Spirit of the Road: The Life of an American Trucker...and his cat., by Rick L. Huffman. (Still 3.99?)

"A genuine good read. There are not many books these days that give you the feeling of true honesty and warmth. "Spirit of the Road" had my interest from page one. Not only did I find the author pleasant and easy to follow, he is also an excellent story teller, and presents a lot of knowledge about places he has been. I am a cat lover, so that is the reason I bought this book, but it turned out to be so much more than a book about a cat. I loved everything about this book and look forward to reading more from Rick L. Huffman." -- Amazon reviewer

Spirit of the Road: The Life of an American Trucker embarks on a one-year journey across the United States in an eighteen-wheeler. It runs the gambit from a wide-eyed rookie in Commercial Driving school to the eventual embracing of a new lifestyle at a dusty little truck stop in Crab Orchard, Tennessee.

Having made the transition to trucking after spending 20 years in television broadcasting, the author sets a comical tone from the very first chapter in a "fish-out-of-water" story. However, the dangers and challenges of life in a big truck are very real, and the book takes on a more somber tone to describe this aspect of road life. The reader is also introduced to little-known, funny, or unusual historical facts about some of the places visited while they are along for the ride. The objective of this book is to give the reader an entertaining, yet candid, picture of the life of a long haul trucker with a little slice of Americana on the side.

This book always keeps the reader in mind, and strives to both inform and entertain. Another unique feature is the inclusion of a "traveling cat" in the story. The comical and, sometimes, poignant adventures of "Kitty" are interwoven throughout the book and promises to hold appeal for pet lovers.

The trucking lifestyle has been depicted in various television series and movies and, as with any job that holds a degree of adventure and danger, it sparks the interest of the general public. The life of the American trucker still holds a bit of the rugged explorer's lifestyle. The trucker is usually far from home and uncertain what lies around the next bend. Curiosity about the unknown is an attractive feature to the general reader. Spirit of the Road: The Life of an American Trucker is a book that touches into a cornerstone of a lifestyle that few people know about, but that hides a passionate group that bears further study, namely, truck drivers.

246 pages, with a 4.3-star rating from 98 reviews.

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Deadly Coast (A Tom Dugan Novel), by R.E. McDermott. (Still free?)

"Once again, McDermott delivers everything I've come to expect from this subject matter expert and master storyteller. How can McDermott bring an original extremist terrorism story into a market crowded with the same? Trust me. He nails it, with a finely researched, briskly paced, entirely satisfying thriller. From the opening chapters, McDermott had me hooked. As a former naval officer who served on naval vessels in the region described by McDermott, I can attest to the realism and authenticity of the setting and action. Read this book. You won't be disappointed." -- Steven Konkoly, author of the best-selling Black Flagged and Perseid Collapse series.


As Tom Dugan and Alex Kairouz, his partner and best friend, struggle to ransom their ship and crew from murderous Somali pirates, things take a turn for the worse. A US Navy contracted tanker with a full load of jet fuel is also hijacked, not by garden variety pirates, but by terrorists with links to Al Qaeda, changing the playing field completely.

With a possible link between piracy and terrorism now in play, the US and British goverments order the halt of all negotiations for captive ships, and enraged pirates ratchet up the mistreatment of the captive crews. When one of their crewman is murdered in front of him on a live video feed, a frustrated Dugan takes matters into his own hands and starts his own rescue operation, only to stumble across something far more sinister -- a rogue salvage operation for a long lost weapon of mass destruction. Isolated at sea on an old tanker previously destined for the ship breakers, Dugan and his hastily assembled little force of Russian mercenaries find themselves the last line of defense between the world and a terrifying bio-weapon.

Weaving historical fact with speculative fiction, Deadly Coast takes the reader from London board rooms into the very real world of modern day pirates -- and their victims.

329 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 320 reviews.

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Machines of Easy Virtue: A Red Bourbon Mystery, by Jack Price. (Still free?)

"Snappy futuristic novella. "Machines of Easy Virtue" reads like a 1940s detective story - but set in the late 21st century. A 6'6" rich dame in a Versace suit and a veil, a down-and-out detective named Red Bourbon, robots and automation doing most of the jobs that people used to do, a mysterious murder that then multiplies to more murders...what more could you want? A well drawn protagonist and nice plotting. There are no huge surprises but this is a fun quick read with some sexy parts thrown in." -- Amazon reviewer

Sex, robots, and hot, flying lead.

In the poverty-wracked streets of late 21st-century Chicago, private detective Theodore "Red" Bourbon dodges punks and muggers, scrapes out a living tailing errant spouses, and downs an endless stream of pills to keep his head together. When wealthy heiress Elena Snowe steps into his office and tells him a domestic robot killed her father, his luck takes a turn. Lured by the promise of a fat payday, he agrees to hunt down the servant, not knowing treachery, jail, and murder are right around the corner.

In Machines of Easy Virtue, Red Bourbon faces a world where the jobs have gone to robots and the rich shed their humanity through mind-bending genetic treatments.

120 pages, with a 4.3-star rating from 6 reviews.

Life after Life: A Selection of Individual Experiences in the Beyond, by Beatrice Brunner. (Still 0.99?)

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"I recommend this book to everyone who is open to questions about the deeper sense of life and the life after earthly death. In reading through the different accounts, one senses that one is encouraged and coaxed to be attentive to one's own weaknesses and failures, and to master one's will to overcome them. A rewarding book!" -- Amazon reviewer

In this book 12 deceased human beings describe their initial experiences and encounters in the beyond. These personal accounts, transmitted through the Swiss deep trance medium Beatrice Brunner, are impressive testimonies of the continuation of life after death and provide revealing insights into the world that awaits us. Each of these accounts gives us information which goes far beyond what has been ascertained by classical thanatology.

155 pages, with a 5.0-star rating from 4 reviews.

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