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FREE Today & Tomorrow 9/17 - 9/18 - No Irish Need Apply at Amazon

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FREE Today & Tomorrow September 17th & 18th at Amazon

No Irish Need Apply
by Edward C. Patterson
Kindleboard Book Profile for No Irish Need Apply
Kevin Borden has a secret, and that secret is about to shake the world around him - a tame and suburban world ruled by his widow mother, Sarah and peppered by his study-mate, Louis. Teenagers sometimes do the darndest things, but in Kevin and Louis' case, it's a stroke of wisdom wrapped in fool's gold. In a time not so long ago, in the days of JIM CROW and NO IRISH NEED APPLY signage, the world made it clear to those regarded as the fringe. "Stay away." To those who know no better - or perhaps know best, such lines are only meant to be crossed, or why else would they be drawn.

No Irish Need Apply is dedicated to PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays), an organization that has guided many youth across that line into the loving arms of those listening to their hearts; those shattering those hateful Jim Crow signs. Come visit with the Bordens and the Lonnegans as they take that journey across the line.

No Irish Need Apply - has been selected as The Book of the Month for June 2009 for the Diversity Reading Group at Booz Allen Hamilton, McClean, Va. There was over 100 attendees. No Irish Need Apply book read at a book reading using Amazon's Kindle DX by an American author.

Winner of the RedAdept Annual Indie Award (2010)

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Communality
Chapter Two: The Kitchen God
Chapter Three: Latch Key
Chapter Four: Primordial Thought
Chapter Five: Confirmation Please
Chapter Six: Ports in a Storm
Chapter Seven: Unlatched
Chapter Eight: Dare
Chapter Nine: Prom Talk
Chapter Ten: Double-Dare
Chapter Eleven: Closet Reflections
Chapter Twelve: Stag
Chapter Thirteen: The Targets
Chapter Fourteen: Observations
Chapter Fifteen: The Grand Entrance
Chapter Sixteen: The Grand Exit
Chapter Seventeen: Moonless Night
Chapter Eighteen: Mrs. B's Dilemma
Chapter Nineteen: No Pillar of Salt
Chapter Twenty: How Things Appear in the Morning
Chapter Twenty-one: Pancakes
Chapter Twenty-two: Children, the Rain is Here

Here's a few pull-quotes from reviewers of No Irish Need Apply

"Mr. Patterson has created an incredible story by linking it with prejudices that happened earlier in the century. By using this analogy that many understand from their study of history, it allows the reader to see how modern day prejudice effects people in the same manner it did years ago." - Rainbow Reviews

"Mr. Patterson's ability to fully flesh out his cast is a truly rare and talented gift. I was immediately taken in by all his characters, at all times believing in and caring about their situations." - Timothy Mulder

"With this novel Mr. Patterson has reached my heart and soul. I had to fight back the tears as I read this tender, loving story about two young men fighting for and finding the love of their lives." - Mireille Reynes, Belgium

"It's as if the reader is sitting in the room, watching facial expressions and extending a hand to the character who needs it. This is more than just skilled writing, Patterson has been blessed with a gift of bringing real situations to life." - Esmerelda Luv

"Patterson offers hope to those finding themselves and their place in the world." - Todd Fonseca,

"It's not often these days that you come across writing that possesses both the literary beauty of a classic poem with the depth and substance of a contemporary tale. A contemporary tale with told with the poetic beauty of the literary classics of the past." - Gregory Bernard Banks

"No Irish Need Apply is a brilliantly written novel most worthy to sit next to some of the greatest writers. It speaks from the very soul of the author to the soul of the reader." - Laurie Foston

Edward C. Patterson

Now also included in Oh, Dainty Triolet,, an Omnibus of Patterson novellas.

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I invite my fellow Kindleboarders to come and enjoy my best selling book (the little book that could :D) now, for a limited time only on the Kindle $ .99 (NINETY-NINE Cents).

Ed Patterson
Sale on No Irish Need Apply will end on June 1, when it will return to it's everyday low price of $3.99.

Edward C. Patterson
I just received a wonderful review of No Irish Need Apply from Lila Pinord, It's up on, but let me quote this last little snippet, because I'm so please with it:

"This book is written so well, so touching, as we explore love and devotion toward each other, that it pulls at out heartstrings. Everyone should read this book. This reader couldn't help but give it five stars - this story deserves it!"

Ed Patterson
Recieved a wonderful new 5-star review for No Irish Need Apply yesterday from Laurie Foston.

I'm getting prepared for my trip to Virginia for the Book of the Month gig.

Edward C. Patterson
No Irish Need Apply is featured today at The Deepening World of Fiction. Link up, add a comment and rate the feature.

Edward C. Patterson
Getting excited about my big reading event on June 15th at Booz Allen Hamilton. No Irish Need Apply selected as Book of he Month for June. (Book of the month and author for May was Greg Maguire of Wicked fame, so I'm walking behind a giant, and quite awe struck).

