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The Dragon's Pool

The Jade Owl Legacy Book III

by Edward C. Patterson
[size=12pt]Kindleboard Profile for The Dragon's Pool

A shadow stalks the lanes and streets, from Gui-lin to San Francisco, from Florence to the Dragon's Pool. In its wake, Rowden Gray and his China Hands follow a course to right the wrongs of time. The relic is hidden, but stirs in the soul and archaic rituals long since forgotten, but never lost. Some books are closed. Others are open, giving up their secrets. And in the darkness, ancient terror awaits. A barren field yields up its magic and . . . the comets return to earth.

The Dragon's Pool, the next installment of an adventure like none other, looms across the landscape giving even the stouthearted pause to reflect. The stalwart characters of The Jade Owl and The Third Peregrination are back, and joined by new players and helper bees and . . . yes, villains. It is time for the Tien-xin Rite. It is time to close history's fissure. It is time to complete the prophesy that dwells beneath Her Majesty's hem. It is time to count the teeth that emerge from the Dragon's Pool.[/size]

Book Three of The Jade Owl Legacy
The Dragon's Pool


Part I: The Collection
Chapter One: Silky
Chapter Two: Domestic Bliss
Chapter Three: Bay Breezes
Chapter Four: The Spark of the Middle Kingdom
Chapter Five: Dreams and Shadows
Chapter Six: A Pensive Stroll
Chapter Seven: Ars Paleontologica
Chapter Eight: The Widow K'uan
Chapter Nine: The Ke-ting Dims

Part II: Fiesole
Chapter One: Campo Culadura
Chapter Two: Before the Stall
Chapter Three: Nel' Pergolato
Chapter Four: La Giada Gufo
Chapter Five: La Spezzia

Part III: The Last Warrant
Chapter One: Alcatraz
Chapter Two: Niu-wa
Chapter Three: A Look in the Mirror
Chapter Four: The Agent
Chapter Five: A Slippery Slope
Chapter Six: By Invitation Only
Chapter Seven: Russian Hill
Chapter Eight: Mr. Firestone's Report
Chapter Nine: Mooning the Honey

Part IV: The Spirit Keepers
Chapter One: Conspiracies
Chapter Two: One Pip Short of a Full Ch'i-t'ang
Chapter Three: From the Perch
Chapter Four: Mother DeFleurry
Chapter Five: Brunch on the Wharf
Chapter Six: Commission of Darkness
Chapter Seven: China Doll
Chapter Eight: On the Boil
Chapter Nine: Happy Forgeries
Chapter Ten: Chance Encounter?
Chapter Eleven: The Mistress of the Ke-ting
Chapter Twelve: Premonitions on the Presidio
Chapter Thirteen: The Black Potion
Chapter Fourteen: The Hero of the Castro
Chapter Fifteen: The White Room

Part V: The Diggers
Chapter One: Yang-shuo
Chapter Two: Up the Yu-lung
Chapter Three: Along the Mei-shuo
Chapter Four: In the Taboo Cave
Chapter Five: Thunderer
Chapter Six: The Conservator's Touch

Part VI: The Inner Sanctum
Chapter One: Brush Strokes
Chapter Two: A Tale of Two Letters
Chapter Three: Brotherly Love
Chapter Four: Brewing Tea
Chapter Five: Spinning Gold
Chapter Six: Benediction
Chapter Seven: In the Triangular Room
Chapter Eight: The Three Myrabolans
Chapter Nine: Warrior and Guide
Chapter Ten: Bugs and Tar Pits
Chapter Eleven: Mistress and Master
Chapter Twelve: Wham! Bam! Boom!
Chapter Thirteen: To the Distant Shore

Part VII: Taking Instruction
Chapter One: With an Eye toward Business
Chapter Two: Sisters of Circumstance
Chapter Three: Ch'i-t'ang again
Chapter Four: Echoes
Chapter Five: Rose's Secret
Chapter Six: Double Vision
Chapter Seven: Cajoling the Weak of Mind
Chapter Eight: Before the Light
Chapter Nine: Reflections
Chapter Ten: Triads
Chapter Eleven: To Wei-tang
Chapter Twelve: Cousin Yu-t'an's Fiddle
Chapter Thirteen: Under the Brazen Prayer
Chapter Fourteen: A Palaver Befitting a Prince
Chapter Fifteen: The Cock's Crow
Chapter Sixteen: The Water Wheel
Chapter Seventeen: The Breaking of the Tien-xin Rite
Chapter Eighteen: A Visit from Pu-tong
Chapter Nineteen: The Tarnished Tawny
Chapter Twenty: Looking Westward

Part VIII: Paradox
Chapter One: The Terracotta Waiting Room
Chapter Two: The Meadow Market
Chapter Three: Lu-mao-tien
Chapter Four: Tortoise and Lion and Dragon
Chapter Five: Under the Thuja Tree
Chapter Six: The Nun's Tale
Chapter Seven: The Charlatan's Tale
Chapter Eight: Celestial Mediation
Chpater Nine: The Watcher in the Eaves

Part IX: Battle's Road
Chapter One: East of the Long Meadow
Chapter Two: Village of the Dead
Chapter Three: The Recall of the Dragon Herders
Chapter Four: The Legacy of Han Lin
Chapter Five: The Black Killer's Quary
Chapter Six: The Comets Fall to Earth
Chapter Seven: In Lavender's Wake

Epilog: The Susurration of the Asters


NOTE: Added May 12th - The Dragon's Pool just recieved it's first 5-Star review on Come take a peek.
The Dragon's Pool

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Thank you louiseb:

You are my first sale of the book and thus a special reader. As my first sale (my lucky charm), please visit my website and choose any 3 books you want, on me. email me your choices at [email protected] and if you want them DTB I'll need shipping details - and if you want kindle type files .prc's to load on your Kindle via USB, I'll need your email address.

