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Matchbox Girls (Senyaza Series Book 1), by Chrysoula Tzavelas. (Still free?)

"First, let me say that this is an AWESOME read! It stands out as a finely crafted urban fantasy that's very definitely not your typical fare. A very well-told story that unfolds organically, this is one of those books that draws you in from the first frantic phone call and keeps you riveted until the very end. The story is smart and thoughtful. The world building and metaphysics behind it are amazingly solid... The characters are captivating -- characters that are interesting, believable and, at the same time, totally compelling. All in all, a great start to a very promising new series!" -- Amazon Reviewer

For a thousand years, the half-breed nephilim have kept the angels and Fallen from meddling in the world. And the angels would do anything to change that. Destroy cities. Turn oceans to blood. Raise the dead. Sacrificing two powerful little girls should be easy.

Except... the two little girls are protected by one mortal woman.

Haunted by visions of catastrophe and crippling anxiety attacks, Marley Claviger has never heard of any celestial cold war. But when the twin daughters of a friend come to her for help, she will do whatever it takes to save them. Even if it means working with Fallen, discovering the nephilim, and facing the source of her power.

324 pages, with a 4.3-star rating from 30 reviews.

Whill of Agora: Epic Fantasy Bundle (Books 1-4): (Whill of Agora, A Quest of Kings, A Song of Swords, A Crown of War) (Legends of Agora), by Michael James Ploof. (Still 0.99?)

"Whill of Agora has everything you want in a fantasy series, great writing, believable, likeable characters, and a decent story line that keeps you wanting more. Roakore is hilarious as the Dwarf, and the struggle that Whill endures is truly epic. The writing was exceptional. Overall I enjoyed the fact that the story didn't get bogged down in too many fight scenes (but there are certainly enough for a fantasy series) and the author had a lot of good story arcs that he actually followed through on. Great Read, and well worth it." -- Amazon Reviewer

This USA Today Bestselling epic fantasy bundle contains Books 1-4 of the Whill of Agora saga. Over 1,900 pages and 464,000 words! Individually, the four books in this series have over 360 5 star reviews on Amazon.

Every so often, an epic adventure emerges that makes the blood surge, the spine tingle, and the heart smile page after exhilarating page. Such is Whill of Agora, Michael James Ploof's action-packed fantasy that visits strange new lands as it unveils how one exceptional young man named Whill makes full use of fierce wits, superior skills, and relentless will to help defend the land of Agora from the monstrous Draggard. With plenty of drama and action packed battle scenes, Whill of Agora will enthrall anyone on the quest for great adventure, good times, and an infectiously optimistic outlook on even the darkest and most dangerous of days.

It is the year 5170 in the land Agora, where humans, dwarves, and elves have existed in peace for centuries. Now, however, the human King Addakon has invaded and waged war on neighboring Isladon. The once peaceful Kingdoms of Agora are on the brink of continental war. The Dark Elf Eadon, and his army of Dragon-Elf crossbreeds, the Draggard, threaten to conquer all kingdoms.

Enter young Whill, a nineteen-year-old ranger with battle savvy and untapped abilities. Having spent years roaming Agora and training with his mentor Abram, Whill has become a bright intellectual and a master of combat. What he seeks most, however, is the identity of his birth parents. Instead, he finds a tumultuous terrain and a prophecy placing him in the center of the struggle.

Along the way, Whill encounters an equally inspired group of companions that are matched in skill and mission. These include Rhunis the Dragon Slayer, the young Tarren, the fearless Dwarf Roakore, the beguiling warrior Elf Avriel, and the powerful Zerafin. As Whill joins forces, he forges bonds far mightier than their escalating travails. With high adventure and fierce friendship, Whill of Agora will capture your imagination and grip your heart during every super-charged escapade that Agora's bold and grinning brotherhood embraces.

Whill of Agora features a complete map of Agora so that you can easily maneuver through the wilds and bustling cities alike. Click the "Look inside" feature to view map.

