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Every child is brimming with potential.

And almost every child in the world can make more of school than they do.

But sometimes they get blocked by distractions and anxieties. Sometimes their energy becomes unfocussed, or they develop an 'I don't care' attitude.

Many, many children do less well academically than they could.

And helping them realise their potential is down to you as a parent.

Everything you teach them, from what to eat, how active to be, when bedtime is, to how to cope with problems, effects their success in school.

Without being conscious of it the way you lead your daily life, and cope with your own stresses and worries directly impacts your child's learning potential.

'The 6 Secrets to School Success' is the essential guide to unlocking your child's potential.

It highlights some of the problems that might be affecting the family home and includes easy to follow steps on how you can improve your child's health, confidence, wellbeing, and ultimately their academic success.

'The 6 Secrets to School Success' is an invaluable guide for every parent who wants to help their child be the most successful and well-rounded person they can be.

Praise for Hilary Wilce.

"An excellent read for every parent and anyone working with children." Anne Coates, author of the Parenting Without Tears Series

"Putting the backbone back into our children…spot on! Why real character trumps 'self-esteem', 'happiness' and 'cleverness' every time. Wise, well-chosen words to help us create an emotionally healthy future generation." Oliver James, psychologist and author of 'Affluenza, Britain on the Couch', and 'How Not To F…Them Up'.

"Backbone is a very different sort of child-rearing manual, combining timeless character traits with up-to-date research. It's packed with readable, practical advice that will appeal to fathers as much as mothers." Sue Palmer, former school head and author of 'Toxic Childhood, 21st Century Boys and 21st Century Girls'.

Hilary Wilce is a former senior editor on The Times Educational Supplement and former education writer and columnist with The Independent. She has written about education for numerous publications, including Good Housekeeping and Mother & Baby Magazine. As well as a writer, she is a personal development coach, working with parents and executives. She has also written 'Backbone'.

Endeavour Press is the UK's leading independent publisher of digital books.

Click the book cover to download:


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