MURDERED (Click Your Poison Book 2), by James Schannep. (Still 0.99?)

"First off I love to read a good murder mystery. Murdered (Click Your Poison) is a choose your path adventure. With Murdered you get not only a good murder mystery but you get to investigate the murder and choose which direction the investigation takes. I am very impressed by how well done the book is and the different paths you are given. I have since read through it once and I can not wait to read it again and choose to follow a different path to see where that will lead. I highly recommend this book!" -- Amazon Reviewer

3 Unique Storylines. Over 50 Possible Endings. Just one question... Could YOU Solve a Murder?

MURDERED is a mystery novel unlike any other -- YOU are the main character. Follow clues, interrogate suspects, and piece together the puzzle before the killer gets away! It's up to you to solve the case in this action-packed, dark and humorous thriller. Each link represents a choice, and the story evolves based on your decisions.

You're in a dark alley, a lost tourist in Brazil, when you stumble across a woman's body and a revolver atop a grisly note which reads, "PICK ME UP." That's when you realize you're not alone....

What starts as an exotic vacation ends up as the opportunity of a lifetime when you inadvertently witness a man fleeing the scene of a murder. Work side-by-side with US Diplomatic Security agents (DSS) and Brazilian Police Officers inside the lawless slums of Rio de Janeiro -- but choose wisely, no one is who they truly seem to be.


372 pages, with a 4.7-star rating from 41 reviews.

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Keys of Life: Uriel's Justice, by Carolyn Schield. (Still free?)

"The plot was a mix of spy, crime, drama, and mystery and it was enough to keep me reading and wondering what was going to happen in the next chapter. It starts to get good towards the middle of the book when all the separate stories begin to make more sense. It pits Archangel Uriel, leader of the Pure of Hearts, against Antar, leader of the Children of Nephilim, in a battle against light and dark. To me, the book kind of feels like Alias (some similarities to collecting Rambaldi artifacts) meets Harry Potter, with dashes of Lord of The Rings and Where in the World is Carmen San Diego." -- Amazon Reviewer

Long ago, a violent war erupted between the Children of the Nephilim, who had once taken Eve's daughters as wives, and the Pure of Heart. The Nephilim's thirst for revenge rages through history as they slowly infiltrate global corporations, secret societies and international politics. The goal: is total domination.

Cordy McDermott isn't your typical veterinarian - unless your veterinarian also happens to have a black belt in karate. After rescuing an Egyptian princess from being sold as a sex slave, Cordy finds herself in the crosshairs of death, tangled in a harrowing battle dating to Biblical times.

Across the world, a young, brawny archeologist stumbles upon an ancient relic at the Egyptian temple of Abu Simbel after a mysterious dream. On the run, Ash and Cordy team up in a thrilling race against time to keep balance from falling in favor of an enemy bent on vengeance and absolute control.

382 pages, with a 4-star rating from 53 reviews.

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The Lead Cloak (The Lattice Trilogy Book 1), by Erik Hanberg. (Still free?)

"Brilliant. Hanberg has created a gripping storyline that is entirely possible in our rapidly developing Information Age. Byron Shaw's character development is become torn with the decisions he has to make along the way. There is NO end to the foresight and creativity that Hanberg brings to this novel. This is a wonderfully written Sci-Fi story that has me wishing the second installment was already available. You would be remiss to pass on this book. You will love it from the moment you get through the first page. Looking forward to Part II !!!!!!" -- Amazon Reviewer

Byron Shaw can track and find anyone on Earth. Except the people who tried to kill him.

By 2081, privacy no longer exists. The Lattice enables anyone to re-live any moment of your life. People can experience past and present events-or see into the mind of anyone, living or dead.

Most people love it. Some want to destroy it.

Colonel Byron Shaw has just saved the Lattice from the most dangerous attack in its history. Now he must find those responsible. But there's a question nobody's asking: does the Lattice deserve to be saved?

The answer may cost him his life.

424 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 25 reviews.

The Downstairs Maid, by Rosie Clarke. (Still 1.99?)

"Rosie Clarke has written a dramatic, emotional and engrossing saga that will capture readers' attention from the very first page and keep them engrossed until the final full stop. Writing with flair, style and panache, Rosie Clarke exquisitely depicts a world on the precipice of great social and cultural change and brings to vivid and authentic life the first few decades of the twentieth century, where the working classes where shaking off the shackles of circumstance and seeking to become masters of their own destinies, while the aristocracy were realising that the conventions that had bound them for centuries were crumbling around them. " -- Amazon Reviewer

She is a servant girl...

When her father becomes ill, Emily Carter finds herself sent into service at Priorsfield Manor in order to provide the family with an income.

He will be the Lord of the Manor...

Emily strikes up an unlikely friendship with the daughters of the house, as well as Nicolas, son of the Earl. But as the threat of war comes ever closer, she becomes even more aware of the vast differences between upstairs and downstairs, servant and master...

If you like Downton Abbey you'll love this!

450 pages, with a 4-star rating from 10 reviews.

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