Take My Husband, Please: A Romantic Comedy, by Kimberly Jayne. (Still 2.99?)

"A hoot! This book is chock full of fun, wit charm and a dash of bawdy irreverence! This author grabs you by the eyeballs from the get-go and takes you on a hilarious and charming journey of exes and "oh's". It'll have you scratching your head, giggling out loud and even tugging at your heart strings. A fun read!" -- Amazon reviewer

With the ink on her divorce nearly dry, rookie realtor Sophie Camden is ready for some fun, excitement and adventure-an orgasm wouldn't hurt either. Only one teensy complication for this mother of two: her ex insists on moving home after his unexpected personal meltdown.

A layoff, investment disaster, and his dad's death have brought Will Camden's life into harsh perspective. The cherry on top? Sophie filing for divorce-not that he blames her; he left her no choice. All he wants now is to regain financial footing and be a better father to their kids. That, and to quit obsessing about his sexy wife. Thing is, if she discovers his plan to liquidate everything, including her house, she'll hate him forever.

When Sophie's sexy new guy is reluctant to date her unless Will is verifiably out of the picture, she gets entangled in a bet designed to keep Will "occupied" by dating five women of her choosing. Ugh, she just wanted to get rid of him! But soon enough, she turns her unfortunate task into a delicious payback. While the hottest bachelor in town pursues her and the biggest real estate deal of her life hangs in the balance, the man who gave Sophie up-suddenly Daddy of the Year-seems determined to sabotage her future with a new man who could give her everything.

336 pages, with a 5.0-star rating from 13 reviews.

A Year with Geno, by Annette Drake. (Still 0.99?)

"A simple story with a romantic edge constantly thwarted by misunderstandings and ex-spouses -- whose sensitivity skills seem primitive, to say the least. The author writes in the voice of a male so well. Geno is masculine but with an edgy sensitivity that entrances and frustrates Caroline. It takes a fine balance to achieve that mix which adds to the intrigue of this slowly sparking friendship and more. A Year With Geno is a nice romantic read that will satisfy those who love a good old-fashioned passionately growing fire spiced with some credible family drama!" -- Amazon reviewer

Single-mom Caroline Taylor wants nothing more than to make a home for her two young sons in Eagle River, Alaska. The only problem: an eviction notice.

When the perfect rental falls through again, she and her boys move in with Air Force Sgt. Geno D'Antoni and his two teenage sons. It's only for a year, so she can polish her credit rating and save a down payment to buy a home. It's a perfect plan.

Or not. When Geno stands up to Caroline's bully of an ex-husband, he retaliates by suing for full custody. Then Geno's ex-wife, spurned by her fiancé, moves back in. She wants Caroline out. Now.
The tiny spark of passion between Caroline and Geno sputters and dies. Or does it? Maybe they had no chance with the chaos from their pasts eclipsing their future. So why does Caroline rush home to share all the details of her day with him? Why does she haunt Geno's dreams? And when exactly does your best friend become your future?

415 pages, with a 4.4-star rating from 15 reviews.

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Follow the Crow (Vanished, #1), by B. B. Griffith. (Still free?)

"This book was fantastic. It takes you away into an other-wordly experience on a Navajo reservation and I didn't want that experience to end. The author clearly has a pulse on the culture and the feeling of the environment he writes about. I love authors that take the time to delve into something outside their own experiences, and this one surely did. Such a great read - can't wait for the second book." -- Amazon reviewer

Ben Dejooli is a Navajo cop who can't escape his past. Six years ago his little sister Ana vanished without a trace. His best friend saw what happened, but he refuses to speak of what he knows, and so was banished from the Navajo tribe. That was the day the crows started following Ben.

Caroline Adams is a nurse with a special talent: she sees things others can't see. She knows that Ben is more than he seems, and that the crows are trying to tell him something.

What the crows know will shed new light on the mystery of Ana's disappearance, and throw Ben and Caroline into a race against time to find out what happened before they end up vanishing just like she did.

356 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 63 reviews.

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Before The Clock Strikes: A Kyle Simmons Thriller, by E.G. Michaels. (Still free?)

"This short but satisfying novel starts off with a bang, literally, and closes with just the right mix of action and tension as it builds to its conclusion. This book was a quick read, an action-oriented thriller that was a welcome distraction from my usual reading fare, and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for the same. I enjoyed it enough to buy and download the author's full-length novel. Mr. Michaels is a capable new writer with a talent for plotting and pacing, and I look forward to reading more from him." -- Amazon reviewer

A quiet neighborhood is torn from its peaceful sleep by a shocking and brutal late night drive-by shooting. An innocent teenage sleepover takes a tragic turn as a hail of bullets rip into the front of a house.

Philadelphia Detective Kyle Simmons is assigned one task: Catch the killer before someone else takes matters into their own hands.

Then something strange happens: A long forgotten contact of the detective has been killed. The evidence is crystal clear that this was a cold and calculated hit.

But as Simmons works both cases, a disturbing thought keeps popping up in his head: What if the two cases are somehow connected?

Detective Simmons races against the clock to quickly find the proof to solve both cases before all hell breaks loose. E.G. Michaels delivers a debut action-packed thriller with white-knuckle twists, unexpected humor, and leaves you wanting even more.

128 pages, with a 4.1-star rating from 59 reviews.

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