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Kindred Crimes (The Jeri Howard Mystery Series Book 1)

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Those are just a few of the family members Oakland P.I. Jeri Howard finds herself investigating in a puzzling missing persons case that sprawls throughout the grittier sections of Northern California. For a woman who told her husband she had no relatives, Renee Foster’s actually well-stocked with them….and doozies at that. The whole family—criminals, abusers, and kindly aunts alike-- comes alive in Janet Dawson’s first novel, prompting the New York Times to hail it as “a welcome addition to this tough genre.”

There’s clearly a lot more here than the simple matter of a wife disappearing with the grocery money. Smelling a rat or two right from the beginning of this complex and intriguing mystery, the red-haired private detective follows many a twisty trail as Dawson weaves an equally twisty tale, which, to the reader’s delight, just keeps winding back on itself, revealing brand new secrets as fast as ancient skeletons can fall out of closets.

Dawson’s Oakland is damp and properly sinister and Jeri’s as savvy as Sam Spade, with something of Spade’s seen-it-all outlook. What she doesn't know, her chic lawyer pal, Cassie, can supply; and her cop ex-husband’s on hand to make trouble.

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The Devil Close Behind: The Jeri Howard Mystery Series Book 13

Publication World Font Book Poster


That’s what private investigator Jeri Howard learns when her New Orleans vacation turns into a case.

A phone call from her friend Davina sets events in motion. Davina’s sister Laurette, already in a bad place after the loss of husband and child, has a new boyfriend. He’s a mercurial musician who calls himself Slade. Her family doesn’t like him. As it turns out, they have good reason.

Now Laurette and Slade have disappeared. The family is frantic with worry. With the help of Big Easy PI Antoine Lasalle, Jeri goes looking for clues. What she finds is disturbing.

Slade has a history of getting even – and setting fires. It’s a lethal combination.

Jeri’s determined search leads her from French Quarter hotels and restaurants to the clubs on Frenchmen Street, from “back of town” Treme to the industrial blocks along the muddy Mississippi.

Finally, Jeri heads back to California – and an explosive conclusion.

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The Killing Game: A Liz Lockhart Mystery (Liz Lockhart Mysteries Book 1)

Sky Plant Nature Cloud World

Beautiful, rich, and skilled…

…as a life coach, Simone also liked to kill.

Would Liz be her next victim?

At 29, she’s been happily married for two years. Her childhood was filled with trauma, and it drove her to become a police officer. Liz had found balance in life, love, and her career. That morning in Marietta, it all changed in an instant.

The shots rang out.

Training and instincts took over.

Liz couldn’t stop him.

She wasn’t a detective, but they needed her help. This mass shooting had the Atlanta metro area worried, and the chief needed answers. Liz was vital to the case.

There’s just one problem…

…they’re chasing a pawn in a bigger game.

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The Reindeer Caper (The Dunbarton Mysteries Book 7)

Vertebrate Tree Natural environment Plant Organism

With a missing reindeer, a murdered elf, and a mayor one Christmas Carol short of a breakdown, it looks like Christmas festivities in Dunbarton are in danger of being cancelled - especially since Santa is in jail, charged with murder!

It's coming up to Christmas and everyone in Dunbarton is filled with excitement at the arrival of a reindeer, a gift from their twin town in Norway. But when Dasher disappears, children and parents alike are devastated, and the mayor fears an international incident.

In desperation, the mayor turns to the Mallorys to save the town's Christmas, but the more Chris and Alicia investigate, the more they realize it isn't just Christmas that's in jeopardy.

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Gingerbread to Die For (The Dunbarton Mysteries Book 9)

Organism Font Recipe Ingredient Baked goods

Cookies and corpses, not the picture-perfect Christmas Chris and Alicia Mallory had planned.

Recipe for a Christmas Murder

Take one gingerbread competition, one mayor looking for publicity, one egocentric celebrity chef and a killer with an axe to grind. Mix thoroughly for the perfect Christmas murder.

Well, almost perfect.

It’s one month until Christmas in Dunbarton and the town is buzzing with the news that a famous celebrity chef is coming to judge and televise the gingerbread competition at the new community centre. Confident that the event will attract hordes of food-loving visitors to town, the mayor has Dunbarton decked out in all its Christmas finery and directs Alicia and the deputy mayor to make sure everything runs smoothly.

All is going as planned until a body is found in the life-sized gingerbread house outside the community centre, with a gingerbread dove stuffed in the victim’s mouth. The distraught mayor once again calls on Alicia and Chris to solve the murder before it sounds a death-knell to the holiday festivities.

