This freebie is interesting. Joy Fielding has a 3-book collection of her thrillers coming out on November 6th. You can pre-order it now for free - saving over $20 from the cost of ordering the three individual books.

From researching these books and their reviews, it seems the first book, Still Life, receives strong reviews, with over 60 four-star and five-star ratings. It's the story of a successful businesswoman who has it all, until she's left in a coma by a hit-and-run driver. The twist is: she's not completely comatose. She can see and hear everything that happens in her hospital room... and in the process learns that the incident with the car was no accident. And that the murderer intends to complete the task.

Her other books in the collection, The Wild Zone and Now You See Her are not as well-received by readers and reviewers.

The three books sell individually for $7.99, so getting all three of them for free is a good offer - even if the only one you choose to read is Still Life. You can get the collection now, free from Amazon!