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FREE The Greatest: Scotland’s Best Eleven. Who's in, who's out?

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Scotland has produced some exceptional footballers, players who stand comparison with some of the world's greatest. The nation may not be able to boast international trophies, but there have been many marvellous games and performances to savour.

But who were the greatest Scottish players? If the country could field the strongest eleven from its post-War history, who would get the call? And who would be on the bench?

The Greatest: Scotland's Best 11 is one fan's attempt to select, describe and celebrate the eleven finest footballer players, in team order, who have worn the blue shirt of Scotland from the end of World War Two until the present day.

Kenny Dalglish? Denis Law? Billy Bremner? Jim Baxter? Billy McNeill? Alan Hansen? Danny McGrain? Graeme Souness? Jim Leighton? Dave Mackay? Joe Jordan? Who will make the final cut?

The Greatest: Scotland's Best 11 is a considered and controversial reflection on the country's proud footballing heritage. It will provoke debate, discussion and argument, as well as provide nostalgic memories of the finest Scottish players to have graced the game.

It's a book no Scottish football supporter can afford to miss.

Rab MacWilliam is a book and magazine publisher, editor and writer. He has written several books on golf and football, including Rangers: An Illustrated History (which was short-listed for the 2003 WH Smith Sports Book of the Year), The Encyclopedia of World Football, Great Football Moments of the 20th Century, A History of the European Cup and Arsenal: The Essential History. The Arsenal book was described by Bob Wilson as 'a must for any football historian, let alone every follower of Arsenal FC'. Rab runs his own book publishing company, Clissold Books, and lives in North London.


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Sounds interesting. I might check this out.
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