With its rich history, 'page turner' pacing, unique magic system and majestic lands, the Whill of Agora series immerses the reader in a beautiful and believable world wrought with danger, war, manipulation, and mayhem.

Influenced by the works of Robert Jordan, George R.R. Martin, R. A.Salvator and Tolkien, Whill of Agora is a classic coming of age fantasy tale of magic, mayhem, friendship and war.

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Legends of Agora Books

Whill of Agora
A Quest of Kings
A Song of Swords
A Crown of War
Sea Queen
Blackthorn Rising - Spring 2015
Whill of Agora book 5 - Summer 2015

pages, with a 4.4-star rating from 112 reviews.

Fracture (The Machinists Book 1), by Craig Andrews. (Still 0.99?)

"There are few books that capture your attention right from the start. This is one of those books. From the first chapter right up until the end, the characters and the story were interesting and engaging. You WANTED to know what was going to happen. For me the best part of reading this book was the imagery. I could imagine the characters, the scenes, and the activities with ease; that made the story much more enjoyable - I felt like I was part of it all. Definitely a solid read. And I look forward to the next installment of the series." -- Amazon Reviewer

Allyn Kaplan's life is anything but magical. As a first year associate at a prestigious Portland law firm, his professional life is on the rise. All that is turned upside-down by a mysterious attack on his life by strange people with stranger abilities. Thrust into an underground world of magic where rival Families are on the brink of war, Allyn wants only to return to his normal life and thriving career.

But distancing himself from this new reality is nearly impossible. Haunted by the attack and questioning why he was targeted to begin with, Allyn's questions only deepen with the sudden disappearance of his sister. The only place to turn for answers, and for help, is a Magi Family whose agenda he wants no part of. Yet with his sister's life on the line, he may have no choice but to pick a side.

321 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 26 reviews.

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Balanced on the Blade's Edge (Dragon Blood Book 1), by Lindsay Buroker. (Still free?)

"This book kept me engaged and not wanting to do anything but read it. The characters were nicely developed, the airships intriguing and the idea of differing technologies being utilized by different groups in different ways was fun." -- Amazon Reviewer

Colonel Ridge Zirkander isn't the model of military professionalism-he has a tendency to say exactly what's on his mind, and his record has enough demerits to wallpaper the hull of an airship-but as the best fighter pilot in the Iskandian army, he's used to a little leniency from his superiors. Until he punches the wrong diplomat in the nose and finds himself issued new orders: take command of a remote prison mine in the inhospitable Ice Blades Mountains. Ridge has never been in charge of anything larger than a flier squadron-what's he supposed to do with a frozen fortress full of murderers and rapists? Not to mention the strange woman who shows up right before he arrives…

Sardelle Terushan wakes from three hundred years in a mage stasis shelter, only to realize that she is the last of the Referatu, the sorcerers who once helped protect Iskandia from conquerors. Their subterranean mountain community was blown up in a treacherous sneak attack by soldiers who feared their power. Everyone Sardelle ever knew is dead, and the sentient soulblade she has been bonded to since her youth is buried in the core of the mountain. Further, what remains of her home has been infested by bloodthirsty miners commanded by the descendants of the very soldiers who destroyed her people.

Sardelle needs help to reach her soulblade-her only link to her past and her last friend in the world. Her only hope is to pretend she's one of the prisoners while trying to gain the commander's trust. But lying isn't her specialty, especially when the world has changed so much in the intervening centuries, and if Colonel Zirkander figures out who she truly is, he'll be duty-bound to sentence her to the only acceptable punishment for sorcerers: death.

The Dragon Blood series reading order:
Book 1: Balanced on the Blade's Edge
Book 2: Deathmaker
Book 3: Blood Charged
Book 4: Patterns in the Dark
Book 5: The Blade's Memory
Book 5.5 Under the Ice Blades (coming soon)
Book 6: Raptor (October 27th)

230 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 270 reviews.

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