It’s not long before Alicia and Chris discover that it’s not all sugar and spice in the world of big-time baking and that one too many cookies can be the death of you.

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Behind You (A Hailey Rock FBI Suspense Thriller—Book 1)

Plant Book Sky Natural landscape Publication

Women are turning up dead, posed in local farm fields like scarecrows, and time is running out. A serial killer lurks, and their small town never felt so small.

Hailey must reconcile her contentious relationship with her sister to crack the case—but she refuses to make it easy. Can they put aside their differences and work together?

Or will old demons bring them all down?

A cat-and-mouse thriller with harrowing twists and turns and filled with heart-pounding suspense, the HAILEY ROCK mystery series offers a fresh twist on the genre as it introduces two brilliant protagonists who will make you fall in love and keep you turning pages late into the night.

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The Bloody Business Of Luck (The Bloody Series Book 1)

Sleeve Font Poster Happy Event

Long Listed for the Crime Writers of Canada Unhanged Arthur Award.

Do You Love Thrillers? Salivate Over Cracking White-Collar Crime?
If so, the Bloody Business of Luck will have you drooling as you pick your way past bodies and puzzle out nefarious situations with PR consultant Kate Logan and dogged Native reporter Rhys Wilson.

When a dismembered hand is discovered in the cookie jar of a luxury home, reporter Rhys Wilson is eager to connect the dots all the way to the Pacific Lottery Corporation. Caught up in the frantic pace of her new job and well aware of Wilson’s reputation as a muckraker with a fierce anti-gambling agenda, Kate gives him the brush-off.

Circumstances draw them closer, however, and she begins to understand his motivation. When the evidence does a complete 180 and implicates Wilson, Kate has to separate the truth from the lies before she becomes the next victim.

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Fireland (Sean Faint Series Book 1)

Aircraft Poster Font Airplane Aviation

Introducing Sean Faint, ruthless ex-SAS soldier turned spy operative.

After a terrorist attack on the city of London, and the murder of a media baron during a business cruise to the Bahamas, one man is sent to investigate both incidents and find the culprits.

Smith, the head of a mysterious organisation known only as THE COMPANY, dispatches ex-SAS man Sean Faint to discover what the connection is between the terrorist attack and a billionaire businessman called Marcus Fier who seems to have a vendetta against the British Government. But while hot on the tracks of Fier, Faint ends up in a deadly duel with Daniel Rook, a psychopathic former adversary who happens to be Fier’s bodyguard.

When Faint finds himself trapped on Fier’s manmade island, FIRELAND, alongside a beautiful ex-policewoman, an agonising death seems only moments away…

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03 /18 /23.

Currently Free.

The Nick Woods Bundle (Books 1-4): The complete collection

Fog Water Standing Gesture Cloud

At last, you have the option to own all four of the exciting, fast-paced Nick Woods books in one set.

Nick Woods, a prior Marine sniper who's living in the shadows under a false name, is about to go on the ride of his life.

Woods thinks his government service is done. But after a big hiccup (actually, it's a HELL of a hiccup), it's truthfully just beginning. He'll soon be using his talents to hunt down bad guys in Mexico, Afghanistan, and even Nigeria.

Nick Woods certainly didn't vote for the shitty hand he's been dealt. And he didn't exactly volunteer either.

But, he'll soon be doing the bloody work that no one else wants to do.

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Currently Free.

Free Trader on the High Seas (Free Trader Series Book 6)

Poster Cartoon Font Movie Publication

A Cat and his human minions fight to bring peace to humanity. For readers from 13 to 65, find compelling characters engaged in an adventure of search, conflict, and discovery.

An island where experiments on people yield horrific results.

An undersea city populated by humans dragged from the beach by unrelenting Bots.

The Western Ocean, an untapped source of food and power. The freedom of the open seas.

When the AI finds an open ocean exploration laboratory, the Free Trader and his companions head to sea in search of the abducted residents of White Beach.

The ocean welcomes them into its embrace as nature tries to reclaim its own, but that’s not the worst challenge that the companions face. What creatures lurk beyond the ocean’s waves, patiently waiting for new blood?

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First Shot: Jin & Tonic Book One (Jin & Tonick 1)

Poster Entertainment Electric blue Advertising Darkness

A ReProd must never return to its Maker.

