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BookishMom said:
I just wanted to clarify that this only works with the MobiPocket formatted ebooks, not the Adobe ebooks. I've really enjoyed downloading audio and ebooks from the library, but have noticed that most of the ebooks (at most libraries) are in Adobe formats. Some books are in both formats, but more and more it seems that new titles are being offered in Adobe format only. I asked one library about this and they said that they get more demand for the Adobe format, and that's why the bulk of their funds go towards those.

I'm seriously considering getting a Sony 505 (in addition to my Kindle) so I can read all the formats.
The adobe books, at least at my library, are not in the usual adobe format we're all accustomed to. They're encoded in some weird "digital editions" version of the file, which requires a separate program to run (not adobe acrobat, but something else). Those might not actually work on the Sony, Kindle DX, etc.
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