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Daughter of Time: A Time Travel Romance (The After Cilmeri Series), by Sarah Woodbury. (Still free?)

Check out the many strong reviews for this historical romance set in Wales - available free today!

"While a time-travel romance, the relationship between Meg and Prince Llewlyn of Wales is not cliché. It's truly two people struggling to overcome their different backgrounds and the current political climate of 13th century Wales to follow their hearts.

"The completely fresh storyline of a Daughter of Time is one of the strongest aspects of this story. Daughter of Time is a sweetheart style romance in that the sexual scenes take place off stage, and an enjoyable look at chivalry in a way that explains how functional it was for the time period, and not just a cliché romantic notion modern readers have about knights in shining armor. " -- The Kindle Book Review

Daughter of Time is appropriate for readers from young teens to adults and is a prequel to the After Cilmeri series.

A medieval man with an uncertain destiny, Llywelyn, the Prince of Wales, faces treachery and deceit at the hands of friends and foes alike ...

A modern woman with a troubled past, Meg's life is in tatters when she slips through time and into medieval Wales ...

Only by working together can Meg and Llywelyn navigate the shifting allegiances that threaten the very existence of Wales--and create their own history that defies the laws of time.

Other books in the series include Book One, Footsteps in Time, its companion novella, Winds of Time, Book Two, Prince of Time, and Book Three, Crossroads in Time. Look for Book Four in the series, Children of Time, in November 2012.

353 pages, with a 4-star rating from 93 reviews.

Murder and Other Distractions, by Michael Estrin. (Still free?)

Part murder mystery, part comic fiction, this novel is described by one reviewer as "stoner noir." It'll have you scratching your head while it tickles your funny bone!

"When the search for the perfect taco in Los Angeles leads to murder - you can't stop reading! This is a great book for anyone who likes twisted tales filled with dark humor and slacker heroes (think The Big Lebowski...if "The Dude" was a frustrated blogger!). I also loved the hilarious meditations on L.A.'s hipster/noir/trashiness, and the meaning of life in the digital era." -- Tpins52, Amazon reviewer

If you're wanted for murder, the last thing you should do is smoke a joint, eat a taco, and alienate potential alibis. Then again, Ethan isn't a very good murder suspect.

Maybe it's just been a lousy week for him. There are layoffs at the office, poorly written death threats, and a vapid, but alluring coworker sending Ethan mixed signals. The f-buddy who loves to loathe him doesn't understand that it's over, and his philosophizing best friend is pretty sure that Ethan's problem is merely the dreary momentum of the hipster ethos. Or it could be that Ethan's pot dealer is out of baggies once again.

But the cop who's after him doesn't buy any of that. Despite being lazy and crooked, Boyd is damn good at his job. He's certain Ethan murdered his ex - "The Girl Who Got Away"- along with her nobody of a boyfriend. And the more Boyd hounds him for a confession, the more Ethan comes to see the murders as his way out of the existential crisis consuming him.

200 pages, with a 4.8-star rating from 20 reviews.

Dystopia, by Mike Oulton. (Still free?)

A thought-provoking memoir, told from two men's perspectives, on prison life.

"It's a first hand account of not only the big picture of a system that is broken and needs repair, but believable personal snapshots of little pieces that make it so. Dystopia is a believable, very human account of how each man changed, one on the inside, one on the out." -- Anna Barcos, Amazon reviewer

Dystopia is a society of human misery, squalor, disease, terror and overcrowding. It is the opposite of Utopia.

This is a book about going to prison. Mike Oulton went to prison for trying to smuggle fifteen kilos of cocaine into the United States. Ed Griffin went to prison to cause a revolution. He wanted men to write their stories and when the public discovered the horror of prison, the walls would come tumbling down.

Mike counts the years and the days until he can get back on the street; Ed numbers the converts to his revolution. One day they meet in a classroom and neither is the same again.

432 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 8 reviews.

Michael Did What?, by Michael Cavallo. (Still $0.99?)

Now this book is definitely different - a collection of anecdotes and words of wisdom. Enjoy parodies of The World's Most Interesting Man, or Chuck Norris memes/jokes? Then this one might be for you! Free today.

"The author takes you on a journey of the mind to a place where it's fun to imagine the impossible being possible for the sole purpose of your reading enjoyment." -- PaulG, Amazon reviewer

Or perhaps the question should read, What Hasn't Michael Done?

Michael's achievements range from the simplest of tasks to the grandest of accomplishments. Michael's ubergreatness knows no bounds!

*The secret to Michael's three-bean salad is that unprecedented fourth bean.*

*While Moses parted the Red Sea, Michael parted the Red Sox. He then singled up the middle, driving in two.*

*Go mano-a-mano with Michael, and you'll be left manoless.*

*Michael hears the Pope's confessions.*

*Michael proved that if you watch "The Hollywood Squares" on a 3D television, it becomes "The Hollywood Cubes."

*There are currently over 90,000 personal ads listed under "Women Seeking Michael.*

*Michael discovered the atomic weight of the periodic table, which is 3.65 ounces.*

*Irrational numbers make complete sense to Michael.*

Michael's resume is truly something beautiful to behold. These are only a few of Michael's exploits. Actually, most of these were done just last Friday, right after lunch. "Michael Did What?" contains over 350 more of his greatest triumphs, in every category imaginable, as well as some which defy categorization.

