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Worth The Shot: A Bannister Brothers Novella, by Jennie Marts. (Still free?)

"This book introduced me to Jennie Marts and her Bannister Brothers series. I liked it, especially the seatmates-on-a-plane, instant attraction that started it all for Bane and Addison. The story is short but heartwarming and sweet, and it made me want to know more about the Bannisters and the loves of their lives." -- Amazon Reviewer
Addison Cavanaugh had one rule: Do not date hockey players. So kissing the newest trade to her dad's team should have been off-limits--even if he is hot enough to melt the ice.
After being traded in the middle of the season, Bane Bannister wasn't looking for trouble. In fact, he'd been strictly instructed by his new coach to stay out of trouble and away from women. Too bad the only woman he's interested in happens to be the coach's daughter.
Is the hunky hockey player enough to make Addison break her only rule? Is the new player worth the shot or is she risking her heart in a game she can't possibly win?

93 pages, with a 4.1-star rating from 43 reviews.

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Incendiary Magic (Dragon Mage Chronicles Book 1), by Aimee Easterling. (Still free?)

"Dragons, Mages and magic is what's in-store for you with this book! Good characters. Dragon twins are dying and they better figure out fast what to do. Fire mages try to take over the dragons home. Mason is Lord Dragon and meets and falls in love with a fire mage and things get hot. Good book! " -- Amazon Reviewer

A dragon's treasure turns traitor when secrets ignite.

Fee is a fire mage on an impossible mission. After cutting her teeth on tales of dragons' dastardliness, she willingly straps explosives to her belly and sets off to infiltrate the home base of the shifters who rule over all mankind.

Mason is the Lord Dragon tasked with protecting ordinary humans from harm. As part of his duties, he squashes a forest fire...then stumbles across a comatose woman who triggers his urge to collect and preserve rare beauty.

The world Fee wakes into is very different from the medieval society she'd imagined would exist within a dragon's lair. But can she protect these well-fed, happy people when her overbearing father is in charge of her bomb's detonator switch?

This 24,000 word novella is a standalone set within the Dragon Mage world.

102 pages, with a 4.9-star rating from 18 reviews.

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Paragon: An Icon Story (Icons Book 1), by Riley Tune. (Still free?)

"I was expecting a pretty good read and was happy with the result. I've read the Warper series, and love a good "anti- hero" book. " -- Amazon Reviewer

Hero or Villain.

A choice that every Icon, a person born with powers, eventually has to make if they don't want to live a life of mediocrity. For most Icons the decision is easy. Just do what your parents did. Then, there is Hunter Monroe. A powerful young Icon born from the unimaginable union of a hero and villain.

Seventeen years later Hunter is seen as a half-breed abomination by some, and as a certified powerhouse by others. With his time at Purgatory Academy, the premier institute for Icons, coming to an end, Hunter must embark on a two year internship with a supergroup.

After being selected to intern with The Imperial Lords, the world's leading supergroup, Hunter's life begins to slowly unravel.

Between a shaky love life, facing an old rival, and seeing his mentors for who they truly are, Hunter is in for the longest two years of his life. Things get more complex when an Icon serial killer emerges with unthinkable power, and begins to shed light on Hunter's life that will leave him wondering if he should use his powers to save the world, or conquer it.

278 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 4 reviews.

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Allergen-Free Assignation (Auntie Clem's Bakery Book 3), by P.D. Workman. (Still free?)

"Enjoyed reading this book it has mystery, murder, and secrets that go a long way back. Erin wants to find out about her past. Hoping these answers will help her understand her own background.
" -- Amazon Reviewer

Erin Price, gluten-free baker turned sleuth, is happy to be dabbling in a murder that this time is too old and too cold for her to be considered a suspect. As Erin begins to unearth the buried secrets of Bald Eagle Falls, she is forced to confront her own family's dark history, a history which she knows little about. But there are others in the small town who are interested in the Price family; people who are determined to end her investigation at any cost.

Can Erin figure out who is behind the threats before more than her family secrets end up dead and buried?

347 pages, with a 5-star rating from 3 reviews.

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