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Colin Preston Rocked And Rolled, by Bert Murray
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259 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 68 reviews

"Highly recommended! Colin Preston Rocked and Rolled is Bert Murray's impressive debut novel. Beautifully written, it is a coming of age story that should resonate with everyone who has been a college sophomore, dealt with college friendships and known the agony and ecstasy of first love. Murray captures the immaturity, impulsiveness and neediness of adolescents and balances them with portraits of intelligence, sensitivity and caring. The book is often funny, sometimes poignant and always entertaining, a great read!" -- Amazon reviewer
BESTFRIENDS. FIRST LOVE. SECRETS. Beatles-music-obsessed prep school graduate, Colin Preston, is a good guy and a college sophomore at Elerby University. His life changes when he meets wild child Jasmine from Laguna Beach. Green eyes, high cheekbones, long blond hair. Colin thinks she's beautiful. Once they begin dating Colin falls madly in love and believes he has met "the one". However, soon something inexcusable happens that turns Colin's whole world upside down. Inspired by new friends and Beatles songs he begins to search for answers and start over. Nothing will ever be the same.
"Murray draws Colin with immediate emotional pungency, and he doesn't lose the beat even when the situations turn slapstick...A coming-of-age story with plenty of sting, where love is not only blind, but it blindsides." - Kirkus Reviews
"Bert Murray has produced a novel that is simultaneously absorbing, moving and funny - a character-driven page-turner that captures lightning in a bottle, and preserves a moment in time for eternity." - John Altman, author of The Watchmen and A Gathering Of Spies
"With Colin Preston Rocked and Rolled (Davanna), first-time novelist Bert Murray manages a feat that seems to have escaped many writers...a kind of hard-core Catcher in the Rye" - Dan's Papers

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Critical acclaim from around the world has greeted Bert Murray's first novel, Colin Preston Rocked And Rolled. Many reviews have compared it to the classic 'The Catcher in the Rye'. Bert attended Princeton University. When he is not writing he enjoys playing tennis and jogging on the beach. He loves classic rock music from the '60s. Please note: Colin Preston Rocked And Rolled has strong language and content. It is a New Adult/Coming Of Age novel for college age readers and adults.