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The Seeds Of A Daisy: The Lily Lockwood Series: Book One (Women's Fiction), by Alison Caiola. (Still free?)

"The story of a young woman dealing with emotional turmoil following her mother's devastating accident. It's full of raw emotion and high drama, set against the backdrop of Hollywood. Let's just say I devoured this one. I started reading during lunch and finished by mid-afternoon. Caiola's conversational style and flair for drama make this a suspenseful and absorbing read. I got so absorbed in the drama and the characters that I couldn't put it down. Entertaining, gripping, and tear-jerking, it's easy to get lost in." -- ZIGZAG Timeline

The Lily Lockwood Series: Book One

Sarah Jessica Parker has said about this book: "What a great story!"

From the outside looking in, Lily Lockwood-popular star of the hit TV show "St. Joes"-seems to have it all. She has recently been nominated for an Emmy and her star is on the rise. Lily shares her beachfront Malibu home with her gorgeous actor-boyfriend Jamie. A perfect movie star romance and love story? Not so fast. Within a microcosmically short period of time, the whole thing falls apart when she learns that this boyfriend, on location shooting a Western, is riding horses all day and his curvy co-star all night. Lily is heartbroken, but before she can catch her breath she gets words that her mother, Daisy Lockwood-beloved author of women's fiction beach reads and whose newest books are both New York Times bestsellers-has had a near-fatal car crash and is in intensive care in New York. Lily is devastated since the two have a bond that is closer than any mother daughter friendship could be. Lily flies from Los Angeles to be with Daisy. Once there, she must make critical life-and-death decisions. While sorting through her mother's papers, Lily makes a shocking discovery about her mother that threatens to shake Lily's very foundation. This sets Lily on a journey as she seeks to unlock the riddle of her mother's past. More than a medical drama fiction, this award-winning tear-jerker, chock full of funny moments, suspense and mystery will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Lily Lockwood Series: Book Two The Silver Cord is now available on

260 pages, with a 4.7-star rating from 116 reviews.

This Is A Time Machine, by K. Enola. (Still 2.99?)

"I'd never considered ones life as being a time machine, but after reading this book, now I think it couldn't be anything else. The story focuses on a young man as he sees death barreling straight at him. His life's story, leading up to the tragic situation he finds himself in, is written for us to read as his life passes before his eyes. It begins with his childhood and covers all the aspects of his life which form him as a man, thus leading up to the current situation he finds himself in. The book is entertaining and I thoroughly enjoyed the story." -- Amazon reviewer

'I am dying, in a few seconds they will find my corpse splattered on the pavement, the Santa clause suit soaked in my blood and a dumb look on my face. I am dying; if the revolver pointing at my head fails then the fall will do the trick, so I guess I've got options haha. I am dying, and all I can see is a little boy waving a finger at me, disappointed, pouting, wishing he never had to grow up to become me. I am dying and... holy shit, I am dying. I am dying.'

In his final moments, a mentally unstable New Yorker attempts to save himself by altering the memories that are flashing by before his eyes, hoping to change his past and avoid his imminent demise.

175 pages, with a 4.8-star rating from 4 reviews.

Power, Control, Conformance, by A.J. Aaron. (Still 0.99?)

"An exciting fast paced thriller! I couldn't put it down! It starts out when Peter the President of Roland Vandergraft's company dies of a sudden brain aneurism. Sedric is now promoted from Vice President to President and his wild ride is just beginning. Exciting to the very end and I hope to see more of characters in the future." -- Amazon reviewer

Psychopath + Empath = World Domination?

When Roland Vandergrift, a psychopath with a PhD in Neuro-physiology and Psychiatry wants something, he always gets it. Or does he. Will Sedric Jace, a high degree empath with a PhD in Physics, become like his psychopathic boss and mentor, Roland Vandergrift? Will Sedric be lured into the world of power, control, and conformance and help Roland achieve world domination?

Enter a world of big business where Lean Transformations have enabled massive reductions in work forces and closing of manufacturing plants. A world where the women are turned into stepford wives through the use of pharmaceuticals that affect their DNA to keep them subservient and devoted to men. A world where secrets are shared amongst a few privileged elite, in a special club where secrecy violations are met with the penalty of death.

If a high degree empath can hear others' thoughts, experience their feelings, and heal others, can a cold and calculating psychopath be the other end of the scale and capable of causing death purely through intention?

It is known that one in every 25 people is a psychopath. That doesn't mean they are killers and many make excellent CEO's, commanders, and leaders. They learn to fit in well and present some of the emotions of normal people without becoming emotionally involved with decisions. However, to them, other people are still no more than objects moving through space.

Empaths are less well known since they never cause harm and fit well into society as caring and empathetic persons. Some intuit others' feelings, while high degree empaths can even read minds and heal.

Can empaths be turned into psychopaths and use their powers for killing instead of healing?

What could possibly replace power, control, and conformance in this world? Can these three methods, used for centuries by governments, the military, and religions to amass wealth, create empires, and shape society, be replaced, or should they simply be accepted since that is how the world works.

Join Doctor Sedric Jace in his quest for answers.

244 pages, with a 4.7-star rating from 15 reviews.

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MURDER TO GO (Food Truck Mysteries Book 1), by Chloe Kendrick. (Still free?)

"Quick, humor mixed with some points where our female protagonist is scared out of her shoes and socks. 12 chapters crammed with a delightfully written mystery, police detective that is handsomely described, and if you think I'm telling whodunit......joke is on you. Read the book. It won't take long and you'll love it too." -- Amazon reviewer

Maeve Kinkaid expects a few speed bumps when she inherits a food truck from her aunt; instead, she gets a detour through some deadly hairpin turns in this fast-paced thriller.

Despite the sudden loss of her aunt, Maeve Kinkaid is thrilled when she inherits the popular food truck Dogs on the Roll. She has no idea how cutthroat the food industry can be.

She meets a Basque chef whose interest in her is overshadowed by his desire to possess the food truck, which he insists Maeve's aunt promised to leave to him.

And when the owner of a rival food truck is decapitated and served up like a gruesome new dish, Maeve becomes embroiled in a mystery that may cost her the food truck, the chef, and her life.

149 pages, with a 4.1-star rating from 248 reviews.

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