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The Rand Principle, by Jack Thompson. (Still free?)

"This was such a good read for me. It had all the elements of a good action suspense book without the overdone sex and gore but the author wrote so vividly and spun the story in such an interesting and clever manner, it was a real page turner. It did certainly have romance and 'OMG what's going to happen next' kind of action and was written in an extremely real manner. The characters had substance and definitely came alive as the story progessed. I wish it was longer..I didn't want it to end. I'm off to find another book by Jack Thompson!" -- Amazon reviewer

It's open season on Leeland Rand when his own government targets him for elimination. Is he a deadly killer, or a pawn in a game of cat and mouse? Or both?

A mysterious stranger warns Rand to run or die, but where do you go when you are public enemy number one? Will Rand uncover whoever has targeted him for termination before the U.S. Marshal Service's best tracker can find and kill him?

Think Jason Bourne and The Fugitive, and enjoy this political thriller. Great characters and interaction.

134 pages, with a 4.9-star rating from 8 reviews.

Unstable Release, by Scott Baxter. (Still free?)

"I enjoyed it, with an easy to read prose style and fast paced story that keeps the reader interested right until the end. I particularly liked the strong female characters. Some of the ideas in the book were original, if not rather strange. Many books at this price are too short. Not the case with this book which was substantial. If you come away from reading a book with favourite scenes and characters, then the author must have done something right. Not a great work of literature, but a fun read." -- Heidi Thorpe, Amazon reviewer

The future is bleak as Magenta hides herself in the back streets and subcultures of the city. She regrets the day she ever met the flamboyant Claudio Rubini. The enigmatic Italian promised her a dream job. Working on a new government computer system that would change everything. Quickly she discovers Rubini has nothing to offer but lies and deception. A discovery that comes tragically too late. Any hope of resuming her old life is gone as she is forced into hiding. Her mind, and sense of self, changed beyond recognition.

And then the game changes again. Magenta's old friend and teacher, Hans Polzer, an expert in computing antiquities travels to Amsterdam. There he presents his discovery: The long lost works of computer programmer and political radical George Doran. The committee fails to authenticate the discovery. But Hans and his work attracts the interest of the corporate strong man Kaufman who believes Doran is still alive. Now Hans is the key that Kaufman needs to find Doran.

Magenta must risk what little she has left to help Hans find and warn Doran of the danger. With Kaufman and Rubini working in league they are determined to get what Doran has kept secret for so many years. Everything is at stake. If Doran is taken out, so too will be the last defence again Kaufman's acquisition of an all corrupting power over a society weakened to his cruel will.

411 pages, with a 4-star rating from 2 reviews.

AMAZING MALLIKA Anger Management Children's Picture Book (Fully Illustrated Version), by Jami Parkison. (Still free?)

"The illustrations in this book are complex, eye catching, filled with detail, and beautiful. I particularly like the end of the book where they have a "poster" discussing many of the places and animals mentioned in the book." -- Amazon reviewer

Picture Book for reading with the younger child - ages 3-6

This version of AMAZING MALLIKA includes all the luminous illustrations just waiting to enchant children of any age, and especially the read-to set.

If the text-only version is better for your needs, then please click on AMAZING MALLIKA in the Text-Only Version for the serious young reader - ages 6-9.

Happy reading in either Version.


Journey to India and discover ways to control a hot temper.

MALLIKA is a tiger with a temper. Her short fuse is ignited first by her infuriating brother Ben and then by a mischievous band of jeering monkeys. Short-tempered Mallika even manages to get mad at herself!

It takes Mallika a while to figure out that being angry is no fun and that a tantrum doesn't make things better.

India's Ranthambhore National Park is the scene of Jami Parkison's powerful story about managing anger. Once the private hunting grounds of maharajahs, Ranthambhore is now a wildlife sanctuary and home to the magnificent Bengal tiger. Under ancient banyan trees and among ruins of palaces and pavilions, this now endangered species rules the landscape. Ranthambhore is home to a host of exotic species, including leaping sambar deer, the regal peacock, the imposing tree-pie bird, and the revered langur monkey. Artist Itoko Maeno captures the mystery and excitement of Mallika's world in compelling watercolor illustrations.

