Intrusion: WWII, two boys, a fateful rivalry (A Relative Invasion Book 1), by Rosalind Minett. (Still 0.99?)

"Author Minett deftly creates a razor-sharp sense of wartime England while depicting Billy's point of view with illuminating psychological depth. For this American, the author introduces an aspect of WWII of which I had previously been unaware: the evacuation of women and children from cities to villages during the bombings, and so well drawn are these scenes it was almost like watching a film. I'm definitely looking forward to the next two books in this trilogy about Billy, Kenneth and their lives during wartime England." -- Amazon Reviewer

"A powerful and compelling narrative with strong and relatable characters. (It) offers an evocative portrayal of England's war-time home front," Harper Collins.

Readers of John Boyne, Michael Frayn, Mark Haddon and Michelle Magorian, should love this story of wartime seen from the point of view of a young boy.

1937, South London. There's threat of war in Europe and Billy's begins when he meets his cousin, Kenneth. Idolized Kenneth is a devious psychological bully. He has the same emotions that brought Hitler to power - envy of strength, and desire for new territory. His invasion begins.
Billy resorts to imagining he owns the precious Cossack sabre he's secretly seen. This icon sustains him through bullying, evacuation, hardships and eventually, the dreadful reality of war. When he later learns its story, he is riveted. But could the sabre become a threat to his future?

"...thoroughly enjoyed this book. Impeccably researched . . ." Historical Novel society.

"Every character in the novel comes to life under Minett's insightful prose, but Billy takes a special place in the reader's heart as he endeavors to make sense of the terrible things that have begun happening to him." Casee Clow, USA

262 pages, with a 4.7-star rating from 22 reviews.

Witchy Woman (Book 2, The Necromancer): Psychic Suspense, by Pamela M. Richter. (Still 0.99?)

"Suspense! Can't put it down! Ms. Richter is a master of suspense. I love the "magic", how the witchy woman sees premonitions of what will happen. Plus the magical jewel, which takes off from the mystic around the (never named) Hope Diamond, and gives the tale a whole new twist. Plus the glittering heroines and mysterious magical cat. However, the horrendous evil villain has no decency, beware! " -- Amazon Reviewer

WITCHY WOMAN (Book 2 of The Necromancer)

Omar is free, out of prison, on parole in Hawaii.
Michelle knows she's in danger, but never believed he would strike again so fast. This time Omar takes control of her and they disappear. It's up to Heather, Michelle's best friend, Rod, her true love, and Vincent Middleton, a professor of the occult, to find her. When they do,will they be able to fight Omar's strange psychic abilities, or will they, too,become his victims?
This story features Abigaile's long dead spirit, trapped within a gorgeous and enormous old haunted diamond..
Lucifer, the cat who has become Michelle's 'familiar,' is instrumental in the scary events which enfold.

This is a novel of psychic suspense, the supernatural, witches and wizards - dark magic, and generally things that go bump in the night.

(Also included is a excerpt from The Necromancer.)

236 pages, with a 5-star rating from 4 reviews.

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Back Story: A Reed Ferguson Mystery (A Private Investigator Mystery Series - Crime Suspense Thriller Book 10), by Renee Pawlish. (Still free?)

"I enjoy reading the Reed Ferguson series of books by Renee Pawlish. The latest one, "Back Story" did not disappoint me. It went back and forth in time which deviated from the author's normal way of writing. That gave me pause because many times it is difficult to keep track of the characters and the story development. It didn't happen in the least; it was very easy to follow. " -- Amazon Reviewer

Voted #1 Best Indie Book of 2015 by!

Amazon #1 Bestselling Author - over 1 million books in circulation.

The past and the present collide with stunning results in the latest Reed Ferguson mystery.

