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New Megiddo Rising: An 'Apostates' Novella (The Apostates Book 0), by Lars Teeney. (Still free?)

"I'm a big fan of the dystopian novel genre and this book is one of the best ones I've read. It's very unique, in that it takes an existing culture and dynamic and turns it on its head. The imagery language is stunning--that really stood out to me. The characters are so well-developed, they could almost be taken out of a work of classic literature, if not for the futuristic backdrop. I really enjoyed this book." -- Amazon Reviewer

At the Dawn of the Texas Republic declaring independence from Mexico, New Megiddo was born. Created by a death cult led by the Reverend Brigham Wainwright, who actively worked to flood the empty, barren land with his American followers; undermining his Mexican overlords.

Fast-forward several centuries and America has become New Megiddo, a theocracy run by the Schrubb Administration, where order is kept using the technology of the [Virtue-Net] to feed the Reverend Wilhelm Wainwright's sermons to the minds of the people. In the slums, the humble beginnings of an insurgency of Apostates take shape. The cruel and clueless policies of the Church of New Megiddo and the ruling Regime push the disenfranchised masses one step closer to all-out rebellion.

91 pages, with a 4.4-star rating from 12 reviews.

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Atlantis Stolen (Sam Reilly Book 3), by Christopher Cartwright. (Still free?)

"Had great difficulty putting this book down. Nail biter. Fascinating. Wonderful read. Can't wait for Mr. Cartwright's next book. Highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys history (real or dreamed about), suspense, drama & great writing." -- Amazon Reviewer

A civilization stolen from the history books.

A billionaire's obsession to unlock its secrets.

A brotherhood determined to hide the truth.

And time is running out.

Only a handful of people know what destroyed the ancient Atlanteans, whose very existence is a secret that they will kill to protect. Unfortunately, the very same catastrophe that destroyed that once proud civilization is drawing near once more.

The question is, can marine biologist Sam Reilly discover the truth in time to prevent it?

328 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 19 reviews.

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On the Street Where You Die (Stanley Bentworth mysteries Book 1), by Al Stevens. (Still free?)

"This is a very entertaining book which is a good way to spend a lazy, raining Sunday afternoon. Stanley Bentworth, the lead character is a humorous and quick witted bumbling P.I. Al Steven's writing style is fast paced, the characters are suitably unbelievable and the outcome is pure fantasy. Like I said a great way to spend a relaxing day." -- Amazon Reviewer

Stanley Bentworth is not all that tough. Previously a homicide cop, he drank his way out of a job and now runs a one-man private eye agency. When a wealthy financier needs an anonymous blackmailer found in a life and death situation, Stanley seizes the chance to earn a fee.
If he fails, the blackmailer outs his client to the mob, giving the client a one-way ticket to the landfill with Stanley an unwilling passenger on that ride.
He knows he must not fail, no small feat given that Stanley Bentworth is not all that tough.

183 pages, with a 4.4-star rating from 331 reviews.

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Rath's Deception (The Janus Group Book 1), by Piers Platt. (Still free?)

"Platt delivers an intrigue-filled romp ... and infuses it with sharp wit and an eye for all the gritty details. Platt's world is inventive, with a strong protagonist that readers will undoubtedly root for." -- Publisher's Weekly

On the cut-throat streets of Tarkis, orphaned teens like Rath end up jailed … or dead. So when the shadowy Janus Group offers Rath a chance to earn riches beyond his wildest dreams, he seizes it. But the Janus Group is as ruthless as the elite assassins it controls. Rath will have to survive their grueling, off-world training, and fulfill all fifty kills in his contract before a single cent comes his way. And ending so many lives comes with a price Rath can't anticipate. It'll certainly cost him what's left of his innocence. It may well cost him his life.

Interview with the Author
Q - What makes the Janus Group series special?
A - Growing up, I loved books like Ender's Game and the Tom Clancy Jack Ryan series. When I sat down to write the Janus Group books, I wanted to capture what I liked best about those books - sci fi thrillers or action thrillers in a fast-paced style. The series is best characterized as cyberpunk science fiction thrillers, with a little detective and police procedural elements thrown in to boot. Finally, I like my characters to be relatable, and facing overwhelming odds - the plot is action-packed, and keeps you guessing. Beware: plot twists ahead!

Q - What order should I read the books in?
A - Last Pursuit is a short story set in the Janus Group world - it's the prequel, and the story that inspired me to write a full series. You can read that first (for free), then Books 1-3 (Rath's Deception, Rath's Gambit, and Rath's Reckoning) in order from there. Books 1-3 are a complete story arc - Book 3 resolves everything from Books 1 and 2.

Q - Why should readers give these books a try?
A - Because the Janus Group books are fast, inventive, page-turners that kick ass and take names! They've been described as "Jason Bourne" meets "Bladerunner." Any fans of hitman books, science fiction assassin tales, or cyberpunk thrillers will enjoy them.

Q - Can readers get the whole series in one bundle?
A - Not yet - sorry, just haven't had a chance to get around to it! But sign up for my newsletter at (copy and paste into your browser), or follow me on my author page here at Amazon to find out when I do release a bundle.

Thanks for reading!

The Janus Group Series eBook Categories:
Sci fi action
Sci fi thriller
Galactic Empire / Corporations / Conspiracies
Bounty hunter / Killer
Action adventure / Suspense / Pulp
Crime / Detective / Mystery / Murder
AIs /Artificial intelligence
Space / Space travel
Genes / Genetic engineering
Space warrior / Military

350 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 220 reviews.

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