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Killer in Sight (A Tom Lackey Mystery), by Sandra Carrington-Smith. (Still free?)

This is a thrilling murder mystery that uses photography to solve the case. Lots of twists and free today!

"Killer in Sight combines mystery and suspense with connections to the world beyond. The development of fascinating characters by Sandra Carrington-Smith provides further involvement to draw in the reader, who will find this tale of crime investigation and alternate realities a page-turner from beginning to end. You get the best of both worlds, so to speak, as a detective thriller merges with a glimpse into the unknown. " -- Gerald Shaw, Amazon reviewer

When a young woman is found murdered in a public park, it is up to RPD detective Lt. Tom Lackey to locate her killer. With the help of his longtime girlfriend and professional photographer, Kathy Spencer, Lackey unravels a mystery laden with psychosis and unexpected revelations. While Tom is busy following the multiple clues pouring in from different directions, Kathy gets to work to prove her own theory: The last image viewed by the dying person can be lifted from the eyes of the victim to identify the murderer. Using her background in photography and her passion for iridology, Kathy enlists the help of Dr. Greer, a snow-haired medical examiner who allows her to take shots of Tracey Newman's eyes. Her findings are puzzling, but they are supported by Alexis Howard, the dead girl's ten-year-old half sister who volunteers information she claims was delivered to her by her imaginary friend Lily. With multiple suspects floating up to the surface and skeletons yanked out of unlikely closets, Tom must rely on his methodical expertise and on Kathy's insight to find the killer before tragedy strikes again.

PROUD SUPPORTER OF FOOD-AID.ORG: 10% of net sales from Killer in Sight will benefit, an organization whose aim is to fight world hunger and provide relief to disaster-stricken areas.

496 pages, with a 4.4-star rating from 50 reviews.

The Midget's House (A Circus Story...A Love Story...A Ghost Story), by Anita Bartholomew. (Still free?)

This well reviewed novel is a blend of genres - paranormal, romance, ghost story, and mystery. Grab it while it's free!

"It's so nice to read a well-written novel that also contains fascinating information and is suspenseful besides. The Midget's House is all of this and more. My favorite parts had to do with Lucinda's world in the circus (and the story of her forbidden love), but I also loved the suspense story in the present, and the way the author wove the two parts of the book together. Her research must have been extensive, but it doesn't "show;" everything unfolds very naturally." -- Kathryn Lance, Amazon reviewer

The Midget's House is a tale of two women (one alive, and the other long dead), each mourning lost love and struggling for control of the one place that feels like home.

Marisa Delano is thrilled when she unexpectedly inherits the fairy tale-like cottage on the bay--until she learns that Lucinda Lacey, a sideshow midget who died on the property in 1924, still inhabits it. As Marisa searches for answers about the unwelcome presence in her new home, all the clues lead to one conclusion: on the day Lucinda died, she murdered her lover, circus owner Cyrus Parker.

Alternating between Lucinda's and Marisa's perspectives, The Midget's House takes readers from the carnivals, circuses, and freak shows of the early twentieth century, to the boom-and-bust of today's Florida.

Haunting in every sense of the word, this genre-blending tale will stay with you long after you turn the last page.

294 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 94 reviews.

Dark Matter Heart (Dark Matter Heart Vampire Trilogy Book 1), by Nathan Wrann. (Still free?)

This is a new twist on the vampire story, complete with set-ups, strange illnesses and thrilling adventure. Get it free today!

"Very enjoyable book. I enjoy Vampire books, fairys and all mystery dark books. This became a favorite right off the start. Great plot total new to me.. thanks keep writing!! " -- Choover, Amazon reviewer

A new town. A new school. A new beginning. Seventeen year-old Cordell Griffin and his mother move from Los Angeles to the Pacific Northwest to deal with his "allergies," and start a healthier new life. Cor has one goal: To blend in and be invisible. Unfortunately for him, no matter how far he goes, he can't run away from his secrets. Secrets about who he is. Secrets about why he's sick. And secrets about why so many people he meets end up dead, drained of blood.

In "Dark Matter Heart", the origin novel in the "Cor Griffin Bloodsuckers" Young Adult Paranormal Thriller series from filmmaker and author Nathan Wrann, Cor must uncover the mysteries of his past and conquer the secrets of the present in order to protect the girl of his future, and save himself.

About the Dark Matter Heart Trilogy:
A new town. A new school. A new beginning. Seventeen year-old Cordell Griffin, and his mother, moved from Southern California to the Pacific Northwest to deal with his "sun allergies," and bizarrely restrictive "human blood diet". Cor has one goal: To blend in and be invisible. Unfortunately for him, no matter how far he goes, danger and tragedy lurk around every corner. Realizing that he and his friends, Taylor, Caitlyn, and Diana, can never lead normal lives, his goal changes to simply survive the experience.

Armed with knowledge gleaned from antique books and artwork, Cor and his new friends set out to uncover the truth behind the myths, legends and scary stories that keep us awake late at night.

The Dark Matter Heart Trilogy is the origin story in the Cor Griffin Bloodsuckers series.


Note: "From Out Of Chaos" Book 2 in the Dark Matter Heart Trilogy is now available

193 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 33 reviews.

UNDERDOG, A True Crime Thriller of Prison Life (Prison Killers- Book 4), by Glenn Langohr. (Still free?)

