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Always Already Free is a guide to discovering the deepest truth about who we are. It takes the reader on a journey of true self-discovery, beginning with an investigation into what enlightenment is, what it is not, and uncovering some common myths along the way. Contemplations and simple exercises in self-inquiry are offered at the end of each chapter.
The book is divided into two parts: Part One opens the path of direct self-inquiry—simultaneously recognizing who one truly is (pure presence/awareness) while realizing who one is not (limited definitions of body/mind/emotion). Enza thoroughly addresses the ongoing debate between the necessity of spiritual practice and the ever-present possibility of sudden, awakening, while at the same time offering detailed instructions for a “practiceless practice.”
Part Two lays out what it means to consciously live and embody the truth of one’s being, the phenomenon of “finding and losing” oneself, and the power and seduction of our thoughts and emotions that keep us held in narrow self-definitions and create endless suffering. Part Two also explores what it means to die before the body dies, and to finally surrender our day-to-day lives to the living embodiment of absolute truth.
To follow where this book points is to abandon all that one knows—all experiences, all concepts, all states and conditions—and to jump into the unknown. It is to free oneself from all reference points, all limitations, and all boundaries. To let go of all hope for a better, more spiritual future. The reaching for enlightenment is the last thing the “me” that believes itself to be does just before it dissolves into pure awareness.

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