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Free sites to advertise permafrees

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I finally decided to take the plunge and go wide with some of my books, and I made The Working Chicken free on all retailers to prime the pump. After listing the freebie plus two paid books, begging my readers for reviews (and getting a sprinkling here and there), I sat back...and watched as nothing happened. In the last two weeks, I've made three sales on Nook and none anywhere else --- not unexpected, but I clearly need to put in a bit more effort to get things moving.

I figured the next step was to list The Working Chicken on various advertising sites. I opted to start with places I didn't have to pay for, using the handy sortable list at to find my options. However, most of those sites don't allow you to give links to any retailer except Amazon. Without paying for a listing (or signing up for an account), the only sites I found that will list other retailers are:

I guess the next step is to determine whether it's worth paying for listings for The Working Chicken. Of the low-cost paid advertisers, which ones do people recommend for advertising non-Amazon books? I'd be especially interested in hearing from those of you who write non-fiction.
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Interesting situation.

I'm cranking up my own book promotion services to deal with any promotional need, including yours. Unfortunately I haven't yet gotten to serious non-amazon book promotion methods as it's usually less relevant. (Most people are only listed on Amazon due to KDP)

If your book will be truly Permafree, I'll mark down your name and maybe in the coming week or so I can offer you something tangible. :)

Good luck until then!
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