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4th in the Rainbow cozy mystery series.

When Rainbow offers to help out a friend spruce up a derelict property for sale, she finds herself deep in the weeds with trouble. Resident weirdo Lisa Lepp has no intention of going without a fight. She seems to exist only to act as the thorn in everyone's side. Nonetheless, Rainbow keeps finding herself in Lisa's neck of the woods, maybe due to the arrival of a luscious out-of-towner named Phineas who is as well-versed in historical gardens as he is handsome. Could he play Adam to Rainbow's Eve?
A killer on the loose threatens to separate them before Rainbow can find out whether they're destined for an Earthly Eden or if it's more of a case of Paradise Lost. As the prime suspect, she must dig deep to clear her character, and she soon learns just how many people in the tiny Maine town have dirt on their hands...

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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