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I figured this would be a good place to find a new home for these since I got hooked on this thing because of these boards.

I have a bunch of Extra-Bold, Bold, and Kona(4) K-Cups, along with a few tea(7) and hot chocolate(3) that are just taking up space. I'd like to see if anybody would like them. I just got them last month..

Nothing wrong with them, I just can't drink them and hubby doesn't care for them. We both tend to go for the milder coffees and the flavored ones.

There are 46 cups in all. About 1/3 of the are Newman's Own Extra Bold Special Blend. The rest, there are 3-4 K-Cups per flavor.

I'd like $20 for them and I'll pay for shipping. I can take Pay-Pal or Amazon Gift Card (I prefer the gift card though).

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