So journey to India and Mallika's world and meet an amazing little tiger who learns amazing ways to control her hot temper.

A SURPRISE and added bonus is the "Enrichment Information" which includes lots of facts about India, India's People, the Ranthambhore National Park, the Peacock, the Sambar, the Banyan Tree, the Cicada, the Tree-Pie, the Langur Monkeys, and best of all the Bengal Tiger. This is fascinating detail that did not make it into the story itself, but is very rich in interesting description.

A second big plus is the "Letter to Parents and Educators" which includes many relevant questions and comments to facilitate conversation with young readers about the message of the story...learning to manage and control anger and temper tantrums. So even though on the surface this is just an engaging story for children, it is also truly helpful in a real way.


If you are tired of bullying, teasing, youth violence, gangs, vandalism, drug abuse, sexual misconduct…

If you are tired of the crisis with our older youth…

If you want to help make a difference one tiny step at a time…

Then this is the eBook for your children ages 3-9.

Read WITH your children and grandchildren, discuss the concept and message…

and know that you are part of the movement sweeping America to bring back our important values by restoring character education in our homes and schools.

24 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 10 reviews.

Here's a bargain Kindle book, available for 99 cents today!
Creepy 3: A Collection of Scary Stories (Creepy Series), by Jay Krow. (Still $0.99?)

Give yourself some chills with this collection of spooky short stories from some great writers! At $0.99, it's today's bargain book!

"Do you enjoy reading ghost stories? Well if you do then this is the book for you! All the stories were a wonderful read! There was maybe about two or three that really creeped me out. This book has short stories and true stories that will have you turning the pages and staying up too late. The cover is gorgeous and I love the color purple." -- Autumn, Amazon reviewer

The Creepy series is a one of a kind combination of true supernatural occurances, mixed with a variety of supernatural short stories! Creepy 3 is a frightening collection of ghost stories from around the world and supernatural short stories from Jeff Bennington and Top-10 UK author, Katie M. John.

True Ghost story contributors include, Ruth Barrett, Jay Krow, Micheal Rivers, Crysta Lynn, Kitten Jackson, Zack Kullis, Leigh Statham and many more!!!

***You can now enjoy ALL of Jeff's books this holiday season for ONLY 99 cents

The Astora Haunting** Jeff Bennington
A Moment in the Twilight Zone Misty Talamantes
The Ghost Dressed in Plaid M. Jones
The Smirking Ghost Sekarmelati
Hard to Say Goodbye Micheal Rivers
Witchcraft, White Magic, and the Ouija Board Skylar Phoenix
Shadows Crawling on My Legs Skylar Phoenix
The Wishing Well Witch** Katie M. John
The Watcher in the Yard Ruth Barrett
A Dead Boy Staring Crysta Lynn
Dark House Jay Krow
The Ghost Who Wanted Ice Cream Stephani Yohn
The Curse of the Hairy Spider Stephani Yohn
The House on Champlain Kerri Commanda
Spirits That Haunted Me Kitten Jackson
Spirits That Haunted Me: Part II Kitten Jackson
Spirits That Haunted Me: Part III Kitten Jackson
Uncle Carmen, the Friendly Ghost Toni Rankin
A Gray Figure in the Kitchen JR Tschopp
Have You Ever Seen a Ghost? L K Jay
Taken Over or Possession? Zack Kullis
Demon Concert Leigh Statham

If you haven't read the original Creepy yet, you'll definitely want to check out the book that started it all, and Creepy 2.

***If you like ghost stories you'll love REUNION, an Amazon bestselling ghost story that takes place twenty years after a school shooting, with a twist that willl kick your... well you get the idea.

**** Be sure to check out TWISTED VENGEANCE, another top-rated supernatural thriller.

You can follow Jeff on Twitter @TweetTheBook and his blog, The Writing Bomb. Write a review and then look him up online. He'd love to hear from you!

5-star rating from 2 reviews.

Hired by the Cowboy, by Donna Alward. (Still free?)