Edward C. Patterson
Here's a snippet from No Irish Need Apply:

Encouraged by the darkness and the dearth of traffic, and even more by the true feelings that Jack Daniels inflamed, they held hands, their fingers interlocked in a ten-digit embrace that only those in love can know. Twice they broke this stance. Once they heard a noise around a sumac encrusted fence. The source turned out to be a cat, which, if the moon shone they would have seen as a rather fierce tawny, whose arched back would have made them run for cover. But it was a moonless night, so they just reclasped in their ignorance and strode further down the road toward the highway beacons. The second time caused more anxiety. They unlatched. Four young men approached and, by the looks of them, they were far a-field of their own neighborhood. They bopped along listening to ipods, cigarette embers marking their places. These were African Americans - bro's from the Oranges, no doubt - never a good sign this late at night among the more affluent. But as it turned out, the men bopped by in peace, nary a wink or a nod at the two whitebread Irish Americans that worried whether they had escaped a pummeling from their more stupid cousins only to be trounced by an enemy from across the border. When the men passed without issue, Louis grasped Kevin's hand again. He felt ashamed that such anxious thoughts enflamed his mind, but he guessed he was his mother's son after all, and if he wasn't as he was, he might indeed hate himself more than he had for just the lessons taught from the cradle - lessons of No Irish Need Apply.

Edward C. Patterson
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I guess that this is the best place to put a report on my recent reading event for No Irish Need Apply at Booz Allen Hamilton. Here's what I posted to the Gay and Lesbian Writers Readers group about the event and it's significance:

"Hi all, just a note that I returned from McClean Va and the halls of Booz Allen Hamilton, where I was the guest speaker for their Diversity Reader Group on Monday, June 15th. They have quite an active Diversity program there. It was teleconferenced to 30 offices around the country.

I read from No Irish Need Apply, my little book that could, about two teens, who come out of the closet by going to their high-school prom together, and the reaction from their two widowed mothers. The work is dedicated to PFLAG and was selected as June Pride Selection of the Month. I then lead a discussion group on the book's themes and on Divesity in the gay community, which fortunately I am trained to do (I was the former Pink Czar of Diversity for Dun & Bradstreet, their Gay Poster Boy and the President of GLISN - The Gay & Lesbian Information Network).

The event was well received and I made that little history element by being the first American Author (gay or otherwise) to do a book reading from the Kindle DX (a fact which Amazon knows about, and they gave me some technical support). The event was recorded and I should have a CD in my hands shortly to which some author colleagues have already volunteered to get on line, at which time I'll plague everyone with a link.

Edward C. Patterson"
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For a limited time only - 3 novels for less than the price of one:

Bobby's Trace, No Irish Need Apply and Cutting the Cheese, each only $ .99 - the original Sweet Triolet.

Edward C. Patterson
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Thanks Susan. I would read them in this order: Bobby's Trace, No Irish Need Apply and Cutting the Cheese.

Edwad C. Patterson
The 3 Novels No Irish Need Apply, Bobby's Trace and Cutting the Cheese form a Triptych and, when read together, compliment each other.

Edward C. Patterson

Yeah! My first sale of the day. I hope you like this one (short though it be). This is the one that has earned me the most money, because of that little gig down in Virginia in June, where the book was selected by Booz Allen Hamilton, along with three NT Times Bestsellers and a Pulitzer Prize winner (blush). And those authors also went to McLean and did a 2 hour session and reading. Except, Macqguire. I think they told me they couldn't afford his speaking rate. I wonder what Jones (the Pulitzer Prize winner) got? It made my honorarium (which they described as small and token) pale, but it was the most money (we're talking 4 figures) that anyone has ever paid me for a book.  ;D

Enjoy it. Less tears (but some).

Ed Patetrson
Thank you Leslie:

In fact, the three novellas that make up this pack, No Irish Need Apply, Cutting the Cheese and Bobby's Trace will be republished, perhaps next year under one cover under a Triptych title. I mean to do some heavy polishing of some elements for that release. One thing all authors learn - a work is never finished. You publish it at "some point" when you feel it will have impact and is of high quality. The problem is, as you write, you mature and your style evolves, and you learn many things. When you look back at earlier works, you sometimes say: "Gee, I could have . . . what if . . . Wow, I missed the boat there." Fortunately in the eBook, Kindle and POD world we are in now - changes are cost free and reissues can be made with revisions with hrdly a ripple in the logistics. These little cluster of books (The three) and especially No Irish Need Apply (which I nicknamed the little book that could, because it is the engine that has pulled all the other works), will move to greatness once I pull them into a single volume and might even add a fourth tale to make a second purchase more worthwhile.

Ed Patterson
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I have a sign published in 1915 with the Jim Crow slogan No Irish Need Apply. I used in a seminar I taught on Homosexuality in the Workplace, I would surprise my students because they thought Jim Crow was just a Black American South thing. I would then run a movie clip of Matthew Shepherd funeral with the Reverend Phelps and his Church harassing the mourning. Jim Crow. Yes, but the novel is about how Jim Crow effect the children, and these teens defy the odds.

Edward C. Patterson
No Irish Need Apply is my first book to top the 300 sales mark. That's why I call it, The Little Book that Could.

Edward C. Patterson
No Irish Need Apply was featured today on Lee Wind's blog:

Edward C. Patterson
I big thank you to all my readers for embracing this work and pushing it beyond the 300 mark.

Ed Patterson
Thank you Tiffany. You have made my day. One of the benefits of being a Indie author is I can swim with my readers and enjoy the waters.  ;D

Thanks again,
Ed Patterson
I invite everyone to read the wonderful 5-star review of No Irish Need Apply (my little book that could) by Kindleboard member Tiffany Turner:

Thank you Tiffany. My day is made.

Edward C. Patterson
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