Today's Free App of the Day is HexLogic - Hot Air
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This is a game somewhat like Minesweeper; you use clues to determine the color of a given hexagon. You will need to work through the help screen tutorial, accessed from the HELP button on the home screen of the game. There are also in-game hints. Instead of numbers there are color clues provided by little hexagons inside any given hexagon. If all the color clues are the same color, that means all the hexagons that touch the one you're looking at, that haven't been assigned a color yet, are the same color. So, you can touch all of the surrounding spaces and select the color for those to "clear" them from the clues. Don't be confused by the fact that all the clues will be adjacent to each other, the actual hexes might not be adjacent ones. Once you do that, the clues available in all the remaining hexagons that touch those will change to reflect the selection you made. (If there were six color clues, and you "colored" in three of the surrounding hexagons, you will only have three color clues remaining.) So, the clues are constantly updating to reflect the uncleared hexagons. I found it worked well to start from the edges. As the instructions explain, you start working with hexagons that have all the same color clues within them, and clear those surrounding hexes. Then check again to see what has changed. There are easy, normal and challenging levels and that the puzzles get more difficult as you work through the levevls. I love these kinds of games (I'm good at Minesweeper) and this is a keeper for me. It may be a bit of a challenge to get your mind around at first, but I worked back and forth between the tutorial and the game I was working until I understood how it worked. You can reset the game to start over. It will track the number of errors you make and the hints you use. If you make an error, you'll know because a big question mark appears. Also, the picture behind makes it difficult to tell, at times, whether you've already "cleared" a hexagon; you can turn the picture off if you wish. If you can see the picture at all through the hexagon, it's been cleared.

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