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Blueblood (A Marty Singer Mystery), by Matthew Iden. (Still free?)

Let's start today off with a hard-boiled mystery / thriller from the pen of Matthew Iden! Get this free today and enjoy the page-turning exploits of retired homicide detective Marty Singer.

"Another great Marty Singer novel...this one twists through the alphabet soup of agencies charged with criminal investigation and ends with an unexpected turn. Marty's hunt for a group of vigilantes that are killing hoods and anyone, including cops, who get in the way of their little enterprise, brings us face to face with the challenges the law enforcement community experiences every day. We find ourselves drawn into the lives of the dead and the people who serve them in an effort to bring their killers to justice. Again, Matthew Iden brings us realistic characters with whom we can identify as we are given an insider view of the pressures, motives and outcomes of the choices they make." -- Amazon reviewer

Four unrelated murders. Nothing special in Washington DC. Not even good enough to make the evening news. But then a concerned police lieutenant approaches retired homicide detective Marty Singer with a simple fact that changes everything.

They were all cops.

In a race to stop the killings, Marty tackles the case from the outside, chasing the killer from deadly Southeast DC to the heart of the Virginia gangland, on a mission to stop the spilling of yet more Blueblood.

Blueblood is the second book in the Marty Singer mystery series.
341 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 12 reviews.

Night Marchers, by Rebecca Gober. (Still free?)

Over 40 five-star reviews for this paranormal fantasy, from the authors of "Project Elle." Free today!

"If you want likable characters, myths and legends, suspense, action, and feeling as though you are on tenterhooks at times.... This is the book for you." ~Review by Lindsay Kendal, Author of Bloodlines

"I really enjoyed reading this book and I recommend it to all who's up for something new and fun! You'll get swept up like I did." ~Review by Stacey, Sassy Book Lovers

NEVER, EVER lock eyes with a Night Marcher! Everyone in Hawaii has heard this warning, except for seventeen-year-old Emma Townsend, that is. For most Hawaiians know that looking into the eyes of Night Marcher can strike a curse that will end in death or eternal servitude.

Even though her father, who is a paranormal investigator, solely raised Emma, she has little experience in the realm of the supernatural. When she is forced to move with her father to Hawaii, only months before her graduation, Emma finds that her world as she knows it, is shaken when she starts seeing the unexplainable: fire balls in the distance, beating drums in the middle of nowhere and strangers who vanish into thin air. Then one day when she has a run in with a procession of Night Marchers, ancient Hawaiian spirits wandering from their burial grounds to their locations of battles past, Emma has no choice but to believe that the unbelievable does exist.

Now Emma must go on the run with the help of a mysterious stranger, as they seek out how to free Emma from the curse of a Night Marcher, who will stop at nothing to get her soul.

We hope you enjoy this new edition of our free book which has had more than 100,000 downloads since February 2012.

350 pages, with a 4-star rating from 85 reviews.

The Heidelberg Effect (Tempus Fugitives Trilogy), by Susan Kiernan-Lewis. (Still free?)

A time travel romance, free today!

"A fun romantic read with historical scenes from Germany. I didn't think I'd enjoy the time travel aspect but I was pleasantly surprised." -- Cindy, Amazon reviewer

Her destiny was a moment in time over 400 years ago. And a secret that would destroy her world.

Ella Stevens never knew a mother's love. Her fierce independence was the keystone of her identity--unfettered by romantic involvements or family demands--until the day she moved to Germany, and her world began to unravel. There, she discovered the terrible secret her mother died to protect. There, she stumbled onto a hidden time portal that took her to 1620 Heidelberg where the brutal realities of life were not restricted to the poor and the infirm.

Fighting to survive in a world she's ill-equipped to understand, Ella is befriended by a convent of nuns who stand in the shadow of the executioner's block of the Warlord Krüger, one of the bloodiest butchers in all Europe. With the aid of a sexy US Marshal, Ella is determined to help her new friends. Along the way, she learns that when it comes to the things that really matter--love, trust and friendship--sometimes the truth is the least important thing of all.

248 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 10 reviews.

Here's a bargain Kindle book, available for 99 cents today!
Glistening Haven: A Dystopian Thriller, by Jill Cooper. (Still $0.99?)

This highly-rated, and somewhat steamy, novel of dystopia is today's bargain book at 99 cents!

"This is a unique story. I just loved the descriptions of the characters especially the glistenings. We follow several characters in this book the Monroes, Jenna Morgan, Dirk, Wendy, and Jake. I can't stress enough how many surprises are in store for all the characters. The story flowed wonderfully and the plot, climax, and ending were astounding!" -- Amazon reviewer

"Breathtaking and mind-blowing dystopian thriller, a must-read for all Veronica Roth's fans.-- Sarah in Bookland

Susan Monroe doesn't ask for much: good grades from her children, a house with room for a pool, to be the best Tupperware party host in New Haven 56.