Readers are golden. Reviewers platinum, but a first sale is "over the moon." I shall not fail you

Edward C. Patterson

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ohmygosh!!!! I am thrilled!! Although I am happy to get a good read at such a good price. I will head over to your site. Definitely will want kindle files! :) This is very generous of you! [[BIG HUG]]

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Recieved a 5 star review for The Dragon's Pool - from Perma Frost at Rainbow Reviews.

This Review is not posted on

"The Dragon's Pool continues the riveting tales begun in the first two volumes of this exciting paranormal/intersexual series. With Rowden Gray settled into the coveted position of Curator-General of the San Francisco Museum of East Asian Arts and Culture, married to his beloved Audrey and father of a toddler daughter and a new child due soon, life is sweet and often serene. The Jade Owl has been hidden away ~ far, far, away from Nick Battle, son and cultural heir of the famous "Old China Hand" John Battle, whose artifact collection the Museum houses-but the Jade Owl is not the only supernatural entity about to disturb the peace of the Museum and of Rowden, his family, and friends.

Each preceding volume of Edward C. Patterson's extensive series The Jade Owl Legacy has been a marvel of convoluted plotting, supernatural venue, finely delineated characterization, and heartwarming romance, love, and attachment, set in the subcultures of archaeology and the gay community of San Francisco. The series records a paranormal legacy stretching from ancient China to contemporary San Francisco and back across the oceans to China today, with characters who each elicit the reader's empathy as their lives unfold, and unusual and unexpected events run the gamut of the supernatural continuum of probabilities. This reviewer enjoyed particularly both the paranormal excursions and Mr. Patterson's cleverly delineated revelations of San Francisco's multi-layered gay subculture. In any event, as with the two preceding entries in The Jade Owl Legacy series, The Dragon's Pool is another not-to-be-missed novel from accomplished and prolific author Edward C. Patterson."

Edward C. Patterson

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For those readers settled into the Chinese and San Franciscan settings for this series, hear ye this: a portion of The Dragon's Pool is set in Tuscany. E vero. And I've always wanted to use the "glow" feature on Kindleboards, ;D

Edward C. Patterson

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I just recieved a breath taking review from Ellen George (a member of TOP 1,000 Amazon Reviewers) for The Dragon's Pool and urge readers to go take a peek at it on Amazon. It's only the second review for the book (it's only out for three and half weeks), so it will be easy to find. However, here's a snippet:

"The end of The Dragon's Pool is one of the most spectacular I have ever read and couldn't have even imagined, but not only is amazing, but shows love, hope and one hopes Mr. Patterson is writing book 4 of this wonderful series as fast as he can." more . . .

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Here is a snippet from The Dragon's Pool

Xiao Win-t'o was in fine form today. He wandered from display to display, feigning interest in relics that he found neither curious nor attractive. He gently maneuvered his walking stick as he past the skeletal remains of the Saber Tooth Tiger - old Smilodon californicus, its macabre paw poised over a replica of an ancient tar pit. Win-t'o snorted, as he recognized himself in that tar pit quite ensnared by a modern day Smilodon.

Yes, he thought, teeth like scimitars - brown and ugly.

That was it. This was the place. He knew in his marrow that if there was any place within this museum where his situation could be summarized, it was here before this simulated black quagmire. The joke did not escape him.

"A mighty beast, wasn't it?" came a voice from behind the feline femur.

Win-t'o cocked his head.

Yes, this is the place, no doubt, he thought, and then doffed his cane to his fedora.

"A beast, yes," he replied. "Just how mighty, depends."

"Depends?" said the man.

"Depends on whether it steps in the quicksand as it snarks its prey." He doffed his cane again. "The thing is extinct, you know?"

"Many things are extinct," Pelesar said. He came around the bone-rack gazing at the tusk-like canines. "But I do think each critter has their day in the sun." He grinned, his own teeth poised for the bite.

Edward C. Patterson

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I think this came up before. . .it means a wandering trip. . . .like what the peregrine falcon does -- wanders all over the place (usually looking for something, in the falcon's case: food).

My question is "Why is the SECOND book called the THIRD peregrination?" I totally get that the first one is the whole wandering China trying to figure out what to do with "that damn owl" . . . .but what is the second? (Perhaps I should go over to the book club and ask this. :D)

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Peregrination is a wandering or a journey - and it has to do with an unsuspected disapparance of The Jade Owl during the Sung Dynasty, which forms the entire roller coaster of the second book in the series. I love the word and thus used it. And an answer to Ann's question, originally there was only 2 books, but the entire series was retooled to be, first three, and now five books, in 2005. The first book has gone through 8 revisions.

Ed "the damn Owl person" Patterson

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Come play with the Velociraptor Cantodragonensis, in the 3rd installment of The Jade Owl Legacy. And join the Read with the Author for The Jade Owl starting already in progress.

Edward C. Patterson

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I just bought The Jade Owl.  Had had my eye on that one for a while.

This is my 1000th KB post.
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