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Freebies, and how to do them

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Eternally a newbie, I guess.  I've written my short story (now a novella!), and I'm going to use it as a promotional thing for my novel.  I want to offer the short story-turned-novella on Kindle and Nook for free, and I thought this would be a rather simple process of just entering zero dollars as my price.  It turns out no, it's not that easy.  Am I missing something?
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Best I understand it, and someone else can fill in the details if I misspeak, but you upload it with a price to Amazon.  Then upload it to somewhere else, like Smashwords or another ebook retailer, and set the price to zero on there.  Then, have some friends report this "better price" to Amazon.  The Zon will then say "we can't have that!" and they price match the other retailer and make it permafree.
I'd read that after a quick cast around on Google, yeah.  Only problem is I tried to upload to Nook and it too has a minimum of $0.99

Guess maybe I should try KDP for this thing.  Only problem is I had planned for it to be done in three installments and I really don't want for them to each be $.99... hm...
Nook is the same as Amazon in the sense you can't price below 99 cents. However, you can set the price as free in Smashwords and have them ship it to B&N on your behalf. It'll show up as free there.
You could also try Kobo ( You can set it to free there.
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