But inside her tranquil 1950s styled community, a monster lurks. A monster that lives inside Susan, and every one of her superficially perfect neighbors, held in check by the oppressive police state that rules over them.

Susan's happy life is torn apart when her teenage son goes missing the same night an explosion rips apart the community. Susan knows it's only a matter of time before the police start breaking down their doors.

Before the reconditioning begins and Susan's identity is lost, she must do one final thing.

Find her son.

A sexy dystopian novel, The Glistening Haven is set in the future where society's attempt for beauty and perfection nearly destroyed it. Murder, sex, duplicity and drama, join us in the world of New Haven 56.

412 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 15 reviews.

Evil Eight, Eight Tales of Horror, by Christine Dougherty. (Still free?)

A collection of scary shorts - from horror master Christine Dougherty. Free today!

"I love finding something new from Christine Dougherty. I always know that I'm going to love whatever she has come up with. I wasn't disappointed with this collection of short stories, each one brilliant in it's own right. There is no guessing the ending of each tale as Christine Dougherty puts so much originality and imagination into each story." -- Cathy Hudson, Amazon reviewer

Christine Dougherty's newest collection of short stories will have you up late into the night and then chase you down in the nightmares which are sure to follow. Zombies, Vampires, Ghosts and Human monsters alike crowd the pages of Evil Eight. Contains the best selling short story 'Stephen King'!

SECURE, Safe behind the wall.
SOUL MATES, Til death do us part. Or not.
STEPHEN KING, You don't mess with the King.
JUNKER, A father's love goes too far.
HIT, Based on actual events.
THE MUST HAVE, Christmas is gonna be a bitch.
KIDS TODAY, George Hart really likes kids.
ONE NIGHT ONLY IN THE HAUNTED WOODS, Halloween never felt so bad.

322 pages, with a 3.7-star rating from 30 reviews.

Rubeck's Raiders - the Old West Rides Again, by Van Holt. (Still free?)

In this western, a young woman seeks revenge for her murdered sister - and goes after two brothers who happen to be legendary gunslingers. Free today!

"The author has created an easy to read and entertaining Western. Interestingly, the key characters are neither all good nor all bad. The story line was thought out well and developed nicely. The writing itself was quite good. There are some editing and proofing issues, but they do not detract from the telling of a good story. In my opinion, this book well deserves 4 stars." -- Amazon reviewer

The Civil war divided the country and tore families apart. After the war, two half brothers became legendary gunfighters and cowboys in the old West--and deadly enemies.
Rubeck's Raiders, a confederate army unit, were so brutal, even their own army disowned them. When the leaders' son and paramour were killed one night, he knew it was one of his own men. A man hunt that spanned 10 years ensued.
The murdered girls' younger sister saw a face in the window that horrible night, and swore to track her sister's killer down. She hires trained killers to hunt him so she can get her revenge.
That's how both half brothers became two of the most wanted men in the old West.
Changing names and identities, moving from frontier town to frontier town, hiding out - all became a way of life, along with having to fight for their lives at almost every turn.
One half brother knew he did it. The other was blamed for it. One didn't want anything to do with the other. The other was protecting him.
They are all in one deadly pursuit to get him first.

161 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 4 reviews.

The Stone Theory: Tales of an Accidental Demon Hunter, by E.M. Marz. (Still free?)

Ah, high school. Homework, sports, rivalries, and... demons. Follow student Lucy Stone in this YA fantasy, free today!

"Lucy is a likable character, spunky and self-sufficient, without suffering from the angst of some of the older teen protagonists we see. Her counterpart Peter makes a willing sidekick happy to scrutinize the magical stone she caries and track down the portals they must use to save Mikey. Jade Stone, his sister makes a perfect villain with her mean girl attitude and penchant for torturing Lucy. Overall, the characters are solid and help move the story along." -- Katie French, Amazon reviewer

For some, the high school years are rough.

For Lucy Stone, they are hell.

A thrilling adventure that will appeal to fans of Harry Potter and Percy Jackson, THE STONE THEORY: TALES OF AN ACCIDENTAL DEMON HUNTER introduces us to the lonely daughter of the last American demon hunter who must battle the high school social class system by day and the sinister forces that kidnapped her brother by night in a story that takes place over twenty-four hours split between a sleepy, suburban town in upstate New York and an alternate dimension.