Every ReProd knows that GenCor, a corrupt governmental corporation, kidnaps and kills in pursuit of genetic perfection. They created the ReProds, genetically modified humans, then lost an entire generation when their cryopods failed. Now GenCor is determined to capture all the escapees—especially the ones like Jin, pink-haired and starfish-enhanced.

But Jin’s not alone. With Teq and Tonick, she hides from GenCor, eking out a living in the UnderCity…

until the day GenCor seizes Teq and changes everything about the life Jin has come to love.

This time, Jin and Tonick decide to challenge GenCor and reclaim their freedom.

Together, they fight back, bringing their burgeoning rebellion to the enemy’s front door.

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Empire Eternal: Point Gamma

Font Automotive tire Book Circle Space

The price to conquer Eloir was steep. Korbin lost a friend and patriarch. And to top it all, Jack has left the humans and the Vorrans with a dire warning. The destruction of the Geneassi vessel will have alerted others. But the alien left a location in Korbin's head. Jack had presented him with the directions to the mysterious Shadowruns. Will they find the tech they need to improve their chances? The crater on Eloir's moon is still fresh. Who has noticed the destruction of the alien vessel? They don't know when the Reavers will arrive. But the timeline of Korbin's past is gone. Too much has changed. They won't have thirty more years, of that they are sure. Maybe they have five years. Maybe seven. At least they have Lias and Lindsay, the young scientists. The formidable duo has already surpassed the tech they had created in the past. Who knows what else they can come up with. But Korbin's hope is to purchase something that can turn the tide. The Shadowruns lures with a hidden note from Jack. Bring cash.

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Empire Eternal: Void Hunters

Purple Organism Font World Cartoon

Humanity has paid a price in blood. The Reavers have nearly wiped out the first human planet, and Korbins old nightmares have come back to life. But the Reavers have attacked other worlds too, and now the galaxy is in turmoil. Now Korbin has returned from a meeting with the Seven. The time for games is over. It is time to hunt the Reavers together in the void. Korbin has promised a task force to join the war effort, and he will deliver. And he does not return empty-handed. By his side is his new Master Anon, one of the Lost Ones, and former enemy of the Watcher. Can Korbin learn enough in time from his mysterious new teacher to make a difference? The game has changed so much, and he has much to lose. The Reavers have increased their efforts, and the mysterious True Emperor is still messing with the Empire behind the shadows. Time to grow a pair. The next book is also right around the corner! More dangers await! So buckle up, you're in for a ride, space cowboy!

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Lavabull: A Novel

Poster Publication Action film Book cover Event

He’s part bull. She's part lava. Together, they’re unstoppable.

Carl Gray was a rodeo clown before a freak lightning storm fused him to a bull named El Diablo.

Lavender is an islander whose mother is lava goddess and father is human. As a half-lava shape-shifter, she can mold her body at will.

When the world receives a credible threat from a criminal mastermind named Villainous to destroy the human race, the United States government requests their help.

Turns out, Villainous has managed to merge human intelligence with animal strength and speed, and such creatures are appearing all over the earth.

With her intense heat and his horns of destruction, Lava and Bull are two unlikely superheroes. But finding Vaillanous is one thing... and destroying his army of mutants is quite another. Will they succeed?

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Dark Rain: Stories (Collections Book 3)

Chin Mouth Eyebrow Facial expression Eyelash

More riveting tales of the strange and macabre by USA Today bestselling author, J.R. Rain, including:

Skeleton Jim - Jim is a successful private investigator in Seattle. He's also a walking, talking skeleton.

Vampire vs. Bigfoot - The ultimate hunter just met his match.

The Bull - Spider-Man, Superman and Batman have nothing on The Bull...a new kind of superhero.

The Prophetic Heart - Adam has a problem: for the past few weeks his heart has been beating louder and louder...and he's about find out why.

Zombie App - Tommy and Billy are just a couple of average high school punks who are about to download a very unaverage app that just might raise the dead.

Merlin's Tomb - Two children are about to come face-to-face with one very famous wizard...and one future dictator.

The Fire Lord - One brave warrior has fulfilled the great prophecies of old. Except this brave warrior has a question or two. Or three.

Castle for Sale - There's a castle for sale. Deep in the woods of Alaska. Dracula's Castle.

War Daddy - Agent Alan Putnam has one last job to do before he retires from the INS. He must deport a dog named War Daddy and personally escort him back to his own country. War Daddy is 125 pounds of pure muscle, teeth, and slobber—and possesses a will to survive unlike anything Agent Putnam has ever seen before. Agent Putnam is about to go on the adventure of a lifetime.