"Alexis Grayson gives new meaning to the word stubborn. Used to relying on no one but herself, she has a hard time lowering her defenses enough to let Conner take care of her. I found her capitulation sweet and happily cheered both characters on from the sidelines. For a debut Harlequin release, HIRED BY THE COWBOY by Donna Alward is a good read. The characters are realistic - including the interfering, but well meaning, grandmother. Lovers of Harlequin Romances will really enjoy this book. I know I did. " -- Romance Junkies, Amazon reviewer

Wanted: one contract bride!

Alexis Grayson is good at looking after herself-she's been doing it all her life. So what if she's alone and pregnant? She'll cope! But gorgeous cowboy Connor Madsen seems determined to take care of her. And Alexis can help him-he needs a temporary wife; she needs somewhere to live until the baby's born. A short-term marriage will solve all their difficulties!

As Alexis gets to know the courageous, honorable Connor, she realizes that she might have made the biggest mistake of her life. Because all this wife-for-hire wants is a marriage for real!
177 pages, with a 4.3-star rating from 356 reviews.

JET (JET #1), by Russell Blake. (Still free?)

"A sadistically good writer." - The Kindle Book Review

"Russell Blake writes with a brisk intensity and pulse-pounding power. Jump in and hang on for a nonstop thrill ride." - Scott Nicholson, Liquid Fear

"Blake at his best!" - Steven Konkoly, Black Flagged Redux, Black Flagged, The Jakarta Pandemic

"I feel like I've found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow with this author. Being a newbie to the Russell Blake world of writing, Jet was a tremendous way to start reading not only the beginning of what will be a Jet series but a beginning to reading his entire collection of books." -- Trish Gentry, Amazon reviewer

Code name: Jet

Twenty-eight-year-old Jet was once the Mossad's most lethal operative before faking her own death and burying that identity forever.

But the past doesn't give up on its secrets easily.

When her new life on a tranquil island is shattered by a brutal attack, Jet must return to a clandestine existence of savagery and deception to save herself and those she loves. A gritty, unflinching roller-coaster of high-stakes twists and shocking turns, JET features a new breed of protagonist that breaks the mold.

Fans of Lisbeth Salander, SALT, and the Bourne trilogy will find themselves carried along at Lamborghini speed to a conclusion as jarring and surprising as the story's heroine is unconventional.

+ + +

Q & A w/ Russell Blake

Q: How would you describe JET?

Russell: The elevator pitch' Kill Bill meets Bourne. The longer version would be that JET follows the saga of a young woman who thought she had left a brutal covert life behind her, but finds herself having to go back into that world when she is attacked by enemies from her past.

Q: How does JET differ from your other novels?

R: I've never written anything nearly as lightning-paced. It's completely and joyously over the top in the way a Bond film is. I wanted this to read like being in a scarab, slamming through the waves at ninety miles per hour - a rush that just doesn't stop. I'm really happy with the way it turned out, and I'd say that fans of my Assassin series will find that this moves even faster, if that's possible. But having said that, what's weird about JET is that even though it's brimming with action, the use of language and artful description was a priority for me, and I think I struck a balance that's unusual and evocative. Whatever it is, it seems to work,

Q: JET's character is different than the other female protagonists you've written. What inspired her?

R: I got this idea when I was writing Silver Justice for a total kick-ass, take-no-prisoners, over the top female operative - sort of a female Jack Bauer crossed with James Bond, but way more deadly. From that idea came the seeds of an incredible story with more twists and surprises than I've ever tried for. But it also has a different sensibility. If there's such a thing as literary fiction action thrillers, I guess this might be it.

Q: Why the Mossad?

R: I wanted something that was exotic and had the reputation as highly effective, but wanted to avoid the usual CIA or KGB operative. And she's way too no-nonsense for MI6. That didn't leave a lot of choices. So the Mossad it was. I'd written an ex-Mossad operative once before in The Voynich Cypher & I think I sort of automatically leaned in that direction, and before I knew it the book was written.

Q: Your work has been described as cinematic. Why?

