villains..." -- Amazon Reviewer

This book is RATED-R FOR LANGUAGE by the publisher.

Bush pilot and family man Tom Stokes is about to face the worst day of his life. On a clear winter morning, he sets out to do some repairs on a remote hunt camp, leaving his five-year-old son and very pregnant wife snug in their beds.

On the return trip, a squall forces him into an emergency landing and he winds up-quite literally-in the lap of petty criminal Dale Knight. Dale, now a fugitive from the law-and worse, from a merciless drug lord who just happens to be his brother-draws Tom into a web of mayhem and treachery that puts not only his life at risk, but the lives of his wife, son . . . and unborn child.

SQUALL is a fast-paced, darkly-comic tale of murder and gang-style retribution that grabs the reader on page one and just doesn't let go.

178 pages, with a 4-star rating from 3768 reviews.

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