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The One For Me - January Cove Book 1, by Rachel Hanna. (Still free?)

"I really enjoyed reading this book. It was heartbreaking at first to see what they had to go through to realize that they were still in love and worth and second chance! Not many people get that and if you are lucky enough you don't let it go! This book brought out true emotions that normal people have to deal with but she did it with truth and didn't make it easy! Loved it!" -- Amazon reviewer

Can an old flame be reignited?

In the first book of the January Cove contemporary romance series, Kyle Parker has just started his real estate investment business and is doing well. Unattached and not interested in falling in love, he dives head first into his business in the small coastal Georgia town.

Jenna Davis's life has come to a screeching halt. After making the worst decision on her life during college, she now finds herself a single mother about to lose her home over a decade later.
When these two cross paths after many years, sparks fly and Kyle puts up a brick wall to protect himself. In this sweeping romance, emotions run high as the two try to find themselves, and each other, again. If you love a modern contemporary romance, this is it!
162 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 67 reviews.

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Operation Wedding Crash, by Sandra Sookoo. (Still 0.99?)

"What a fun book! I have to say, I went into this book with no expectations but this author delivered. I loved the characters of Nora and Cam. Even Kennedy and Owen who's wedding Nora and Cam are sabotaging, were fun to read about. The emotion in this story made the story come to life, the characters had real issues that needed to be overcome and this author managed to make it believable. I enjoyed this book so much." -- Amazon reviewer

Until death-or a secret-make them part.

Nora "Can't Say No" Lenhart's life is way past complicated. To add stress to everything, she's just been appointed maid of honor for the upcoming wedding of the World's Worst Boss and her ex is the best man. Looks like she'll need to buy stock in an antacid company and try her best to ditch the green-eyed monster of wedding envy.

Camden Webber is an FBI agent with a massive chip on his shoulder-namely not being able to forget the woman whose usual inability to say no didn't keep her from shooting down his proposal five years before. Though he has jaded views on weddings and marriage, Cam agrees to stand at his best friend's side.

When Nora and Camden are thrown together at an engagement dinner, despite their tumultuous romantic history, they devise a plan to break up the ill-suited bride and groom. As the big day nears, emotions hit a breaking point, proving that wedding planning is more suited to a reality show and while happy endings are optional, they exist amidst the rubble, if the couple looks hard enough.

217 pages, with a 4.3-star rating from 3 reviews.

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Wander and Roam (Wander Series), by Anna Kyss. (Still 0.99?)

"Beautiful. This is a beautiful heartfelt story. Sage and Abby will have you on an emotional roller coaster. The details of this book are so well written that you feel like you are right there with them. This is the first book I've read by Anna Kyss but I will definitely be watching for the next book in this series to see where Sage and Abby go from here." -- Amazon reviewer

In the last year, Abby Bentley has failed out of college and lost her high school sweetheart. Unwilling to return home, Abby signs up to volunteer on an Australian farm, where she can hide away from her family and isolate to her heart's desire. Best of all, no one will care about her past. Abby soon discovers she'll be sharing most of her daylight hours--as well as a very small yurt--with the farm's other volunteer: sexy, flirtatious Sage.

The more hours they spend together, the more conflicted Abby becomes. Torn between a growing attraction to Sage and faltering loyalty to her old boyfriend, Abby escapes to her refuge of writing letters she will never send. When Abby finally reveals her past, Sage's secret about his future threatens their bond. With Abby running from her past and Sage trying to escape his future, can they build a relationship in the here and now?

160 pages, with a 4.9-star rating from 9 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil Mexico

Because of You: A Loveswept Contemporary Military Romance (Coming Home), by Jessica Scott. (Still 0.99?)

"Jessica Scott is an exciting new voice in romantic fiction who bursts upon the scene with an unputdownable debut novel!" ~Robyn Carr | New York Times Bestselling Author

"Edgy and current--and a truly satisfying love story. Put this book, Jessica Scott's BECAUSE OF YOU, on your "must read" list." ~Suzanne Brockmann | New York Times Bestselling Author

"BECAUSE OF YOU is powerful, timely and wonderfully executed. Jessica Scott should be on every reader's list." ~Brenda Novak | New York Times Bestselling Author

From the war-torn streets of Baghdad to the bittersweet comforts of the home front, two wounded hearts navigate the battlefield of coming home from war in this explosive eBook original from newcomer Jessica Scott.

Keeping his men alive is all that matters to Sergeant First Class Shane Garrison. But meeting Jen St. James the night before his latest deployment makes Shane wonder if there's more to life than war. He leaves for Iraq remembering a single kiss with a woman he'll never see again- until a near fatal attack lands him back at home and in her care. Jen has survived her own brush with death and endured its scars. And yet there's a fire in Shane that makes Jen forget all about her past. He may be her patient, but when this warrior looks her in the eyes, she feels - for the first time in a long time - like a woman. Shane is too proud to ask for help, but for Jen, caring for him is more than a duty -it's a need. And as Jen guides Shane through the fires of healing, she finds something she never expected - her deepest desire.

284 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 130 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil Mexico

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