The Christmas Map - Purchased from eBay, one young adventurer is about to discover if this map really does lead to Santa's village.

The Deal - Where does Santa get his coal for all those stockings? You're about to find out.

The Falcon - A story of life, dreams... and flying.

More Sugar - Benjamin the Baker has all the answers, but the key to his success is surprisingly simple...

Vampire Campfire - On their way home from a snack run at the local corner market, two best friends take the usual shortcut through the woods. Except this time something very unusual is waiting for them. At first they see it as a glow in the distance, but the closer they get, the more they realize it’s a fire. A campfire, in fact. Curious, the boys investigate...and soon discover there are other people here, too, all drawn to the same mysterious flame. The same mysterious and hungry flame...

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Lost on a Page: The Inciting Incident

Font Poster Darkness Advertising Book cover

"This is one of the most clever, entertaining, and hilarious books I've ever read." -Joe Siple, bestselling author of The Five Wishes of Mr. Murray McBride

Some genres were never meant to cross.

Joe Slade is a detective with a hot lead and a warm gun. He no longer believes in happy-ever-afters, but his faith in plot twists is devout. Good thing.

He is about to discover the biggest twist of all.

Joe Slade is not real.

He is a character in a series of mystery novels. And when he discovers all his pain has been in the name of book sales, there will be hell to pay. Vowing revenge on his author, he will set off for the World Where the Books Are Written. The road will take him through genres foreign and treacherous: High Fantasy, Bodice-Ripping Romance, Intergalactic Sci-Fi, and others even more awful and terrifying.

But what if this new life is about more than just living? And will Joe still come out on top when all the rules have changed?

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iPhone 13 Series 5G User Guide: The Complete and Illustrated Manual for Beginners and Seniors

Font Gadget Electronic device Rectangle Tool

To properly use and enjoy any mobile device, you need a good User Guide (Complete with Picture Illustrations).

A great smartphone like the iPhone 13, 13 Mini, 13 Pro, or 13 Pro Max needs a great manual to go along with it✓✓

The iPhone is regarded by many as the finest smartphone money can buy. It is a beautiful piece of hardware that packs some of the most brilliant technology any device its size can carry. It takes excellent pictures, handles tasks effortlessly, and with Siri, iMessage, and widgets, it’s a no-brainer that it’s the smartphone of choice for millions.

Apple has made the iPhone as simple as possible to navigate and use. However, if you’ve never used an iPhone before, or you have, but you’re looking to maximize all its potential, it may be a bit daunting. This Iser Manual will assist you in simplifying the process.

Here’s what you’ll learn from this guide:

  • How to power on and set up your new iPhone 13 device from start to finish.
  • A look at the iPhone 13 lineup’s four devices.
  • The iPhone 13 Mini in Detail
  • Overview of the iPhone 13
  • The iPhone 13 Pro in a nutshell
  • The iPhone 13 Pro Max in a nutshell
  • Reasons to consider upgrading to the iPhone 13
  • The iPhone 13 Series’ design
  • The key design differences between the iPhone 13 and prior models
  • Everything you need to know about the ProMotion display on the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max.
  • How to customize the iPhone 13 display
  • How to enable and utilize the Night Shift feature
  • How to make use of the Auto-Lock feature
  • How to make use of the “Raise to Wake” Feature
  • How to change the text size on the iPhone 13
  • How to make text bold on the iPhone 13
  • Everything about display zoom
  • All about the A15 Bionic Chip and how it transforms your iPhone into a powerhouse
  • How to make the most of the iPhone 13 and 13 Mini’s dual-camera setup
  • How to use the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max triple camera setup
  • All camera modes and enhancements
  • How to make the most of the new Cinematic Mode
  • The ProRes feature on the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max.
  • Everything about Macro Mode
  • Everything about Photographic Styles (Smart HDR 4)
  • The iPhone 13 Series’ battery life, wireless charging, and audio quality
  • iPhone 13 & MagSafe
  • How to personalize your iPhone 13’s Home screen
  • How to make use of widgets
  • How to customize the Control Center on your iPhone 13
  • 16 iOS 15 settings you should consider changing right away
  • How to customize Safari on iPhone 13
  • How to make use of the new “Hide My Email” feature
  • How to make use of Focus Mode
  • How to prevent loss of any Apple device you own
  • How to safeguard your Mail app activity on iOS 15
  • How to enable the “Background Sounds” feature
  • Using the “Preserve Settings” feature for the Camera app
  • How to activate 2-factor authentication for added protection.
  • How to turn off device backups on 5G networks.
  • How to make use of Live Text
  • The best 10 iPhone 13 hidden features
  • How to easily find any word on a website in Safari
  • How to sync your favorite music with your alarm clock
  • How to receive notifications via the LED Flash.
  • How to make iMessage more interesting
  • How to type conveniently with one hand
  • How to lock notes in the Notes app
  • And much, much more!