*Michael put Twinkies on the map. He then moved them because he couldn't see the capital of Argentina.*

369 pages, with a 5-star rating from 7 reviews.

Nobody Bats a Thousand, by Steve Schmale. (Still free?)

This collection of eight literary short stories offers the reader brief glimpses of richly drawn characters living through a variety of events and circumstances.

"Schmale's stories are so richly atmospheric, and populated with such interesting characters, I found myself going compulsively on to the next story, after swearing I was going to "stop after this one." Great read!!" -- Amy, Amazon reviewer

Revised for Kindle, Nobody Bats a Thousand is a book of stories based on reality. The opening story, "A Bar Story", showing a typical Friday night seen through the eyes of a middle-aged bartender, deals with conflicts that arise from changing times and generations. In "Home on the Range" a college student becomes reacquainted with his uncle, a famous touring musician, who teaches his nephew to look at life from a novel perspective. "Victims of Circumstance" centers on a young slacker and the 24 hours surrounding his 21st birthday in which he stumbles upon epiphanies about life, sex and his Vietnam veteran father. This book of literary fiction contains eight finely crafted stories about ordinary people involved in unique situations, presented in a style reminiscent of Raymond Carver, Richard Ford and David Sedaris.

263 pages, with a 5-star rating from 3 reviews.

Dark curtain (Psychological thriller), by Natasha A. Salnikova. (Still free?)

If you enjoyed "Rotten Apple" from a few days ago, try this latest psychological thriller from Natasha Salnikova!

"An excellent story, which had me guessing right up to the end. If you are a fan of psychological thrillers than you can not go wrong with this, it was brilliant! " -- Geordie, Amazon reviewer

After an attack in the park, Roman loses his memory. He tries to remember his past as any person would do in his place. Only what he finds terrifies him. Is he really the man his family and friends know?

275 pages, with a 4.7-star rating from 3 reviews.

Blogging Tips: Confessions of a Six Figure Blogger, by Zac Johnson. (Still free?)

100 pages of real-world advice from successful blogger and Internet entrepreneur Zac Johnson. Free today!

"Zac explains in simple language basics of blogging, gives good advices, shows examples. This book should be "required reading" for every beginner blogger.The author is indeed a master of his craft etmi wants to share knowledge with others. I advise everyone to read this wonderful book! " -- Korah, Amazon reviewer

Turn your passion into profits! Discover the secrets of becoming the next authority figure in your niche, while making money in the process!

There are millions of blogs on the internet but only a few stand out. What makes some bloggers succeed while others struggle just to get noticed' At the end of the day it all comes down to being a well respected informative voice within your niche. This is not a get rich quick book, but a guide that will walk you through the process of how to start a blog of your own, become an authority figure and discover how to make money through the power of the internet and affiliate marketing.

In this book you will learn to:
- Create your first blog in a few easy steps
- Start a business online for just a few dollars
- Build a brand of your own and be seen on major social networks
- Generate income through your blog using multiple revenue streams
- Leverage your brand and knowledge to become an authority figure

About the Author - Zac Johnson

Zac Johnson is a widely respected leader in the blogging and online marketing community. Through his popular blogs, and, he has helped thousands of readers grow their brands and make money online.

A self taught entrepreneur, Zac's been making money online for over 15 years and has been involved in nearly every facet of internet marketing while also finding great success in the world of blogging. In 2007 Zac launched his first blog at, which is focused on his successes and failures, case studies, industry news and guides on how to make money online. In addition to his own personal experiences, Zac also writes about the latest online marketing trends and informs his readers on how and where they could be creating new revenue online. Zac's personal blog currently has thousands of daily readers and has referred over $5,000,000 in new business to his advertisers and network partners since launching the blog.

104 pages, with a 4.7-star rating from 16 reviews.

... and finally, don't miss this bargain Kindle book, available for 99 cents today!
Whole Latte Life, by Joanne DeMaio. (Still free?)

A book with an abundance of favorable reviews, describing it as "inspiring," "emotional," and "poignant." Reduced to $0.99 today!

"A thoughtful story that surprises with its insight and emotional impact." -- Kirkus Reviews, Critics' Pick

"A heartfelt portrait of two friends at the crossroads of their lives." --USA Today, IndieReader

Awarded First Place in Fiction in the 2012 Discovery Awards.

Would you leave everything behind to know who you are?

Sara Beth Riley never dreamt she'd walk straight out of her life. Actually she'd never dreamt a lot of things that had happened this year ... From being kidnapped by her own best friend, to throwing her wedding rings into the Hudson River, to calling an old love in France, to getting inked with said best friend, painting the passionate constellation of these choices into permanence. But mostly, she could never have dreamt what started it all. How could it be that her mother's unexpected death, and the grief which lingered painfully long, turned her into the woman she was finally meant to become?

Sara Beth's escape begins a summer of change - of herself, of marriage, of the lives of those around her. In a story that moves from Manhattan to the sea to a quaint New England town, WHOLE LATTE LIFE looks at friends we never forget, at decisions we linger with, at our attempts to live the lives we love.

325 pages, with a 4.1-star rating from 53 reviews.

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