Book four in this real-life prison series, this book gives a truthful, yet unforgiving look into today's prisons - free today!

"`Underdog' was a great insight into what was going on in Pelican Bay Prison, especially during the hunger strike. It was very upsetting to see how they were treated. I mean it was completely out of control and I think Glenn did a great job comparing it to how dogs are mistreated and caged up. `Underdog' was well written and very informative. It also held your attention very well because it was very intriguing and written brilliantly." -- Chasity B, Amazon reviewer

Another one of Glenn Langohr's stunning memoirs--a brave, unflinching account of life in prison~ Prison Killers Book 4

B.J and Damon are two White inmates who get involved in a gang war in a California maximum security prison. The prison administration realizes B.J's sentence is up and they falsely blame Damon for organizing the inmates and use his gangland tattoos to send him to the Super Max at Pelican Bay.

111 pages, with a 4.3-star rating from 32 reviews.

The Color of Greed (Raja Williams Series), by Jack Thompson. (Still free?)

Another great mystery today! This one follows wealthy private investigator, Raja, complete with his own jet and plenty of ladies, as he rushes to solve a string of murders. It's free today!

"This book is extremely fast paced and I fell in love with Raja & Vinny right from the start. This book is a thrill ride you can't put down for anything and screams to be read every time you put it down. This book ranks right up there with Sam Spade novels!!! " -- Fiber Mage, Amazon reviewer

When the young husband of a wealthy heiress is found dead on his yacht floating off the California coastline, his death is ruled an accident and the case is closed. The grieving widow, certain her husband was murdered but getting no help from the police, turns to Raja Williams, a wealthy Oxford-educated private investigator, who has dedicated his resources to help those in need of justice. When Raja arrives in Los Angeles and more bodies begin to pile up, he suspects a coverup that may go as high up as the governor. With the help of his partner Vinny, a highly skilled hacker, Raja must unravel the case before everyone involved, including the two of them, winds up dead.

A colorful cast of characters, great dialogue and a suspenseful twisting plot make The Color of Greed an entertaining read. The Color of Greed is the first book in the Raja Williams series.

185 pages, with a 4.4-star rating from 19 reviews.

Marcelo's Secret, by George Vergara. (Still free?)

Jewish parents try to raise a "Catholic" son in 1587 Madrid, Spain. Pick up this historical fiction novel for free today!

"I had the chance to read Marcelo's Secret during our family spring brake vacation. I got hooked into the story from the beginning. (Making it a point to wake up before my kids to be able to enjoy reading it with a nice cup of coffee). I liked how the author presented different characters at the beginning that ended up crossing path through out the story. " -- MC Duprat, Amazon reviewer

It is 1587 in Madrid, Spain, and Marcelo Espinosa is hiding a secret so dangerous that, if it were exposed, it would mean torture and death. Raised as a Catholic by Jewish parents forced to covertly practice their religion, Marcelo has no idea he is about to discover the perils of his true heritage. After his parents are summoned by the Inquisition for heresy, they seek to shield Marcelo from an inevitable death and make secret arrangements for him to enter the monastery. Nineteen-year-old Marcelo is left with no choice. During a stormy night, Marcelo and his guide leave on horseback; it is not long before Marcelo is unwittingly immersed in a life filled with prayer, meditation, plain food, and hard work. But after six months pass, Marcelo receives the horrifying news he has been dreading-his parents have been murdered. Now with his own life in grave danger, Marcelo once again has no choice but to escape. Disguised as a missionary, Marcelo sails to Mexico with two Franciscan priests and the hope that one day he will be free. In this captivating historical tale, Marcelo embarks on a journey through adventure, friendship, love, and danger in a desperate attempt to reconcile with the man he has always wanted to be.

282 pages, with a 4-star rating from 15 reviews.

The All New Kindle Family User Guide: Tips,Tricks,Highlights & Apps, by Jenny Collins. (Still 99 cents?)

This Kindle guide is well laid out and easy to read - and has a great "apps" section. Get it for only 99 cents today!

"I got this book to better understand the Kindle Paperwhite features. It was really helpful. Paperwhite uses a "white" ink with a front light. This makes the text print black on a white background which is more natural. The lighting can be controlled so you can even read in the dark. There are all sorts of features explained like the tapping or swiping to change pages, the web browser, google maps, google reader with RSS feeds and more. It was really helpful!" -- Sandy Bose, Amazon reviewer

*****For A Limited Time - Only $ 0.99*****

Welcome to The All New Kindle Family User Guide: Tips, Tricks, Highlights & Apps where you will find lots of information about this new family of Kindle eBook readers - The Kindle Paperwhite, The Kindle Fire HD and The Kindle Fire HD 8.9.

In this Kindle User Guide you will find answers to questions such as:-

Which Kindle is best for me?

What does each of the different models do?

How do I set my Kindle up?

Can I access emails from my Kindle?

Do any of the Kindle's have parental controls?

And Much More!

There is section for each of The All New Kindle Family devices making it easy to navigate to the section that you require depending on the model of Kindle that you own or are interested in.

Also included is a chapter on the Top 100 apps you can download to your Kindle Fire HD broken down by the following categories:-

Communication/Social Networking

So Scroll up & click the buy button today to have your questions answered!

4.7-star rating from 3 reviews.

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