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Spells and Spooks (Witch Haven Mystery - a fun cozy witch paranormal mystery Book 1)

Nature Pumpkin Plant Calabaza Font

Welcome to the magical world of Witch Haven, where nothing is what it seems, spells are currency, and mystery is just around the corner.

I’m back in the last place I want to be. A place where my magic went rogue. Witch Haven should be a haven for all spell casters, but I messed that up.

I’m drained of power, but hoping I can sneak in, sort the mess my stepmother left behind when she died, and get out alive.

If the villagers find me here, they’ll hunt me. If the Magic Council catches me using anything more than a light spell, I’ll go back to jail. And if my guilt doesn’t choke me, the gnomes will.

All I need to do is stay focused. But as soon as I return to the home I was raised in, the memories whack me over the head like an enchanted witch's broomstick. I left everything here: my best friends, my familiars, my heart. Can I really walk away again?

I have nothing to lose, so why not take a risk?

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A Bluebell Knopps Witch Cozy Mystery BOX SET #2: Bluebell Knopps Witch Cozy Mysteries, Books 4-6

Publication Font Book Electric blue Book cover

The basement. That's where the secret to Bluebell's past, present & future resides. And, despite Mathilda's warning, she simply must know the truth...

There's just one problem. Upon discovering a scroll containing a disturbing prophecy about herself, Bluebell learns that the only person who is able to help her understand is no longer willing or able to do so. Apparently, she's given up the life of an oracle and has settled down to live a quiet life as the curator of the witches museum in the small town of Katydid's Tooth.

Though disappointed, Bluebell finds that Katydid's tooth is a wonderful little place with warm, friendly citizens. But then a woman goes missing and dead body turns up in the museum. Perhaps all is not as it seems in this storybook town.

And, as usual, Bluebell is intent upon getting to the bottom of it all...

Bluebell Knopps is a dreamer. Not fantasies or flights of fancy but plain, old dreams. Well...not plaindreams or old dreams, actually. After all, there is nothing "plain" or "old" about a dream that can show you the future or physically transport you to another place in time. In fact, those are pretty amazing dreams!

But, anyway, the important point is that Bluebell Knopps is a dreamer...

And this time her dream has landed her in a picturesque little town nestled amongst beautifully majestic silver mountains. A town dedicated to...turnips??? Really...turnips?!

That's right! And at this year's Turnip Festival - yes, they have a Turnip Festival - there is going to be a murder.

Nothing could make Bluebell happier than learning that her beloved childhood friend has become engaged. But when his announcement is followed by an urgent request for Bluebell to visit him in New York, she begins to wonder whether things are as wonderful as she’d initially assumed. And it won’t be long before her suspicions are proven correct.

There are dark forces at play in the city and soon Bluebell finds herself in the thick of a homicide investigation involving her close friend, a well-known dynasty and a business tycoon with a serious peanut allergy. Worse yet, there’s evidence to suggest that her friend’s fiancé just may be the murderer! And, when another person is found dead, Bluebell realizes that she must act fast if she hopes to save her friend’s future before it becomes a thing of the past!

Can Bluebell find the answers? And will discovering the truth make her regret her trip to the big city?

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Death in the English Countryside: An English Village Murder Mystery (Murder on Location Book 1)

Font Poster Art Book Illustration

Even quaint and cozy English villages have a dark side . . .

Location scout and Jane Austen aficionado, Kate Sharp, is thrilled when the company she works for lands the job of finding locations for a new film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, but then her boss fails to return from a scouting trip to England. Kate travels to England to salvage the company's reputation.

Things go from bad to worse when Kate arrives in Nether Woodsmoor, a quaint village of golden stone cottages and rolling green hills, only to find no trace of her boss. Even the rumpled, easygoing local scout they consulted, Alex, doesn’t know where he might be.

Increasingly worried about her boss and with an antsy director waiting for updates about the preproduction details, Kate embarks on a search that includes a pub-crawl and cozy cottages as well as stately country manors. But with no sign of her boss, she begins to suspect that the picturesque village and beautiful countryside may not be as idyllic as they seem.
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