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Full reset?

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I've got about 125 items on my new PW. I've decided there are really only two or three dozen I want semi-permanently on it. I'm going to adjust my account so that all new purchases go to my Touch and just load from the cloud onto the PW when I want something on it.

I'd think it's easiest to do a full reset on the PW then reload what few items I want on it since I want more than half the current content removed. Is that the best way?
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There are only two choices - take them off one by one or take them all off together using the reset to factory defaults option (called 'reset device' on the PW).

If you decide to use the factory reset, be aware that this will remove all personal data from the PW, including wi-fi settings etc. and may also deregister the device from your account. You would literally have to start from scratch again.

Only you can decide which option will cause you more work/hassle.
I hadn't thought about it deregistering. I guess I'll just delete individually as the mood strikes me.
A full reset will not deregister the device*, at least it doesn't with a Kindle 3. I had to do a full reset on my K3 this evening, and all I had to do was re-enter my email address and password, and it automatically connected and imported my collections (sans books, of course).

I had to do the reset because the blasted thing threw away all the info on collections, and would no longer sort anything by date (i.e., Recently Viewed). Believe me, it was a last resort, since I have to put books back on it. Fortunately, they were backed up and all I had to do was copy them back to the documents folder.


* Although the latest devices may be different, as per Linjaekel.
It's never deregistered anything I've reset either, but other users say it does - I believe it maybe something new to the more recent Kindles and since the OP has a PW I thought it was a possibility worth mentioning.

Incidentally, a search through the .pdf version of the PW user's guide says that the word 'reset' doesn't appear in it anywhere, so that was no help ....
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