Today's Free App of the Day is FreeCell+
Originally $0.99

This is a nice implementation of Free Cell, a solitaire card game. The cards might be a tad small, as a couple of reviews have stated, but it seems the developer has been very responsive to other complaints. There is a good tutorial, you can switch the free cell stacks from the left to right as desired, and it can be played in airplane mode. Your best time is recorded and your time, number of moves, score and total score for all games. There is an additional submenu you can invoke by tapping anywhere on the background (or on the little arrow at the bottom of the screen). When you do, you'll see Options, Themes, Game Hint and Undo. Under Options, you can turn on: sound, a status bar (on the Fire, this is the side/bottom menu bar), show score and time/moves in the current game, and autoplay. There are themes you can change--you have two options for the faces of the cards, and one of them has larger numbers, and you can change the backdrop to one of four colors or a picture from your photo gallery. If you tap on "Game" in the options menu, you can invoke a new game, replay the current game, see your statistics and achievements. When you have the submenu invoked, a small "i" appears off to the side. Tap on that if you need the tutorial or rules.

196 of 228 reviews are four stars and above.

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Have fun!

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