Potential client Brad Webb asks Denver private investigator Reed Ferguson to look into the decades-old murder of Brad's grandfather, Dewey Webb. Dewey was a Denver-based private detective who died mysteriously in 1955, and although Reed is intrigued, he doesn't see much promise in solving the case. After all, the police didn't find Dewey's killer at the time, and seventy years have passed, leaving a cold trail. However, Reed accepts the case, and as he is drawn back into both the underworld and the elite society of 1950s Denver, he realizes that Dewey had discovered secrets that someone still wants to keep hidden today, even if it means resorting to murder. Can Reed piece together old and new clues to find the killer, or will the past come back to harm him?

Great for fans who love a fast-paced, humorous read, without a lot of swearing or sex.

More Great Reviews of this private investigator series:

Kirkus Reviews:

The promising kickoff to Pawlish's comic mystery series, starring far-from-perfect detective Reed Ferguson. Pawlish earns high marks for plot construction, with twists and turns naturally unfolding as Ferguson, inexperienced but not incapable, feels his way through the case. A good-humored mystery series worth following.

5 star review:

Oh how I've missed the Sam Spade and Philip Marlowe characters that saw me with a flashlight in the dead of night flipping pages to see what happened next. Thank you Ms. Pawlish for bringing back to life this long-lost art of the detective battling against all odds and getting to the bottom of things.

Maureen with zencherry book reviews

The Reed Ferguson mystery series:

• Book 1: This Doesn't Happen In The Movies

• Book 2: Reel Estate Rip-off

• Book 3: The Maltese Felon

• Book 4: Farewell, My Deuce

• Book 5: Out Of The Past

• Book 6: Torch Scene

• Book 7: The Lady Who Sang High

• Book 8: Sweet Smell Of Sucrets

• Book 9: The Third Fan

• Book 10: Back Story

• Book 11: Night of the Hunted

• Book 12: The Postman Always Brings Dice

• Book 13: Road Blocked

• Walk Softly, Danger (Kindle Worlds Novella)

• short story: Elvis And The Sports Card Cheat

Private Investigator Mystery Series Categories:

- Mystery Series

- Private Investigator Series

- Traditional Detective

- Crime Thrillers

- Crime Series

- Private Detective Novels

- pulp

- humor, fun

- comedy

- amateur sleuths

251 pages, with a 4.7-star rating from 145 reviews.

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XGeneration 1: You Don't Know Me (XGeneration Series), by Brad Magnarella. (Still free?)

"This book has all the necessary elements of a first-class page turner: wonderful characters, simply great story, excellent writing, heart-pounding suspense, and a beautiful blend of hope, striving, pain, and pathos that the truly great books always have. On to book two!!! " -- Amazon Reviewer

XGeneration 2: The Watchers is on sale for .99 for a limited time (save $3). Or read XGeneration 1 to learn how to get a free copy!

In the fall of 1984, Cold War tensions between Washington and Moscow are close to breaking.

But in sleepy Gainesville, Florida, fourteen-year-old Janis Graystone is mainly worried about starting high school, earning a spot on the varsity soccer team, and keeping her older sister from running her life. And then there are her paranormal experiences. Experiences where she awakens in her backyard - out of her body - with the disturbing sense that someone is watching her.

For Scott Spruel, the start of high school means the chance to start over. And he's willing to ditch everything - computer hacking, Dungeons & Dragons marathons, even his comic book collection (well, except for his X-Men) - if it means getting closer to Janis, the secret love of his life. But what about the eavesdropper on his telephone line, a presence he senses through powers he is only beginning to understand?

As clocks tick down, Janis and Scott will need the other's help. But first they'll have to find one another and that means traversing Thirteenth Street High's caste system … a system that can be as brutal as it is unforgiving.

XGeneration is a teen paranormal thriller series, inspired by classic superhero comics and the 1980s.

Rated 14+ for language and some violence

Book 1: You Don't Know Me
Book 2: The Watchers
Book 3: Silent Generation
Book 4: Pressure Drop
Book 5: Cry Little Sister
Book 6: Greatest Good
Book 7: Dead Hand *finale*

289 pages, with a 4.3-star rating from 58 reviews.

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