R: That's how I think. I see each episode or scene in my head, and then I write what I see. I try to provide enough depth so the reader is with me, but not so much that page flipping to get to the next good part is required. But I see each chapter as a scene - it's just how my brain works. I'm a creation of a modern world, raised on images and films, so I think that naturally affects my storytelling. Certainly the JET books are. Mission Impossible comes to mind.

Q: You mention Kill Bill and Bourne. How is this similar?

R: I loved Tarantino's take because it was so completely overblown in every way. Deliberately so. I wanted JET to read like that film played, but with a story more like Bourne. The idea of a female operative grappling with her past just captivated my imagination. You'll see why. It's one of my faves.

228 pages, with a 4.4-star rating from 143 reviews.


"The pace was just right. The chemistry was great. All in all a good romantic read. The kind that will get the smile on your face while reading." -- Mint, Amazon reviewer

LUKE GALLOWAY doesn't lie. Well, not normally. And never about anything as serious as death. But, somehow Luke's friend and business partner, Sam Paris, convinces Luke that he needs to do just that. Sam believes the only way his daughter will come back to see him is if he were dying. And so the lies begin . . .

RUSTY PARIS has been alone most of her life. Her parents were divorced when she was very young. Rusty was pushed off to boarding schools, while her mother made a hobby of marrying rich men. She doesn't remember much about her father, only that he never made an attempt to be a part of her life for the past twenty-one years. But all that is about to change. When she gets word he is dying, she runs home to be by his side, which puts in right in the path of that scoundrel Luke Galloway.

Luke has no room in his life for rich heiresses. Been there. Done that. From the first time Luke and Rusty meet, they clash. She considers him nothing more than a lowly ranch hand who enjoys riling her temper. He considers her arrogant and prissy. But that doesn't mean he can fight his attraction to her, nor hers to him. And when they find out they've both been duped by Rusty's father the sparks really start to fly.

243 pages, with a 3.9-star rating from 273 reviews.

Heaven Preserve Us: A Home Crafting Mystery (A Home Crafting Mystery), by Cricket McRae. (Still free?)

"Sophie Mae is a confident woman with an appetite for mystery and Heaven Preserve Us is a good one. The characters are engaging, the story intriguing, and the book a pleasure to read." -- Mysterious Reviews

"McRae writes about characters that we really care about, and her plot is thoroughly credible. Sophie Mae and her friends deserve many more adventures." -- Booklist

"Nicely paced without any time wasted, Heaven Preserve Us does a fine job of leading the readers through the investigation with no false starts or cheap side trips...solid and entertaining." -- Reviewing the Evidence

Thirty-something crafter extraordinaire Sophie Mae Reynolds makes preserves by day and answers a crisis center help referral line by night. What better way to help people while still keeping a low profile' But on her very first night, she gets a call from a man who is threatening suicide . . . and her. Angrily deeming the caller a crank, her boss, Philip Heaven, disconnects the line. Days later, Philip dies from a nasty case of botulism. Now, as a stalker singles out Sophie Mae, Philip's eerie last words keep coming back to haunt her: Threat. Meant it. Stirring up the town with talk of murder by preserves, can Sophie Mae and her handsome boyfriend Detective Barr Ambrose spoil a mad murderer's poisonous plans'

This dangerously delicious second book in the Home Crafting Mystery series also includes recipes for preserves and beauty products!

299 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 20 reviews.

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Beyond the Waters of the World (Looking Through Lace), by Ruth NestvoldOn the planet Kailazh, the challenges confronting the Allied Interstellar Community first contact team far exceed the norm. Yet if dealing with an alien culture is inevitably problematic for explorers...
Tales from a Spacious Place, by Elizabeth FrerichsWhat if God took you through the looking glass' What if, in a single step, you could cross from everyday reality into something entirely different'
A wrought iron door leads to a well-stocked cel...
Tested by Fire: He Sought Revenge - He Found Life (Suspense Thriller), by Pat PattersonParamedic Jim Stockbridge doesn't need God, he's a fighter, and as far as he's concerned the world is his toy. But when he responds to an EMS call in the ghetto and finds his best friend brutall...
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