August 9th, by Stu Schreiber. (Still 4.99?)

"August 9th is a completely captivating, emotional, beautiful, love story which kept my heart in a continual state of suspense. Filled with wonder and hope, I clutched this story tightly until I was lost in the last few pages. In anticipation of the outcome, tears running down my cheeks, the final words struck a chord in my heart that left me speechless. This love story of the impossible becoming possible is incredibly riveting and emotional. I was glued to every word from the first to the last." -- Amazon reviewer

Imagine it's August 9th, 1969. You're Dan Brewster, an 18 year old UCLA student, with your girlfriend Maggie, in Anaheim, CA, about to witness a rock concert for the ages as Jethro Tull opens for Led Zeppelin. Near the end of Zeppelin's encore something remarkably unexpected occurs. Twice, for a few seconds each time, a girl in the row in front of you turns around and your eyes magically connect with an intense attraction and breathtaking feeling you've never felt before. No words are exchanged and you leave the arena with only her hypnotic image, firmly etched in your mind.

Months pass and, despite being in love with Maggie, you're obsessed by the ever present image of the girl from the concert. You assume what is probably infatuation, elevated by the euphoria of the evening, will pass with time. Then in March, a series of clues unexpectedly unravel that fortuitously lead you to the girl's identity.

"Have you ever locked eyes with someone and been overwhelmed by instant attraction?"

"Do you have a "what if question" that haunts you?"

August 9th breaks all preconceived ideas of how a love story should be told. Once you start reading you won't want to stop and after you finish the last page the story will continue to echo within you. You'll talk, debate and personalize August 9th because almost everyone can relate to the fundamental theme.

A first time novelist, Stu Schreiber, reveals an understanding of life and love that is extraordinary and comparisons between Nicholas Sparks' first novel, The Notebook and August 9th are inevitable.

153 pages, with a 4.7-star rating from 18 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil Mexico

82 Desire (Skip Langdon #8) (Skip Langdon Mystery) (The Skip Langdon Series), by Julie Smith. (Still 0.99?)

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"I read "Louisiana Hotshot" before I read "82 Desire" and I was pleasantly surprised to find the exotic poet/detective, Talba Wallis, introduced in this book. I thought it was just as fast-paced, thought-provoking and intriguing as all of the other books in the Skip Langdon series. Like the other books, it kept me guessing until the end. If you love New Orleans and you love quirky, unique characters, then you'll ADORE this book." -- Amazon reviewer

82 Desire is the EIGHTH book in the Edgar Award-winning Skip Langdon mystery series by Julie Smith.


At the airport, the husband says, "I'll get the car, dear. You wait with the bags." And she waits till doomsday. Turns out the car's still there. But hubby's not.

It seems Councilwoman Bebe Fortier has misplaced her equally prominent husband, United Oil VP Russell Fortier. Across town, part-time detective/poet Talba Wallis has a simple wish--to find out what Russell Fortier's disappearance has to do with her. But the private investigator who hired her to spy on Fortier can't help her out. He's lying in his office with a bullet in his chest. Reporter Jane Storey is walking down the same mean, sultry street-she's on the brink of the biggest story of her life. But she's got a bad feeling she's being played like a deck of cards by a tipster with a malevolent agenda.

Now Orleans Police Detective Skip Langdon soon senses something big starting to unfold, something a lot bigger than a missing husband. Something rooted in corruption, resulting in violence-and motivated by that old demon . . . desire.

For voracious mystery fans of writers like Nevada Barr, Sue Grafton, Laura Lippmann, Ace Atkins, Marcia Muller, Linda Barnes, and Randy Wayne White.

352 pages, with a 4.0-star rating from 64 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil Mexico

Dream in Color, Think in Black & White: How to Get Unstuck and Fulfill Your Dreams, by Jonathan Bissell. (Still 2.99?)

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"This book is a superb must-read. Dream in Color, Think in Black & White blends right and left brain thinking to create a roadmap of balance and success for every single person. Jonathan's wisdom, experience and core message of living life in color grabs and forces the reader to stop short, at whatever age they may be, and begin planning for success. I highly recommend this book!" -- Chaya Abelsky, Master Certified Coach

Admit it. You're stuck. Somewhere along the way, you had a dream that you let go of. But it hasn't let go of you. You're the reason this book was written. Because dreams matter. Dreams are powerful. And sometimes dreams just won't go away - no matter how impractical, ill-timed or financially risky they are. This is a book about getting unstuck in your life or career. It's about learning to Dream in Color and Think in Black & White. There are three parts to this book: Dreaming in Color, Thinking in Black & White, and Fulfilling Your Dreams. Each part contains practical "how to" steps and examples explaining how to get unstuck and move toward your dream. The rest is up to you. Let's get started.
99 pages, with a 5.0-star rating from 4 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil Mexico

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A Man to Die For (A Suspense/Thriller), by Eileen Dreyer. (Still free?)

"Dreyer knows how to write suspense with a dash of romance and a heaping tablespoon of sarcastic humor. Her heroines are women I admire who have fully rounded personalities and unique characteristics. The characters are odd, endearing or one's you love to hate. Keep it up, please, Eileen Dreyer!" -- Amazon reviewer

St. Louis Trauma nurse Casey McDonough thinks her life is interesting enough. Her best friend still drops acid, her ex-husband is a cross-dressing psychiatrist, and her mother has turned the third floor of the family home into the Chapel of Eternal Vigilance.

Then, things begin to really go wrong when OB/Gyn Dr. Dale Hunsacker arrives. Handsome, wealthy and charismatic, the good doctor is enchanting the patients of the St. Louis hospital. But, Cassy believes he is a serial killer. And the only person who takes her seriously, is Hunsacker himself.

Caught in a spiral of suspicion and intimidation, Casey approaches ex-Marine, ex-Jesuit homicide sergeant Jack Scanlan for help. All she has are hunches for proof, but she'll do anything to stop the monster walking the halls of her hospital.

480 pages, with a 4.4-star rating from 57 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil Mexico

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