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This is a made for L.L. Bean Ameribag Healthy Back Bag. It is a beautiful soft ivory colored leather, with silver interior lining making it easy to find everything that you store in your bag. The size is L.L. Bean's "regular" size (as opposed to small) and measures 19"H x 11"W x 5"D. It has many pockets and zippers to organize and store your cell phone, wallet, tablet, water bottle, etc.

This bag sells for $219 in L.L. Bean stores and on their website. I purchased the bag at the L.L. Bean retail outlet but decided that I'd like a darker color. The tag says it was a return to the store, but it does not look like it has been used at all (people often return Christmas gifts that they don't like and L.L. Bean places them in the outlet store). There is a small dark spot next to the L.L. Bean logo which looks like it is part of the leather and is not very noticeable (see pictures). Other than that, there are no noticeable marks and no stains.

If fits a Kindle Touch in a case with NO problems, and would fit a KK fine, and should fit a Fire fine. I think maybe a small notebook (10"ish) would fit.

It is a great bag and perfect for anyone with back pain! I love my Ameribag bags!!

I am asking $160 shipped OBRO. Please PM me if you have any questions!!

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