While other girls mastered make-up and majored in boys, Lucy studied the prophecy about the American boy destined to end the reign of the Dark Ones and rid the permeated Council of traitors. Believing her brother was the one, the Dark Ones took him before he could prove them right. Now he's gone and there's no prophecy about the chosen one's little sister picking up the slack.

Aided by her asthmatic cousin, the Queen Bee who has never passed on an opportunity to humiliate the genetically less fortunate, and a mysterious Australian demon hunter, Lucy sets out on an action-packed race to the envy hell dimension of Erebos where they must navigate through ice filled caverns, the Sea of Souls, and the Imperator's island kingdom to find her brother and bring him home.

Before the day is over, two broken, bloodied bodies will lie at her feet. One is the father she adores. The other is the brother she never knew. In her hands, Lucy holds the serum that could heal them. There is only enough for one.

Find out what happens when the prophecy is wrong...

166 pages, with a 4.7-star rating from 6 reviews.

The Accident at 13th and Jefferson - Book 1 Only, by Brenda J. Carlton. (Still free?)

This unique story re-tells the same accident three times, with a different person dying in the crash each time. Praised as 'compelling' and 'thought-provoking,' this novel is free today!

"The Accident at 13th and Jefferson is really three books in one that mirror the same characters all with a common theme of an accident that takes place in the beginning of each book. The idea of what difference does this one person make in the lives of their families is what defines each book. The author takes us through the after effects of the loss of a family member and how differently the remaining family members lives turn out. There were different turns of events in each of the three books that I didn't expect and I did enjoy the thought process of wondering how life would be different in each of the three stories." -- K.L. Collins, Amazon reviewer

We begin with a middle class American mother, father and fourteen year old son, add a freak accident, and then write three different novels depending upon which one is killed. How different would anyone be if this had happened instead of that?

The story opens on a peaceful summer afternoon in southeastern Pennsylvania at Josh Greenwood's fourteenth birthday party and then random tragedy strikes. Is Josh's mother, Bonnie, killed? (Book 1) or his father Tom? (Book 2) or Josh himself? (Book 3). As the survivors in each story attempt to carry on with help from a close friend and neighbor Elaine and her son Max, and interference from Bonnie's dysfunctional family, their fates and even their personalities turn out very differently. And the degrees of connection extend to Max's issues with the identity of his real father who, as it turns out, is a Presidential contender. The book ends with Book 4, only one scene, in which the original tragedy is averted. How much do we really know about anyone?

140 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 6 reviews.

ONCE UPON ANOTHER TIME, by Rosary McQuestion. (Still free?)

Lovable lawyer Aubrey McCory's dead husband is reaching out to her, in this paranormal fantasy, available free today.

"A totally absorbing feel-good book! It touches on a number of exciting concepts: everlasting love that crosses over into the afterlife, loss and sorrow, the challenge of balancing career and family life, and the warmth of friendship. The protagonist is lovable lawyer Aubrey McCory, a scatterbrained mother and widow, who still pines for her dead husband, Matt. At a dark time in her life, she suddenly begins to see Matt's ghost in different places, and other weird things happen, and she wonders why Matt is trying to contact her. Once you start you have to keep reading this enthralling book because you want Aubrey to have a happy ending." -- Geoffrey West, Amazon reviewer

A Paranormal Romance/Fantasy Novel

Six years ago, when Aubrey McCory was twenty-eight years old, her fairytale dream of living happily-ever-after ended the day her husband died. Emotionally damaged with an unhealed heart, she sometimes fantasizes about what it would be like to see her husband one last time, like in her favorite movie "Ghost" when Sam said his final goodbye to Molly. Then five days before the seventh anniversary of his death, a glitch in the universe gives Aubrey the psychic ability to hear what people are thinking. And by all accounts, she seems to also have made a psychic connection with the dearly departed - namely her deceased husband.

As fate would have it, she also meets hunky Gavin Donnelly - whom she feels might be the next Mr. Right - and her life becomes topsy-turvy.

Her hippy parents, the Abbie and Anita Hoffman of suburbia, have Aubrey questioning her sanity after they leak a secret that Aunt Millie threw herself off the Brooklyn Bridge after hearing voices. Then there's the fiasco of Aubrey trying to hold a connection with the dead when her new psychic ability doesn't come with an instruction manual or tech support. And she can't lean on her best friend, former debutante Laura Wentworth, who inhabits the heady spheres of society, without looking like a kook.

Aubrey's life was complicated enough before photos rattled off bookshelves and the sound of wind chimes played in her head. Soon she's juggling a demanding career, a six-year-old son, a freaky spiritualist, and the belief that her husband's spirit is trying to tell her something of great importance. All while she tries to reclaim her heart and not lose the next love of her life.

312 pages, with a 4.9-star rating from 8 reviews.

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