Sourdough Wars (The Rebecca Schwartz Series, Book 2), by Julie Smith. (Still 0.99?)

"This is one of my favorite mysteries. I love San Francisco and its wonderful sourdough bread, but that's only part of the attraction for this mystery. Rebecca Schwartz is a self-described "Jewish feminist lawyer" who becomes involved in a legal tangle over a top-secret sourdough starter sample. The tangle turns into murder, and Rebecca, her law partner, and her investigative reporter boyfriend are up to their necks in the action. A good mystery with great characters!" -- Amazon reviewer

The SECOND book in Edgar-winning author Julie Smith's Rebecca Schwartz series.

"…a brisk and breezy item, which-like sourdough itself-has its own distinctive and satisfying flavor." -San Diego Union

"…an awful lot of fun, and it will make you unbearably hungry for fresh-baked bread." -San Jose Mercury-News

A tasty treat of a San Francisco mystery-a crisp, tangy story you're sure to get a rise out of.

To you, it's just a frozen lump of dough; but to some, it's life and death…

Especially to handsome Peter Martinelli, who wants to auction off the fabled sourdough starter from his family's famous bakery. But who'd buy a frozen hunk of flour and water? Only, it turns out, every bakery in San Francisco, a national food conglomerate, and an upstart ringer with a mysterious backer.

Someone would even kill for it. And does.

Enter lawyer sleuth Rebecca Schwartz, whose client is her own partner, glamorous Chris Nicholson, Martinelli's main squeeze before the ill-starred auction.

Rebecca noshes her way through the case in hilariously unorthodox style, tasting some great bread along the way, but also uncovering so many ancient jealousies, long-simmering feuds, and seething resentments that she barely escapes death by doughball.


The slapstick style, over-the-top action, and witty dialogue make Rebecca Schwartz an easy choice for fans of Janet Evanovich, Stephanie Bond, Dorothy Cannell, Elizabeth Peters, Sarah Strohmeyer, and Jennifer Crusie.

180 pages, with a 4.0-star rating from 282 reviews.

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Shadow Demon, by Judith Post. (Still free?)

"I love Ms. Post's writing! She has such an original and fresh approach. She doesn't waste time by describing in minute detail what each character is wearing or stop so the characters can have an existential crisis in the middle of the action. No, her characters are strong and real. Their actions speak for themselves and Ms. Posts confidence in her writing and her story line makes for a lively read and engrossing entertainment. Highly recommended!" -- Amazon reviewer

The sequel to WOLF'S BANE.

A cruel, Egyptian pharaoh unleashes a shadow demon on Bay City. When Reece Rutherford's magic first awakened, Hecate-a skilled witch-volunteered to mentor her. Nen senses Hecate's magic once more and comes for her. She barely escaped the evil warlock centuries ago, and she's been hiding from him ever since. This time, though, with Reece there to help her, along with Reece's soul mate, Damian-a gargoyle-and the werewolf pack of Bay City, Hecate decides to take a stand and fight. But Nen's practiced black magic for centuries. He's spilled so much blood, he ripples with power. Too much power?

213 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 5 reviews.

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Flame Moon (A Flame Moon Novel Book 1), by K.J. Jackson. (Still free?)

"This title is action packed and faced paced. You are swept up into the story, there are twists, betrayals and enough fight scenes to keep everything moving along swiftly." -- Amanda P., Paranormal Romance

The Flame Moon series is intended for mature audiences. There is violence, sexual situations, and language that isn't so polite.

Skye Walters thought waking up on the side of a river with no memory was her biggest problem. She had no idea that the man who had saved her from drowning, the man she now depended on, Aiden, was more than mere mortal. A warrior of ancient.

No memory, nowhere to go, Skye stays in the mountain town, only to discover she herself, has unexplained powers. Her life, her destiny, are soon out of her control, as are her feelings for Aiden. The deeper Skye gets sucked into Aiden's hidden world, the more the past, and who she really is, threatens her future, her love, her sanity.

250 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 285 reviews.

THE ONLY WITNESS (The Neema Mystery Series Book 1), by Pamela Beason. (Still 3.99?)

"Neema knows how to negotiate for a banana and steal your heart while doing it...a marvel of story-telling."" -- GRAND PRIZE WINNER - Chanticleer Book Reviews Blue Ribbon Contest

A missing baby. A teenage mother suspected of murder. A jaded detective whose reputation is on the line. A signing gorilla destined for the auction block. A scientist who is about to lose everything. Will the revelation that a gorilla is the only witness to the crime save or doom everyone involved?
314 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 239 reviews.

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