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Free Harvard Law School online course on copyright, deadline: midnight tonight

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Harvard Law School is offering a free course on copyright law. 500 students will be accepted. From the sound of it, this is a fairly demanding course. It's 12 weeks, with a time commitment of video chat with student sections each week, plus homework. To gain the HLS certificate, one must pass a three-hour exam!

If any of you guys are still interested, here's more info. Follow links to register.

Registration deadline is midnight tonight, January 3.

It's not something I'm prepared to commit to, but if there are any lawyers or intellectual property professionals here on KB who'd like a nice Harvard Law certificate on copyright law, this may be for you.

If you sign up, please let us know, and apprise us of your progress!
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I'm already an IP attorney (copyright and trademark are my area of expertise), but a Harvard Law certificate does sound mighty enticing...

Of course, I don't have the time to commit to something like this.
Yeah, it sounds pretty intense.
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