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Hi All-
I'm one of the Admins for the Sony reader page at Facebook...but interestingly enough, I read my Kindle more than I do my ereader. (Imagine that- LOL!) Of course, one of the best reasons is the way we can connect to pages online. I have become absolutely addicted to an ongoing serial novel that is written by Chris Philbrook- Adrian's Undead Diary. New entries come out every 48 hours, sometimes even more often. The best part is that I have saved the page in my bookmarks on my Kindle so I can read it in bed when the new entry comes out at midnight (with the door locked, of course)! You can find it at

Chris writes like a young Stephen King (remember "The Stand"?). His story is not the typical "zombie" book. There is some gore but not anything like the ridiculous stuff that you see in some of the books in the genre. This story is more about a battle for the soul of Adrian. And, it isn't full of ridiculously misspelled words and techno-geek writing.

Adrian is just a regular guy that wakes up one day to find that the world as he knew it has ended- violence has erupted all over the world and the dead are getting back up. Realizing that he needs to take some action, he gathers what he can and heads for the private school that he works at as an overnight counselor. After dealing with the initial outbreak, he begins to try to rebuild a life- not just for himself but also for others that he takes in. Adrian uses his diary as a way of coping with everything that is happening. You are with him in "real time".

I warn you, you will become addicted to this story. I have fallen in love with some of these characters and when something happens, it is awful. Chris is a spellbinding writer that will suck you in from Adrian's first entry. I encourage you to check out the story. And, to register on the site- all of it is free. There are additional background stories that are just for registered members and a forum if you choose to take part in it.

Hope to see you there!

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Law Goddess--

I've moved your post to the Book Corner, our forum where readers discuss books!

Thanks for posting.

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