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Murder in Cottage #6 (Liz Lucas Cozy Mystery Series Book 1), by Dianne Harman. (Still free?)

"Loved this book. I really enjoy Dianne Harmans style of writing. The characters are good, the descriptions of the scenery make you feel you are there. Add to this a good story line and you have a winner." -- Amazon Reviewer

A Liz Lucas Cozy Mystery from Seven Time Amazon All Star Author - Dianne Harman.

Murder in Cottage #6 was voted by readers as one of the 50 Best Self-Published Books Worth Reading in 2015 by

Liz Lucas, a 52 year old widow, is beginning to think she's been given a second chance at life by owning a successful spa located in a beautiful forest area on the coast north of San Francisco.

What could possibly go wrong? Well, for starters, discovering that a guest staying in cottage #6 at the spa has been murdered.

In order to save the spa's reputation, Liz, along with her two dogs, Brandy Boy and Winston, sets out to find the killer. The cast of characters includes a handyman, spa employees, the bumbling police chief, the owner of Gertie's Diner, the dead woman's husband (the mayor), his girlfriend, and a Tiffany glass collector. One of them probably committed the crime, but it's up to Liz to quickly find the culprit.

Dianne is the author of three best-selling cozy mystery series - Cedar Bay, Liz Lucas, and High Desert. She is also the author of the suspenseful Coyote Series.

To find out more about Dianne and her books, visit her web site at

148 pages, with a 3.7-star rating from 310 reviews.

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Disorganized Crime: A Kat Makris Greek Mafia Novel, by Alex A. King. (Still free?)

"I'm very happy I decided to get it. The storyline was fresh and not one of the books that follows a "formula." I enjoyed this so much that I just paid to download the next two books in the series. And I'm going to start reading right now..." -- Amazon Reviewer

There's no offer for her to refuse ...

Kat Makris was a little girl when her father spun wild and outrageous bedtime stories about Baboulas, the Greek boogeyman, a lawless creature with a penchant for stealing gold and clashing with the gods.

Now Kat is twenty-eight, single, a couch potato in a cube farm, when her father goes missing. Without him, she's alone in the world. Before the police can work their mojo, she herself is abducted by a couple of hoods with crooked noses, and she quickly discovers her father's old stories were true-true crime, that is. Baboulas is an infamous mob boss in Greece, and Baboulas is the one who has Kat holed up in a private plane bound for Greece.

Now, to find her father, Kat must face the boogeyman …

Somewhere between Stephanie Plum and Michael Corleone you'll find Kat Makris. DISORGANIZED CRIME is a humorous look at family-and Family.

345 pages, with a 4.1-star rating from 34 reviews.

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The Cleansing (Earth Haven Book 1), by Sam Kates. (Still free?)

"A very good read. Kept me engaged the whole way through. I was intrigued with the story from page one. I think the plot line is very plausible; I believe we humans don't think of the possibility of alien sleeper cells here and the potential for global disaster from that angle." -- Amazon Reviewer

Apocalypse unleashed, the Cleansing begins. Relentless. Survival, uncertain.

Seven billion people inhabit this world, unaware our destruction is at hand. Death arrives unheralded-swift and nearly certain-not from meteors or nuclear holocaust or global warming, but from a source no one even knows exists.

The architects of doom have moved among us, hidden in plain sight, waiting for the signal to trigger our extinction.

Blindsided, humanity falls. A handful of survivors, bewildered and grief-stricken, must face the new reality, and quickly. For while the Cleansing threatens our existence, it is only the beginning. . . .

"Sam Kates' writing style is elegant and deft, and his way with words is superbly meticulous. He paints a picture for the reader of color and space and emotion, but uses a light brush so that no two readers will see quite the same thing: he doesn't overburden the reader with description but leaves just enough, and just the right things, to the imagination. Kates has written some of the most powerful scenes anyone has put on paper, yet his writing is smooth, effortless, and supremely comfortable." -Adam Byrn Tritt, author of the award-winning sci-fi short story "Ezekiel's Wheel"

311 pages, with a 4.3-star rating from 75 reviews.

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Kindling Flames: Gathering Tinder (The Ancient Fire Series Book 1), by Julie Wetzel. (Still free?)

"I really enjoyed this novel, I am very interested in reading the next books in the series! I really liked that it wasn't one of those overly pretentious and foolish vampire novels where the vampire is a tortured soul crying about a lost love and blah blah blah! Aren't we all sick of those? This one was simply a great story!" -- Amazon Reviewer

Fresh from college and with no real work experience, Victoria Westernly considers herself lucky to land the coveted position of personal assistant to Darien Ritter, the CEO and owner of a multibillion-dollar company. His busy schedule and eccentric ways are enough to keep her on her toes. But, all is not what it seems when she discovers the handsome man employing her just happens to be the most powerful vampire in the area.

Kindling Flames is a new adult paranormal romance series that readers will fall in love with.

223 pages, with a 4.4-star rating from 210 reviews.

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