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ISLAND SUNRISE, by Bobby Hutchinson. (Still free?)

"Bobby Hutchinson presents a unique spin on characters with commitment phobias. In this riveting novel, the women are fiercely independent and determined to remain romantically unattached. The three female construction workers have professionally and personally learned to distrust men. These strong-willed men are determined to change their minds." -- Amazon reviewer


Charlie Cossini is doing her best to ignore the sun, the surf, the tropical beauty of Haleiwa.

Charlie's work is her life. She's the boss of her own construction company, and her newest contract is remodeling Reveille Reef.

Ben Gilmour views life as one fun adventure after the next. He's proud to be one of the idle rich, and he's currently surfing in Hawaii. But when his aging aunt wants her property restored, Ben is put in charge of supervising the job, and to his horror, he becomes Charlie's boss.

Ben figures Charlie's devotion to work is perverse and unnatural.

Charlie is disgusted by his total lack of any work ethic.

Can Ben devise a plan to coax Charlie away from her hammers and saws long enough to spend quality time in his arms?

The two are diametrically opposed on almost everything""except making hot, passionate love under a tropical moon.

Island Sunrise explores relationships, between friends, between lovers, between family.
236 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 16 reviews.

A Note Before Dying (A Ghostwriter Mystery Book 6), by C.A. Larmer. (Still 0.99?)

"Roxy is fantastic. This is such a great series! Ms Larmer has created a delightful heroine in Roxy - part Hercule Poirot, part Angelina Jolie, part Bridget Jones. Clever and self aware. Down to earth and a magnet for trouble. And someone you would want to just hang out with. A Note Before Dying continues the twists and kept me engaged from beginning to end. A fantastic read." -- Amazon reviewer

A NOTE BEFORE DYING is the sixth stand-alone mystery in the fun, fast-paced series featuring gutsy ghostwriter Roxy Parker.

With a battered heart and the hots for her next client, Roxy Parker heads to the Byron hinterland, to ghostwrite the life story of rock legend Jed Moody. She may be his biggest fan, but the uber sexy rocker-think Michael Hutchence meets Mick Jagger-has more than his share of enemies, so when he is zapped to death on stage while strumming his Fender Strat, the amateur sleuth can't help looking at his so-called 'fans'.

Was Jed Moody murdered by a jilted lover? His jealous wife? An embittered band member? Or a publicist with plenty to hide? Or is it worse than that? Is it the sexy 'sparkie' who's caught Roxy's eye, the one with the chip on his shoulder and the cute Border Collie cross?

When a sleazy photographer shows up dead soon after, it seems the electrician's fate is sealed-'sparkie Sam' has the got the means, the motive, and absolutely no alibi.

In the sixth Ghostwriter Mystery (each one a stand-alone mystery; no cliffhangers to be seen), Roxy is back with a sizzling murder and a soft spot for a country boy with big doe eyes. Determined to prove his innocence, Roxy enlists the help of best friend, Detective Gilda Maltin. The problem is, the more she digs, the more Gilda is convinced that Roxy is making a chilling mistake that will cost the ghostwriter her life!

270 pages, with a 5.0-star rating from 3 reviews.

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Dracula Rising: A Paranormal Thriller, by Jackson Stein. (Still free?)

"Vlad the Impaler has long been considered to be the inspiration for Bram Stoker's tale of Dracula, but this story takes that tale further with the story of King Vlad's son, Vlad III. As young Vlad nears the age of maturity, he notices drastic changes in his father's behavior, as well as an undefined illness that seems to be affecting the young women of his kingdom. Can he prove his worth to his father and also help these stricken young girls? I really enjoyed this story on the origins of Dracula, interwoven with tidbits from the actual legends of Vlad the Impaler." -- Amazon reviewer

Presented by #1 bestselling Kindle author, J.R. Rain. An epic tale of honor, adventure and secrets.

Four hundred years before Bram Stoker put his pen to paper...

Bad things were happening in Transylvania...deadly things. The king of Wallachia joined a secret society with his intentions unknown. That is, until his son, Prince Vlad the third, begins to unravel the ancient mystery. Are these the deeds of a powerful king or something more sinister? Only Vlad can uncover the truth, one that leads to long buried secrets, unexpected journeys, and a future that pits father against son and loyalty against honor. With the fate of humanity in the balance, Vlad finds himself the centerpiece in a supernatural battle...with the lives of the people he loves most at stake

210 pages, with a 3.9-star rating from 132 reviews.

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MURDER TO GO (Food Truck Mysteries Book 1), by Chloe Kendrick. (Still free?)

"Engaging, light murder mystery about a young woman who inherits a food truck, which now it seems may or may not be hers. Maeve is a likeable person whose heart is in the right place and attempts to do the right thing. The right thing isn't always the smartest thing. The author did well with Maeve's line of thinking with both juggling clues and trying to figure out what to do next. The editing is much better than most of the self-published books I've read. The story sucked me in and definitely held my interest." -- Amazon reviewer

Maeve Kinkaid expects a few speed bumps when she inherits a food truck from her aunt; instead, she gets a detour through some deadly hairpin turns in this fast-paced thriller.

Despite the sudden loss of her aunt, Maeve Kinkaid is thrilled when she inherits the popular food truck Dogs on the Roll. She has no idea how cutthroat the food industry can be.

She meets a Basque chef whose interest in her is overshadowed by his desire to possess the food truck, which he insists Maeve's aunt promised to leave to him.

And when the owner of a rival food truck is decapitated and served up like a gruesome new dish, Maeve becomes embroiled in a mystery that may cost her the food truck, the chef, and her life.

149 pages, with a 4.0-star rating from 42 reviews.

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